Give live flowers

Surely among your friends there is someone who does not like roses, preferring to them lilies. For some, there is no better gift than bush chrysanthemums. And someone says not to give him cut flowers at all. And you know, the latter are right in their dislike of cut flowers. After all, plants are living beings, and if they are cut off from the ground and their roots are cut off, then they stop living. They are dying. Slow. Gradually.

Coming to the store, we ask the seller to wrap us flowers "fresher". That is, those who have recently been "killed." In any case, they will stay with us for a short time and die. We used to say: “The flowers have wilted” and throw them away.

But how many flowers are dying for this! It dies just for the sake of a couple of days to please us with beauty.

Why don't they sell snowdrops in flower shops?

These flowers are sold in the season only grandmothers on the streets. Have you ever had to meet in the evening grandmothers, who are already giving snowdrops for nothing? After all, if they do not sell flowers in a day, the flowers will die, they will have to be thrown out. And at home they will not stand for more than one day. So why bother them at all? Is not it easier to grow a snowdrop yourself and give a loved one? All you need is time and desire.

That is why in the flower shops they do not sell snowdrops and the like. "fast-dying" plants. They sell flowers, life "after death" which is longer so that they can be sold.

Do not buy ready-made bouquets!

Smart people never take ready-made bouquets from shop windows, because they know that they are gathered from flowers already about to wither. Stickers are glued to these colors, they are sprayed with sequins, packed in beautiful paper - and all this in order to buy them. After all, for any product, as they say, there is a buyer.

But let us not treat the flowers chosen as a gift so discreetly. After all, a person will not be happy with flowers that have already started the day after the holiday. He is much more pleasant to be a long reminder of an important event for him.And this effect can create only live flowers growing in pots!

Let them fade too, but fade after 3-4 weeks, and this time is already enough to leave an impression.

Moreover, there is a perception that along with the fading of flowers, the beauty of the one to whom they were intended also fades.

Cut flowers can not save, but alive - you can. You only need to know what measures to take to help them survive the state of rest and how and when to return them from this state. But we will talk about this next time.

Especially for Margot Shevchenko

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