Genealogical tree with your own hands - let's recreate the

"What kind of tribe will you be, good people?" It is unlikely that many today will be able to tell in detail about the origins of their own kind and surname. Perhaps the maximum recall the names of their great-grandparents, no more. And to tell who they were, to what class they belonged, what they did ... But knowing the history of a kind is so interesting and necessary! Let's try to make a family tree with your own hands.

How to make a family tree: production options

How to make a family tree

There is such a science - genealogy. She studies family ties, collects information about the kinship of family names and clans, about their origin. Knowing your roots allows you to remember and preserve family foundations and traditions. The deeper these roots, the stronger will be the family tree of the family.

In order to correctly compile a family tree, we first deal with the collection of information. In order not to immediately become entangled in related interweaving, choose on whose line, father or mother, you are going to make a tree. If you have one line, over time you can deal with the second half of kinship, and the crown will be the union of the two branches of the pedigree into one big family tree.

Information gathering should begin with the questioning of moms, dads, grandmothers and grandfathers. Ask about their brothers, sisters and other relatives. Learn names, surnames, dates of birth, addresses, occupations, etc. Gradually expand your search range. When you gather enough information, you will need to systematize it, and then you can start building a tree.

There are no clear canons of construction, therefore the tree can begin with you or, on the contrary, with your distant ancestors. All data on relatives included in the pedigree, it is desirable to back up photographs for better visibility. It is not necessary to use originals of photos, it is never too late to make digital copies of them, and do not forget to put inscriptions on them - names of dates, etc.

Create a story with your own hands

Family tree of the family with their own hands

Whatever it was, but everything that is done with one's own hands is priceless, if created with soul, love and patience, especially when it comes to the history of your kind. First, determine the number of photos on the tree. The configuration of the tree will depend on their number. On a sheet of drawing paper, sketch out a preliminary diagram of the family tree, lay out the photos.


Next, go to the sketch: determine the appearance of the tree. In general, take a pencil in your hands and turn on the fantasy, you can invite relatives to help. What can be better to unite a family than to spend time together for some interesting occupation? When the sketch is ready and you have decided on the design, go to the material embodiment.

Family tree in a frame under glass

Materials used:

  • frame of arbitrary size with glass;
  • Board width of 10-15 cm, the length of the frame size - 4 pcs .;
  • plywood sheet to the size of the frame;
  • screws for wood or nails for fastening - 10-15 pcs .;
  • hook for closing -1 pc .;
  • door canopies - 2 pcs .;
  • white paint on wood - 300 g;
  • brown paint on wood - 100 g;
  • fabric matting to the size of the frame;
  • construction adhesive mixture - 500 g;
  • drywall - for carving the silhouette of a tree;
  • glue or heat gun;
  • green colored paper - 1-2 sheets;
  • light brown colored cardboard - 1-3 sheets;
  • Scotch double sided.

Process description:

  1. We measure the height and width of the frame.
  2. We collect the box under the frame.Family tree in a frame under glassFamily tree in a frame under glass
  3. The bottom of the box is covered with plywood.
  4. We make markings and grooves under the sheds.Family tree in a frame under glass

    Family tree in a frame under glass
  5. Paint the box and frame with white paint.
  6. We install canopies and a hook for closing.Family tree in a frame under glassFamily tree in a frame under glass
  7. The bottom of the inside paste over the mat.
  8. From drywall, we cut out the silhouette of a tree, cover it with an adhesive mixture. After drying, apply brown paint.
  9. The silhouette of a tree with duct tape fastened to the bottom of the box. Cut out leaves from colored paper. Glue the leaves to the tree. Substrate under the photo cut out of cardboard. Photo glued to the substrate and fastened to the tree on the tape according to the sketch.Family tree in a frame under glass
  10. Insert the frame into the loop.Family tree in a frame under glass
  11. Your family tree is ready.Family tree in a frame under glass

Making a family tree with children

Materials used:

  • thick light-colored cardboard - sheet size 50x50 cm;
  • colored paper and cardboard;
  • the pencils;
  • office glue;
  • double sided tape;
  • stencils of various shapes.

Process description:

  1. We draw the contour of the tree on a sheet of brown cardboard, then cut it out.Making a family tree with children
  2. From colored paper we cut various figures to decorate a tree. Substrates under the photo can be made in a contrasting color of apples.Making a family tree with children
  3. On a light sheet of cardboard we fix all our figures and substrates under the photo. Fasten on the tape to give the image volume. Sticking photos on the substrate.Making a family tree with children
  4. The finished tree can be inserted into the frame and hang on the wall in the nursery.

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So we got acquainted with genealogy, plunged into history, and put our hands on creativity, and dispersed the dust of archives. But the main thing is that all relatives were remembered, they visited everyone, they talked, and at the same time they learned their ancestors. In general, no matter how cool, but from all sides only benefit. And the genealogical tree can be inherited by adding new branches.

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