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Grandma's birthday present

For many of us, a grandmother is a second mother. She tries to instill in us certain life skills and share her experience. That is why it is so desirable to pleasantly surprise her on the most important day for her grandmother. Try with your children to make a birthday present for your grandmother with your own hands. We will show you some original ideas for creating hand-made souvenirs.

What to give a grandmother birthday?

What to give a grandmother birthday?

Choosing a gift is not easy. When choosing a present for a birthday, anniversary or other celebration, you need to consider not only your financial capabilities, but also the interests, hobbies, hobbies, age of the birthday man. As practice shows, many people are pleased with gifts made with their own hands, because everything else can be purchased, if necessary, and in the nearest store.

Especially gifts in the style of hand-made enjoy close people. What can you give your grandmother on her birthday so that the gift was not only bright, design, beautiful and original, but also useful? If the grandmother is fond of knitting or crocheting, it would be appropriate to make a magic ball with her own hands. The composition can be supplemented with almost any elements, one way or another in contact with knitting. It all depends solely on your imagination. And if you yourself know how to knit, then you can present a knitted warm scarf, scarf or socks to your grandmother.

Knitted elements can decorate the mug. Women love everything bright and dazzling, so you can give your grandmother a homemade postcard or box, studded with pearls and rhinestones. It is also easy to make lots of small souvenirs with your own hands:

  • a cookbook with original notes or recipes;
  • photo collage;
  • family tree of your family;
  • decorated photo frame;
  • knitted toy;
  • a picture embroidered with a cross or stitch;
  • casket;
  • Magic box for storing small parts;
  • bouquet of chocolates and corrugated paper.

Grandchildren, especially those who have drawing skills, can make an original vase with a painting, flowerpots or handicrafts made from natural materials. Recently, the technique of quilling has gained wide popularity. You can make the original three-dimensional craft of paper in this style.

A wall clock will be quite original and perhaps the only copy in the world, where instead of numbers on the dial there will be photos of close relatives or grandchildren. It all depends solely on your imagination and, of course, skills.

Squash casket - the perfect gift for the anniversary

Anniversary is a significant date in the life of every person. It is this date that we always celebrate, gathering only relatives and friends at the table. If the grandchildren want to give a grandmother a gift on their own, help them make an original jewelry box. You will be surprised, but for the basics of crafts you need the usual squash.

What to give a grandmother for an anniversary?

Necessary materials:

  • dry squash - 1 pc .;
  • fine sandpaper - 1 pc .;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brushes;
  • napkin with an original pattern for decoupage;
  • water - 1 tbsp .;
  • satin ribbons;
  • glue;
  • awl or thick needle.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Before starting to create a box, the squash should be thoroughly washed and dried.What to give a grandmother for an anniversary?
  2. The squash should be cut across into two equal parts and clean it from the inside.What to give a grandmother for an anniversary?
  3. The surface of the cleaned squash should be polished with emery paper.What to give a grandmother for an anniversary?
  4. Acrylic paints of any color at your discretion need to cover the outer and inner parts of both halves of the squash. It is best to do 3-4 layers.What to give a grandmother for an anniversary?
  5. From the napkin taken for decoupage, it is necessary to cut out the patterns and spread them out on the surface of the squash.
  6. Top drawing should be treated with water, diluted in equal proportions with glue.What to give a grandmother for an anniversary?
  7. After the surface of the squash dries, two punctures with an awl should be made on both parts in the center.What to give a grandmother for an anniversary?
  8. Then the whole box needs to be covered with decorative colorless varnish.
  9. When the product dries well, you should stretch a beautiful silk or satin ribbon through the holes and fasten it with a knot or a bow around the edges.

If there is very little time left

Due to various reasons, it often happens in life that there are only a few hours left before the birthday party of a loved one, and the gift is not ready yet. In this case, you should urgently do something and make an original hand-made souvenir. We will tell you how to make a sweet bouquet in minutes. Instead of organza, any fabric can be used for finishing. The number of items for crafts depends on the size of the bouquet and the number of flowers. So, we make a birthday present for a grandmother with our own hands in 5 minutes.

Grandma's birthday gift with his own hands in 5 minutes

Necessary materials:

  • wooden skewers;
  • scarlet tissue (organza is better);
  • ribbons for fixing the buds;
  • adhesive tape;
  • wrapping decorative paper;
  • threads;
  • candies.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Any candy can be used to model such a bouquet.
  2. For the free edge of the wrapper with adhesive tape candy should be fixed on a wooden skewer.Grandma's birthday gift with his own hands in 5 minutes
  3. From the fabric you need to cut the shreds to the size of the candy, it must completely close the candy wrapper.
  4. Folding the fabric in half, you should wrap it at an angle, simulating a tulip bud.Grandma's birthday gift with his own hands in 5 minutes
  5. The base of the flower, holding with your fingers, must be fixed with threads or ribbons.Grandma's birthday gift with his own hands in 5 minutes
  6. Stems of skewers should be wrapped with adhesive green tape.
  7. From corrugated paper of green shades it is necessary to cut out petals in a form.Grandma's birthday gift with his own hands in 5 minutes
  8. Leaves should be attached to the stalk with adhesive tape.Grandma's birthday gift with his own hands in 5 minutes
  9. All made tulips should be collected in a bouquet and packed in decorative gift paper, tied with a ribbon or bow.

Original card with sakura petals: master class

If you want your grandmother to remember the congratulations of her grandchildren for a long time, try making a postcard with a scattering of sakura flowers, and she will definitely like the original wish in prose or verse.

Original card with sakura petals: master class

Necessary materials:

  • thick paper of any size - 2 pcs .;
  • pink and black gouache paint;
  • 0.33 or 0.5 L plastic bottle;
  • glue;
  • ribbon or decorative cord.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. On one piece of white paper you need to draw a branch. To do this, you can use the paint black or brown.Original card with sakura petals: master class
  2. In a separate plate to dissolve the paint pink.
  3. The bottom of the plastic bottle should be dipped in paint.Original card with sakura petals: master class
  4. The bottom of the bottle needs to be pripressed to the branch to make a flower.Original card with sakura petals: master class
  5. The number of flowers depends entirely on your preferences.
  6. Congratulations should be written on a separate piece of paper.
  7. It can be attached to a picture with a tape or a decorative cord in the form of a scroll.
  8. The two parts of the greeting card-picture can be sealed with double-sided adhesive tape or regular stationery glue.

Choosing a gift always delivers a lot of trouble. The cost of a present and its brand do not play any role. Most likely, the grandmother will be delighted with the original and exquisite hand-made masterpiece. Show your imagination and skills. In addition to the handicraft invention, you can give a bouquet, gadget, bag, bathrobe or other things your grandmother needs. Creative success!

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