Gas grill pan

Grill pan is a relatively new invention in the world of kitchen utensils. Despite her novelty, she has already managed to win the hearts of many housewives. On it, you can easily cook at home all that is usually prepared in the summer on the grill. Meals on it are much tastier and healthier than on a conventional frying pan.

Grill pan: features of choice

First of all, you should pay attention to the material from which the pan is made. As a rule, they are cast-iron and aluminum. The first ones warm up well and evenly, creating a good grill effect; can serve for a long time; Absolutely safe for health. But cast iron pans heat up for a long time, have a significant weight, they are hard to wash and food cannot be stored in them.

Aluminum is characterized by rapid heating, low weight and ease of washing. But such pans can not be scratched, can not be overheated above 260 degrees, and they are short-lived in operation.

Grill pan gas: reviews

The grill pan coating can be enamelled, ceramic, marble, non-stick, stainless. The most popular are frying pans with enamel coating. It is true that in the process of cooking in such a frying pan, scratches and chips often appear. Therefore, the best coating is ceramic.

Before buying a pan, pay attention to its compatibility with the heat source. For example, any frying pans are suitable for gas stoves, and for electric it is necessary to compare the diameter of the hotplate and the bottom. Grilled frying pans with a perfectly flat bottom are suitable for glass-ceramic plates, and steel for grout plates.

When choosing one or another pan, pay attention to the handle. Ideally, it should be made of wood, silicone, or heat resistant plastic.

Look at the height of the sides: low ones allow you to cook a small amount of food, and high ones make it easier to serve, give you the opportunity to turn over the products without splashing fat.

An electric grill pan is another convenient device that does not require a stove. Such pans, as a rule, are installed at the cottage instead of barbecues. Unlike conventional cooking utensils, an industrial electric frying pan allows you to accurately set the desired temperature.

However, such a grill pan has a high price compared to conventional ones. They can cost from 15 thousand and reach 300 thousand rubles.

Grill gas frying pan: pros and cons

Grill pan gas: reviews

Such dishes have a number of advantages:

  1. For its manufacture using environmentally friendly materials;
  2. It can be used on any stove;
  3. Thanks to its spaciousness, it allows you to cook food for a large number of people;
  4. Affordable price;
  5. Long service life;
  6. Ease of use.

The only minus of such a frying pan is its impressive weight in comparison with the usual ones.

Photos of different models

Grill pan gas: reviews

Grill pan gas: reviews

Grill pan gas: reviews

Grill pan gas: reviews

Grill pan gas: reviews

User Reviews:

  • Dinara: Recently I bought myself a Saporelax grill pan and can't get enough of it. Meat, chicken, vegetables, fish - all this can be easily prepared. Meals are healthy and tasty, with a minimum amount of fat. Especially this dish pleased me, because I do not like fatty foods.
  • Tatyana: We live in a private house. Advertise this miracle saw a local electrical appliance store. I talked with my husband, we decided to replace the usual grill with an electronic frying pan-grill. Did not regret it. We are now cooking with pleasure, and the time, as it seemed to me, is much less.
  • Alexey: I bought my wife a grill pan as a gift, but she did not meet our expectations. At first they tried to make vegetables, but instead of becoming covered with a ruddy crust they simply dried. They thought they did not adapt to cooking. Then they tried to cook the fish, so it was fried only from the first side. In general, the frying pan, we are extremely not happy, thrown out after a week of useless exploitation.
  • Valeria: My friends gave me a birthday at the Grill Pan "GreenPanKyoto". I really liked the pan, especially the fact that you can cook everything with it quickly. What I just did not do in it: fish, kebab, lula kebab, chicken and even muffins. In general, I am very pleased with the gift. Buy, you will not regret!
  • Camilla: I have dual impressions of this device. On the first hand, dishes can be prepared without oil. For the first time cooked chicken wings according to the recipe from the accompanying book. It didn’t work, the chicken became tough and it wasn’t fully fried. The second time I made chops with potatoes - I liked everything very much.

Grill pan is an excellent cooking utensil for preparing various dietary dishes. At any time you can enjoy the taste of kebabs, vegetables and fish. In the process of cooking on dishes there is no direct contact with the heated surface, so there is no need to use fat, vegetable oil. Such a contactless method allows you to preserve the beneficial properties and taste of products.

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