Gooseberry pruning. how to cut gooseberries

It often happens that the beloved gooseberry on the plot already for the third year after planting ceases to please us. It seems that the variety is good and we take care of it correctly, and we make fertilizers, and the berries become smaller or disappear altogether.

It's all about correct and timely pruning gooseberries.

Gooseberry pruning one year after planting by forming

  • In early spring, in the second year, it is necessary to trim four branches of the first order so that the cut falls on the buds facing inwards and upwards. Pruning branches produce about half.
  • Pruning in this way helps to prevent the gooseberry branches from hanging down. After all, they greatly interfere with weeding.
  • In the same year, late autumn, the grown branches are cut by a third so that the cut falls on the kidney, which faces the same.
  • Then you need to select the most successfully located branches of the second order. They cut about half.
  • This is the way in which the main branches are formed, which should be further cut.for the formation of gooseberry bush with an open center.
  • Unnecessary growths are cut by about 5 cm. This is enough to stimulate yields.
  • It is no secret that during formative pruning they also prune old, sick and damaged branches. In addition, they also cut unnecessary basal shoots.
  • By the summer of the third year (starting from the year of planting, and not pruning), the gooseberry bush should have a well-defined appearance. Extra shoots are pruned in July, cutting to 10 cm, without touching the conductors.
  • Those shoots that are shortened in the summer, in the spring must be cut off by about 5 cm. Conductors, however, shorten by eye by half or, if desired, slightly less.
  • The extra side shoots are cut a little bit again, up to 10 cm. It will be easier to collect gooseberries.

How to cut gooseberries with free-growing branches?

  • It should be recognized that gooseberry is a plant that is difficult to form. Therefore, it is better to grow it with freely growing branches.
  • In this situation, the dead branches are easy to remove, and the fruiting will remain abundant, because the gooseberry harvest is just as good on biennial growths as on the growths of the first year of life.
  • In the first two years, it is necessary to trim the gooseberry guides, shortening them by half.

  • In the following years, in order to maintain the shape of the gooseberry with free hanging branches, it is necessary to make a selective pruning. It will consist of trimming all the weak, sick, and unnecessary branches.
  • For the hanging branches of the gooseberry, it is necessary to create a space between them so that it is easy to pick berries. This is the most important feature taken into account when forming and pruning this form of gooseberry.

Of the two considered options for the formation and pruning of the gooseberry, you need to choose the most convenient for you. What is closer to you: gooseberry with open center or with loosely growing branches?

How to trim "neglected" gooseberry?

Now that you have learned how to cut gooseberries and choose the most convenient option for you, the gooseberries will always delight you with large berries, good harvest and beautiful appearance. Yes, and it will be a pleasure to collect.

But what if you strongly launched gooseberry, but because of its taste do not want to plant a new one, and destroy it? Of course, it needs to be cut!

To do this, in early spring you must remove a lot of root shoots that are absolutely unnecessary and interfere with the harvest. After this work, cut the branches that thicken the gooseberries too much - in a word, thin the bush so that it is convenient to pick berries. You should also cut long drooping branches a few centimeters.

After such a treatment of the bush, gooseberries will thank you for a quality harvest. There will be more berries on it than on an uncut tree, and their size will also increase. In the fall, after picking the berries, it is necessary to remove the growth in order for new shoots to form in the coming year.

Knowing all the features of cutting gooseberries, you can always enjoy the taste of your favorite gooseberry during its fruiting, cookdelicious jamsjams gooseberry sauces and treat your dear people!

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