Grandma square

Crochet is a rather interesting type of needlework, which dates back to the 16th century. In Russia, crocheting became widespread only in the 19th century. It should be noted that initially only lace was knitted in this way, and only then other products. Over time, talented craftswomen turned this kind of needlework into real art. Today we will talk about the basic figure and the easiest motif in crochet, which originated as a variant of creating various rugs, blankets and blankets - about my grandmother's square.

History of motive

Crochet. Grandma square:

Grandma's Square is a wonderful kind of needlework that both beginners and experienced craftswomen will like. Beginner needlewomen, having no special experience in crochet, will learn to create amazing things, performing the most simple individual motifs. Experienced masters like this novelty in this product, since the same motive can be tied in a special way, each time finding more and more creative and interesting solutions.

Grandma's square always starts to knit from the air loops forming the center, and then use double crochets in any combination. There are a huge number of variations of grandmother's squares - each craftswoman over the years has contributed something of their own to their creation.

It’s difficult to say where the name "Grandma Square" came from. Perhaps the fact is that crocheted things in the technique of squares are made home-like (like that of a grandmother). Or so called because even our grandmothers knit out of it blankets and potholders.

There is another version that the grandmother’s square appeared in the post-war years, when women had to dress up old sweaters and dresses. There was not enough yarn for the whole product, and that was bright knitting. And of which you just can’t think of anything: skirts, dresses, blankets with purses.

How to tie a classic grandma square?

Today we knit classic grandma square. The scheme of its implementation is shown in the photo.

How to tie a classic grandma square?

Materials and tools needed for work:

  • yarn (one or more colors);
  • hook of the appropriate size;
  • scissors.

The choice of threads depends on the type of the finished product: for example, knitting a rug, for example, is well suited for cotton or acrylic. In general, you can use any thread for knitting, as long as they are in harmony in color and texture. But if you are only at the initial stage of mastering the crochet technique, it is better to choose the yarn of light tones, since it is much more convenient to count the loops and crochets with nakida on it.

Step-by-step instructions for beginners:

We collect a chain of 4 air loops.

Grandma square: scheme

Connect the first loop with the last. We got a circle.

Grandma square: scheme

In the center of the circle we knit 3 air loops.

Grandma square: scheme

Next, we take in the ring 3 double crochet and 2 air loops. We repeat this three times (we should have 4 groups of three columns each).

Grandma square: scheme

We connect the first loop with a column with 3 air lifting loops.

Grandma square: scheme

By analogy of the 1st column with double crochet, we knit 5 air loops.

Grandma square: scheme

Next, knit the beginning of the corner: 3 double crochet, 2 air loops, 3 double crochet. Knitting in the arch (each corner should be separated from the next 2 air loops).

Grandma square: scheme

We make the next row according to this scheme: from the corner of 3 double crochets, 2 air loops, 3 double crochets.

Grandma square: scheme

In the free space in the middle of the edge of the square we knit 3 crochets. Repeat this for all corners.

We will continue such series until we get the product of the desired size.

Note: in each next round the space between the "beams" must be filled with 3 double crochets.

Knit interesting things

Grandma square: knit interesting things

Many people mistakenly believe that from grandmother's square, they usually knit interior items: blankets, blankets, and napkins. But this is far from the case. Nowadays, with the help of this motive, absolutely everything can be connected: from colorful blankets to mobile phone cases and original toys.

If you want, it is very easy to turn a simple square into a bright and unique piece of clothing. For example, in the original blouse or skirt. About grandma's square, you can safely say that the new is a well-forgotten old. Modern designers also use this motif in their fashion shows. For example, the famous young British fashion designer Christopher Kane took this motive as the basis for his autumn collection of clothes. And no wonder: Grandma square provides unlimited opportunities for creativity and experimentation. Using different colors in the same motif, you can get completely different results.

Unusual plaid

Knitting a blanket from grandma's square

So, at the first stage you have mastered the knitting technique of the classic grandma square. But I want so much to surprise my relatives with some original thing! The best way out in this case will be knitting a rug - you get a comfortable and practical thing and hone your skills at the same time.

In addition, the blanket will perfectly decorate the order of the tired interior of the bedroom or living room.

Stages of work on the creation of a plaid:

  1. According to the scheme of the classic square (which is presented above) we knit many beautiful motifs. Their number will directly depend on the size of the finished product. In addition, if you already have a pretty good crochet, then you can safely use any other schemes for blankets from grandma's square.

Knitting a blanket from grandma's square

  1. Spread the finished motifs on the floor (or on the table), select the most successful color combinations. Experienced knitters recommend ironing the squares before assembly. Only this should be done carefully so that they do not stretch out, otherwise it will be rather difficult to assemble the finished product.
  2. Now it remains to collect the grandmother's squares. This can be done in two ways:
  • tie with a double crochet next to each other;
  • Sew a regular needle and thread.

Of course, the first method of connection is preferable, since the product will look more harmonious. Your plaid is ready. Undoubtedly, this work is painstaking and requires perseverance and attention. But the result is worth it!

Knitting a blanket from grandma's square

Gift to the newborn

Children's plaid crocheted from grandmother's squares

Using the grandmother's square motif, you can easily connect a wonderful children's blanket that is perfect for a walk in a wheelchair or playing on the floor in the house, and will protect it in cool weather. If replenishment is planned for your friends or relatives - a blanket for newborns will be just a wonderful gift!

Starting knitting a blanket for the baby, pay attention to several important points:

  • Color yarn When choosing a yarn for the product, remember that the blanket should not be boring. For a product intended for a girl, you can take strings of delicate pastel tones, pink shades. For boys more suitable shades of blue, gray, beige.
  • The quality of thread. Since we knit for the most expensive, then the choice of yarn must be approached with full responsibility: it should not be prickly, irritate the skin. For these purposes, children's acrylic, cotton, merino wool (sheep) threads are well suited.

Of course, when choosing a yarn, it is worth being guided and for what purposes the blanket will be used. For the autumn-winter period, it is better to knit warm wool, and for the spring-summer season - a light blanket made of cotton or baby acrylic.

Be creative, fantasize - and your efforts will not be ignored! Even the simplest thing, connected with love and from a pure heart, will warm your little child in cool evenings.

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