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A certificate of desires can be the best gift for almost any occasion and a pleasant surprise for your loved one. One of the advantages of such a present can be attributed to the fact that with just a little effort, you can make it yourself.

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Let your loved one feel like a real king. If you want to make a pleasant surprise for your second half, but after walking through the shops, you could not find anything worthwhile, then spend some free time and make an original gift.

Gift certificate: how to make your own hands?

To independently make a certificate of desires for a loved one, you will need the following materials:

  1. Rather dense, beautiful cardboard (it is best to use decorative);
  2. Jewelry (ribbons, paints, flowers, rhinestones, etc.);
  3. The envelope.

Before starting work, it is necessary to fully determine the list of desires. With this in mind, the size of the future gift certificate will be set.

Once all the preparatory work is completed, you can begin to make the certificate itself. You can make a single version or fold it in half, like a postcard - it directly depends on the size of the wish list.

In the event that you decide to make a postcard, then its front side should be decorated with various decorative elements, the choice of which depends solely on your personal preferences or the tastes of your beloved, because you make this gift for him.

It is possible to decorate a postcard with the help of scrapbooking technology, just to paint it with colorful paints. A very beautiful application is obtained, for which you can use not only colored paper, but also your common photos.

After you complete the decoration and decoration of the postcard, begin writing desires. Take a draft in which you made preliminary sketches of desires and write the title in beautiful letters on a colored sheet of cardboard - for example, “Certificate of desires for a loved one for 10,000 points”. Then start listing the list of desires themselves and next to each set the number of points, which will be their value. For example, breakfast in bed costs 100 points, massage 500 points, etc.

Once you have written all the desires, put the list in an envelope and present it to your beloved one. This gift is just perfect for Valentine's Day.

Do-it-yourself gift certificate: sample

Gift certificate: how to make your own hands?

A gift certificate made in the form of a book will be very interesting and unusual. Of course, it is worth being prepared for the fact that it will be a little more difficult to make it and you will have to spend more time and energy. However, this gift looks very attractive and much more impressive than a simple postcard.

So, in order to realize this idea, you will first need to make a special book layout. Of course, if you do not have the time or desire to do boring monotonous work, then you can simply order it at a printing house.

To make such a gift certificate book, you will need the following materials:

  1. Cardboard sheets (as much as needed for the pages of your book);
  2. Printout of your joint photos with your loved one (you can use romantic pictures);
  3. Decor elements, to decorate not only the cover of the certificate-book, but also the pages;
  4. Beautiful ribbon (you can use color);
  5. Hole puncher;
  6. A wish list.

First you need to work with pictures and photos. Choose the photos you need, then print them on a color printer, taking into account the size of the future book. Then take the sheets of cardboard. One of them should be the title (cover), on which you want to stick printed photos or romantic pictures. Then write beautifully "Book of desires for a loved one."

As soon as this stage of work is completed, it is necessary to proceed to the design of sheets of the future book. On sheets of cardboard you need to stick photos or pictures, while leaving some space for inscriptions. Following this scheme, we make out all the sheets of the book of desires. On the left side of each page we leave approximately 1 cm in order to be able to sew the book.

Then we begin to write the desires themselves. You can arrange the book in the same way as gift certificates in glossy magazines that have a tear-off line. Now take a hole punch and punch several holes on each sheet. It is advisable to first make them exactly on the title page, and then leave a barely noticeable mark on the rest with a pencil. Due to this, all sheets will be sewn equally.

Stretch the ribbon through the holes, then tie it with a beautiful bow so that its ends do not stick out. Such a gift is sure to please your loved one!

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Gift certificate: how to make your own hands?

Gift certificate: how to make your own hands?

Gift certificate: how to make your own hands?

Gift certificate: how to make your own hands?

Making a certificate of desires is a great way to surprise a soul mate. Having spent a little time and effort, as a result you will receive an original gift for your loved one, made with your own hands. It will be especially appropriate for Valentine's Day or your joint anniversaries.

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