Ginger - growing at home and in the open field

Ginger cultivation at home of this plant may be interesting to those people who are aware of the beneficial properties of its root. Ginger is familiar to many as a specific Eastern spice, but it is an effective medicinal and cosmetological agent.

Today, ginger can be purchased at almost any store or pharmacy, but it is much more convenient to grow it at home or in the garden to always have this useful product on hand. Moreover, the cultivation of ginger in a pot or open field is not too difficult task that even amateur gardener can handle.

Having planted this plant in a pot, after 8 months you will be able to eat the root grown personally by you. In addition, some people plant ginger to try to make it bloom. Ginger bloom is a rare occurrence, and you will have to try to see its beautiful yellow flowers.

Why grow ginger: the beneficial properties of the plant

Why grow ginger: useful properties

Growing up at home ginger root can help you cope with a large number of different ailments. The root of the plant, or the horned root, as it is sometimes called, contains in its composition just an incredible amount of vitamins and minerals. This product brings great benefits to the human body, in particular:

  • normalizes the digestive system, eliminates dysbacteriosis, flatulence;
  • removes from the body of harmful substances, slags and toxins;
  • promotes weight loss;
  • has anti-inflammatory, healing and analgesic effect;
  • tones and gives strength;
  • boosts immunity;
  • enhances sexual activity, helps in the treatment of diseases of the female and male genitalia;
  • improves skin, nails and hair, promotes rejuvenation.

How to plant ginger?

How to plant ginger?How to plant ginger?

How to plant ginger?How to plant ginger?

In order to get a rich harvest, it is necessary, first of all, to choose the planting material correctly. Today, in most large supermarkets you can buy fresh ginger root. The choice of the root that you plant in the ground should be taken very carefully. When buying planting material, choose specimens with smooth and shiny skin that form shoots. Make sure the spine is not too dry or frozen.

After the acquisition, ginger should be placed in warm water for 2-3 hours to accelerate the growth of shoots. If the horned root is too big and you are going to plant only a piece of it with shoots in the ground, you should carefully cut it with a clean knife and smear the cut point with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. It is necessary for the prevention of fungal infections.

Next, take a wide pot and 3-5 cm fill its bottom with a pre-prepared mixture of sand, sod and humus. All components must be mixed in equal parts. The necessary part of the root should be buried in the soil for about 2 cm and pour plenty of clean water.

How to grow ginger at home?

How to grow ginger at home?

If you chose a suitable planting material and properly planted it in the ground, you can expect the first shoots in 10-14 days. Up to this point, the pot with the plant should be kept in a cool and dry place, at an ambient temperature of about +15.

In the future, ginger should be placed in a damp and warm room. At the same time it is impossible to allow hit on its escapes of a direct sunlight. It is best to put the pot in partial shade. Most growers prefer the cultivation of ginger.

You need to water the plant quite often, because ginger is very moisture-loving. Meanwhile, carefully monitor the condition of the soil and try not to overdo it with watering, otherwise your pet will rot.

If your goal is to get fresh ginger root, which can be eaten or used as an effective drug, around mid-autumn, you should begin to gradually reduce watering until it is completely stopped. Thus, you dry the soil, which, in turn, stimulates the development of rhizomes. If you expect to achieve flowering of this plant, watering should be reduced to a minimum, constantly maintaining the soil in a slightly moist state.

In addition, ginger should be regularly fed mineral fertilizers. In order to grow a rich harvest of roots, choose those that are rich in potassium, and for flowering - phosphorus. Fertilizing produce 1 time in 2-3 weeks.

How to grow ginger at home?

Features of growing plants in the country in the open ground

How to grow ginger in the country, in the open field?

For growing ginger in the summer cottage, it is best to sprout a few roots of the house in advance. They should be planted in pots at the end of February - beginning of March, and in the spring, when the plants begin to actively germinate, they should be planted in the garden at the dacha.

The best fertilizer for ginger planted in open ground is cow dung diluted with water at a ratio of 1:10. The frequency of watering plants depends on the weather. In the hot and dry summer ginger will have to be watered quite often. If your garden plot is regularly irrigated by rain, most likely, the garden bed will not need to be watered at all. Closer to the harvest of roots, watering should be stopped altogether.

Picking up the harvest right

How to harvest?

After you stop watering ginger (both at home and in the garden), its foliage will quickly turn yellow, dry out and fall off. When the stems and leaves finally fade, you can carefully dig up the roots of the ground. After that, they must be thoroughly washed and dried very well.

You can store the harvest in a dry and dark room or in a refrigerator in plastic wrap. Under these conditions, fresh ginger roots may remain edible for several months. In addition, the roots can be frozen to keep them even longer. Some plant growers prefer to dry fresh roots, but in this case they may not be used in every situation.

Sometimes fresh leaves and stalks of ginger are also consumed. They are not as rich in vitamins and minerals as the roots, but can also be very useful for humans.

Growing ginger, both at home and in the summer cottage, in open ground, is not such a difficult task. It is worth spending quite a bit of time and effort - and you can get an incredible plant right at home that has truly miraculous properties. In addition, with the help of fresh leaves and ginger root, you can diversify any dish and give it a very unusual taste and aroma.

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