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Growing cucumbers in bags

A new method of growing cucumbers became popular just over a year ago, although it cannot be called unique. The attractiveness of the technology lies in the promise of an incredible harvest in terms of quantity and quality, as well as in the simplicity of caring for seedlings and saving the area where cucumbers are grown. What are the main principles of this technique, and what nuances are important to take into account? Are there any disadvantages in it, and how do experienced gardeners rate it?

How to plant cucumbers in bags? Video and technology features

How to plant cucumbers in bags?

The whole algorithm is divided into several parts: preparatory work, sowing and further care of plants, which is not very different from the care carried out with the usual cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse. For this reason, the main focus of this technology is on specialists at the primary stage - preparation.

  • What bags to take? Cost and similar aspects do not matter: the bag must be tight, polyethylene, with a large capacity of about 70 liters or more. The number of bags is calculated by the number of seedlings: each will have about 15 bushes, because the land is limited, and a large number of bushes will require frequent fertilizing and watering, quickly pulling all the nutrients out of the ground.

The substrate is chosen the same as in the classic sowing of cucumbers - a mixture of humus and simple garden soil, as well as a mineral complex if necessary (if the land is poor). Acidity can be adjusted by adding lime, excessive gravity (clay) - by adding sand. All components of the substrate are poured into the bag in layers until 4/5 of its height.

  • What else is needed? High wooden thick sticks that will act as supports for the bushes, as well as plastic tubes of small diameter, which will work "water supply". 1 stick is placed exactly in the middle of each bag, and the wood should be dug as deeply as possible, therefore the height of the support should not be less than 2 m. At the top of the stick there is a nail or brace, for which the binding threads will catch.
  • On plastic tubes (height from 1 m) you need to make several holes along the entire length with a nail or narrow awl in order to ensure the penetration of the poured water into all layers of the substrate. It is recommended to create holes at a distance of 4-5 cm from each other, placing them in a checkerboard pattern - this will increase the likelihood of a uniform distribution of the fluid. After burial, in which only 10–15 cm should remain from the lower edge of the tube to the bottom of the bag, just as much (10–15 cm) from its height should be above the surface. The tubes are arranged as an equilateral triangle, at the same distance, both from the center and from the edges of the bag.

Here the preparatory part ends, and the very process of planting cucumbers begins, where it becomes clear why strong material was required: up to 12 cuts are made on the entire height of the bag, which are made in the shape of a triangle, pointing upwards. Holes should preferably be staggered, and also not made too large so as not to spill the substrate through them.

  1. Prepared seeds are distributed as follows: 3 pcs. in the main area between the plastic tubes, the rest - on the pockets, for every 1 seed. If seedlings are transported into the bag, make sure that the seedlings are positioned clearly vertically. Those that are planted in pockets are recommended to be tied up immediately, not allowing them to fall out of their “nest”, or to do so at the moment of the appearance of the 6th leaf.
  2. As for the care of cucumbers grown in bags, the only different thing from the usual time is watering. In this technology, it is implemented in the best way: water flows through the tubes, into which you can even insert a hose, and not just pour liquid from a watering can. As a result of this, the bushes are deprived of both busting with moisture and excessive water ingress on the stems and leaves. The frequency of watering does not change - it also needs to vary depending on weather conditions.

Growing cucumbers in bags: reviews gardeners

Growing cucumbers in bags

Some gardeners recommend miksovat varieties of cucumbers planted in bags, so that the harvest will be long. In addition, most of them modify the methodology for themselves, but even so, the feedback from their side is positive.

Olga: “I liked the technology very much, I’ve been working on it for the 2nd year, made some changes, because in the original it is still not perfect. First, I take fabric bags - polyethylene is too fragile, even one that is very dense. I liked the big ones linen for sugar or flour, as they used to sell (found at grandmother): they don’t tear, breathe, pass moisture and air, therefore, the earth does not overheat and is constantly enriched.In addition, if they are cut, they do not change shape, and even growth bushes, sitting in the pockets, the size of the slots is not increased I prefer to tie up saplings at once, because they risk falling down at the moment of active growth: for this I drive 3-4 nails at once in the top of the pedestal (multiple to the number of bushes), because 1 big one sometimes does not hold such a number of garters. “Partitions, for which it is also convenient to cling to their shoots."

Irina: “I got acquainted with such a method of growing cucumbers a long time ago, now I apply it only - the garden is very small, and I want more harvest. I don’t get the promised 1000 cucumbers, of course, and in general I didn’t notice the increase in yield, except for the fact that the ovary for the most part they keep until the fruit ripens, but the place is really saved. For myself, I identified an important nuance: I take large bags to put 20 bushes in them at once, as a result, they cannot stand normally. I save myself by digging a hole 15- 20 cm, I put a bag filled with substrate in it, and only then I start planting seedlings. Of course, these 20 cm of height disappear for the "pockets", but they are usually not used anyway. But the bag is firm, does not heel even when the bushes increase in height and strength. "

Anna: “According to this technology, about which my father-in-law told me some time ago, I grow not only cucumbers, but pumpkins as well. However, for the latter, the bag has to be slightly modified - I stick pegs around it (at a distance of 50-60 cm from the bag ), pull yarn from them to the pedestal to get a “skeleton” for pumpkin antennae. Besides, I used to make a warm bed from the bags themselves: I put dry leaves interspersed with grass and small sprigs on its lower levels, spreading humus on top, substrate , sand, etc. Instead of plastic pipes for watering - plastics ie bottles, also with holes in their walls and the bottom of the cut-off. "

In her video "cucumbers in a bag", Yulia Minaeva, known for her channel "In the Garden in the Garden", says that the main thing for the correct work of the technique is the presence of a layer of mowed grass at the bottom of the bag, as well as preventing the growth of additional shoots by pinching them crown.

Growing cucumbers in bags: technology features

The cultivation technology in bags, in fact, is not only suitable for cucumbers: this is a good option for melons, squash, and even flowers that no longer require a garter, but they can also be planted much closer together. If the increase in yield is really in question, then there is no doubt about saving space in the summer cottage.

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