Glass painting

Want to add uniqueness to your glassware? With just a few tools, your glasses, glasses, wine glasses and vases will become true works of art. Today we will tell you about such a simple technique, as painting on glass. A master class for beginners will help you in mastering this kind of art.

Useful tips to help the novice master

Glass painting at home is a long and laborious process. In this case, the master will need not only good taste, but also perseverance, patience and certain knowledge. There are several main aspects that you should pay attention to before and during work:

  • All paint should be applied only to thoroughly washed and rubbed glass, as excess fat can interfere with work. For the same purpose, many masters in the work use latex gloves.
  • Use only strong glass objects. It is best to avoid glasses, glasses and vases with sharp or raised edges, and not to paint cracked dishes. When firing, such items may burst.
  • Cotton swabs and pieces of soft toilet paper can perfectly cope with divorces and random blots. Wipe the paint in unnecessary places until it is dry.
  • When firing, strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions and temperature conditions. Different types of paints may require different firing times.
  • Never mix special stained paint with water. This will weaken its strength, and over time the pattern will begin to flake off.

After reading the basic rules, you can proceed to the practice of painting on glass. In fact, nothing complicated and frightening about it, and the work will go easily and naturally. Especially if you use our master classes.

We paint the bowl for candy

Art glass painting allows you to create unique objects of home decor. Wine glasses, glasses, mugs and plates - everything can be attached to the case. Try to make a glass painting with stained glass paints for this step-by-step master class.

We paint the bowl for candy

Necessary materials:

  • stained paints;
  • paper;
  • glass bowl;
  • tassels;
  • paper and pencil.

Process description:

  1. At the very beginning of work, we need to create a sketch on which painting will be performed on glass. In order to determine how large the drawing we need, we insert the paper in a bowl and carefully outline its top edge. Then take out the paper, and we got the main frame.
  2. We translate the desired drawing on paper or create our own unique masterpiece. After the picture is ready, we outline all the lines with a bright marker. This will allow you to clearly see all the lines, even through the glass.How to make a painting on glass paints?
  3. One of the most common questions is how to transfer your design to glass? It is easier than you think. After we have drawn the image, we insert a sheet of paper in a bowl face down to the glass. Since the glass is transparent, the whole picture through it is beautifully visible.How to make a painting on glass inks?
  4. Now, using a thin brush, we draw all the clear lines of the pattern on the glass and paint over small surfaces with colored paints. If you use water-based paints, it is better to apply the picture in several layers. And oil paint can be painted over at once with a thick layer.How to make a painting on glass paints flowers?
  5. Apply the remaining drawing, carefully observing the line. Make sure that for each color of paint used its own brush, otherwise the whole range of colors will mix, and who knows how it will look on the finished product.How to make a painting on glass paints?
  6. It is most convenient to draw abstract and fuzzy contours by flipping a glass or a bowl. This allows you to divert attention from small parts of the picture.

    How to make a painting on glass paints?
  7. After you finish the design, remove the paper from the piala and allow the paint time to dry. Special stained glass paints require 24 hours of complete rest.How to make a painting on glass paints?
  8. Once the drawing is completely dry, you can apply a few more layers if desired, if the picture seems too dull to you.

Colorful fruit bowl

There are several nondescript pot-bellied vases, and you do not know what to do with them? You can adapt this dish for fruit or make excellent candlesticks. Try painting on glass with acrylic paints.

the picture seems too dull. Colorful fruit bowl

Necessary materials:

  • red, yellow, blue and white acrylic enamel;
  • glass vase;
  • paper towel;
  • cotton buds;
  • paper;
  • parchment.

Process description:

  1. To begin, prepare all the necessary materials. Wash glass vases well with soap, dry and dry with a paper towel.Colorful fruit bowl: materials
  2. Fold a sheet of paper in several layers and squeeze some paint of each color onto it. Then mix several colors together to create unique shades.How to make a painting on glass paints?
  3. Turn the vases upside down and place them on a sheet of parchment. Then, using a cotton swab, place the dots in a chaotic order around the base of the vase. Give the first layer a couple of hours to dry completely.How to make a painting on glass paints?
  4. While the coat of paint on the first vase dries, you can experiment with different color combinations on other objects.
  5. After the main paint layer is completely dry, add more points, working from the base of the glass down, but not reaching the edge of the vase.How to make a painting on glass paints?
  6. When all the layers are applied, let the wazam stand for about a day at room temperature. Then the vases on the baking sheet are removed in a cold oven and baked. It is important to put the baking tray in the cold oven, since the glass does not tolerate temperature drops and can crack.Glass painting: master class
  7. Firing time will depend on the type of paint. Usually on the packaging manufacturer indicates the required temperature and processing time.
  8. At the end of the set roasting time, turn off the oven and leave the vases to cool completely, without taking them out.

Art glass painting is widely practiced on various objects - from tiny Christmas balls to giant windows of churches. Stained glass allows you to make a whole piece of art out of ordinary glass that will always remain in fashion.

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