Gloxinia - a beautiful indoor plant. It belongs to the group of ornamental flowering potted plants. And this means that the life of Gloxinia is short-lived.

It is best to buy a flowering plant. Well if the flowering period at the plant has just begun.The most favorable time of year to buy gloxinia is summer. With good care for gloxinia at home, it will be more than two months to please you with bright blooms.

The appearance of gloxinia

Gloxinia, orsynningia has bell-shaped flowers with folded petals, reaching up to 7 cm in diameter. Its flowers are velvety and always brightly colored: in red, purple, pink, blue colors. There are also white flowers.

The leaves are also velvety, ovate, reaching a length of 20 cm.

Gloxinia species

  • The most common type is gloxinia is beautiful, or synningia is beautiful. The description of this species is given above.
  • There are varieties of gloxinia with double flowers of red and white.
  • There are varieties of non-double edged with purple-white flowers.
  • The most simple nondescript gloxinia variety is beautiful - with non-double white flowers. Very easy to maintain and great for everyday life.

  • Varieties of gloxinia with small leaves and blue or red flowers are derived.
  • There are varieties with non-double flowers and dotted pink flowers. On a pale pink background - bright purple dots.

Location in the house Gloxinia

Gloxinia at home is very afraid of drafts - this is an important aspect of choosing a place for it in your home.Even gloxinia does not like cold, it is better not to put it on the window sills in the cold season.

From the rooms fit the living room, bedroom, nursery. But the kitchen will be the most successful, because there is high humidity and always warm.

Gloxinia care at home

Unlike many other potted indoor plants, gloxinia can be saved for the next year. To do this, you must create the right conditions for the storage of its tubers. Beginners here can not cope.

Yet even if you were given Gloxinia as a nice gift, try to extend her life as long as possible. For this you need to know the secrets of success in the care of this indoor plant.

  • Lighting -bright diffused sunlight.
  • Temperature moderate. The temperature in the room where gloxinia is located should not be allowed below 17 ° C.
  • Air humidity high. It is useful to put the plant pot on a tray with pebbles or in wet peat. Leaves do not spray, spray only the air around them.
  • Watering plentiful at any time of the year. Water gloxinia only with warm water. In no case can not fall on the leaves or flowers.
  • Breeds plant leaf cuttings in summer and spring seeds.
  • Transplanted in spring, in fresh soil.

It is important to know that in order to preserve gloxinia after a flowering period, watering is reduced, feeding is stopped. Watering gradually reduce "to no". The leaves by this time should already dry out. After that, put the pot in a dark place and store at 12 ° C. In the spring, the tuber should be transplanted into fresh soil. Do not deepen it too much when landing. Soon you will see how the plant starts to grow. Before that, it is necessary to water the minimum. As soon as the first leaves appeared, care for the gloxinia as usual.

Gloxinia pests and diseases

  • The nature of the plant is such that the pests practically do not damage it. However, there may be some difficulties in the care.
  • With a lack of light leaves can stretch and fade.
  • With dry air or strong drafts the buds of the plant may not bloom.
  • Strong waterlogging will lead to rotting of the tuber and the death of gloxinia.
  • With insufficient watering leaves begin to shrink and turn brown, dry.

Gloxinia - an excellent gift houseplant. Any woman will be pleased to receive such a sign of attention with or without. However, we must not forget that the plant belongs to a group of short-lived ones, so do not be discouraged if it will die in two or three months. You can try to save it, if you use the tips of this article.

Anyway even a brief conversation with gloxinia at home will bring bright colors and pleasant emotions into your life, give you a good mood.

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