Growing dracaena at home

At various times, various indoor plants were popular among gardeners. Of course, there are plants that can be called classic, because they are relevant in any situation and in any setting. What, for example, can not be said about the currently popular plants, such as orchid or dracaena.

Dracaena is gaining the trust of more and more people because of its unpretentiousness and modernity.. After all, we often see it in various offices, public institutions, etc. Why? Because it is the best fit to the modern design of various rooms.

Appearance dracaena

Dracaena - dekorativnolistnoe indoor plant. It is appreciated because of the beauty of the leaves (read the article What are indoor plants).

Indoor species of dracenas are usually small in size, but some of them can reach three or more meters in height. The leaves of all species of dracenas are elongated, dark green in color, with various decorative stripes of bright flowers. These are usually bush plants. All leaves come from one point or several leaves from one, several leaves from another, etc.

You can meet or form the dracaena-tree itself. For self-formation of a tree, choose the appropriate grade or type of dracaena and by cutting off the bottom sheets we achieve the type of tree. You can also cut off the top of the old dracaena, then a lateral bud will grow into growth, and the dracaena will look like a palm tree.

Types of dratsen

  • Dracaena Derimskaya- in height can reach one and a half meters. The leaves are either completely green, or with one or more longitudinal stripes. In different varieties, they are arranged differently on the sheets. The stripes are both white and variously colored. This species is growing very slowly.
  • Dracaena bordered (Marginata)- reaches 3 m in height. It has a serpentine stem. The leaves are narrow, curved, red at the edge. The tricolor variety between the red and green stripe has a yellow stripe on both sides. For more information about this kind of dracaen see the article Dracaena Marginata: description and care.
  • Dracaena Godseff - most different from all dratsen in appearance. The fact is that the leaves are not elongated, but broadly ovate. The height reaches 70 cm. The leaves are not striped, but speckled. And cream specks on a green background of a leaf can prevail.

  • Dracaena sander - a plant with short slightly twisted leaves, up to 1 m high. Leaves are green with a white-gray border.
  • Dracaena dragon - in height reaches one and a half meters. With age, the leaves wilt arcuately and, with good light, they turn red around the edges.
  • Fragrant dracaena - very beautiful view. Its leaves resemble corn leaves in color and width. This is one of the most popular types of dracaena.

The location of the dracaena in the house

Most of the drapes are shade-loving plants. However, the shadow should be light, the light dracenam also need, but dim. Therefore, the most successful location in the house for them will be the windows on the western and eastern sides. However, you can put them away from them. But not quite in the back of the room.

Dracaeni will decorate your living room, especially decorated in a modern style. Remember that dracaena is a modern plant and will not fit into the old-fashioned room. You can put dracaena in the bedroom, and in the nursery, and any other room at your discretion.

Care for dragon season at home

  • Lighting- light shade Under this condition, dracaena grow better. However, there are types of dratsen for which bright sunlight is necessary (but these are rather exceptions to the rule).
  • Temperature moderate. In winter not lower than 12 ° С. Some dratsen species withstand lower temperatures in winter.
  • Air humidityhigh. Basically, all dracaena love frequent spraying.
  • Wateringabundant. In winter, watering is reduced, but the soil should not dry out.
  • Breedsdracaena in several ways: stem cuttings, the apical part of the old plant, air layering from the apical part.
  • Replant the fragrant as needed. Usually every two years in the spring.

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Dracaena - a plant resistant to various kinds of diseases. With proper care of her difficulties you will not have. Good luck!

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