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Every hostess knows that ironed clothing is a guarantee of neatness and aesthetics of appearance. Ironing is probably the most non-automated home process. Recently, however, irons go into the background, and the farm uses a steamer for clothes. Rating the best models will help you make the right choice.

Selection criteria, or what to pay special attention to?

Garment Steamer: Top Manufacturers Rating

Recently otparivateli gain the increasing popularity among modern hostesses. With this device you can easily smooth out the folds on home textiles, outerwear, trousers, jackets, shirts, etc. Also steamers help to get rid of dust, lint and eliminate the unpleasant smell that the fabric absorbs.

In specialized stores, there are many models of such home appliances. Rating manufacturers allows to determine only the best steamers for clothes.

So, before you go to the store and get a steamer, let's find out what kinds of this device exist. In general, steamers can be divided into two broad categories:

  • vertical (they are also called floor or stationary);
  • hand held.

Handheld devices generally have low cost and are characterized by their mobility and compactness. They are convenient to carry, but they have a relatively small capacity. This parameter determines the quality of smoothing of various types of fabrics. As practice shows, manual steamers do not cope with coarse or dense fabrics, but they smooth natural or synthetic materials without problems.

Consumer reviews indicate that vertical steamers have great power and, consequently, high quality smoothing. In their set there are hangers, stationary fasteners, additional attachments. Such models should be preferred if you use a steamer not only for ironing, but also for cleaning home textiles or outerwear.

Choosing a steamer, pay attention to the following specifications:

  • power rating;
  • steam pressure;
  • steam flow rate;
  • water tank capacity;
  • the presence of additional functions and modes;
  • duration of continuous operation;
  • hose options.

Now about everything in order. As you understand, the greater the power indicator of the steamer, the more qualitatively it will smooth out the fabrics and faster convert water into a steam flow. If you pay attention to the vertical installation, then its power should be at least 1500 watts.

The rate of steam flow is intimately connected with the power of the device. The higher the number, the better and faster you can smooth the fabric. The parameter of steam pressure is indicated only in those devices that are equipped with a valve. In order for the steamer to function properly, the level of vapor pressure should vary from 3.5 to 5 bar.

To generate steam, filtered water is poured into the tank. The larger the nominal volume of this tank, the longer you can use the steamer continuously. This parameter also affects the duration of uninterrupted work. As a rule, good steamers can operate continuously for about 60 minutes.

Pay attention to the length of the hose. If you buy a steamer for smoothing home textiles, for example, bedspreads, curtains, etc., choose models with long hoses. So it will be more convenient for you to use the device.

Consumer Steamers Opinion

Consumer Steamers Opinion

Choosing a steamer for clothes, many of us are beginning to quickly study the ratings of the best models. In today's article, we also want to compile a list of the best devices based solely on the opinions and feedback of consumers.

So, according to reviews, the Philips GC 310/35 model heads the rating of the best steamers for hand-made clothes. The first sign on which this steamer is recognized as the best is the power level. Its value is 1 kW. In addition, water is converted into a steam flow in just 60 seconds. The device is very convenient for stroking light fabrics.

According to the customers, the honorable silver goes to the steam of the Smile SI 1012 model. Its power parameter is somewhat inferior to the previous model and is 650 W, however, people who have tried this device leave only positive feedback about it. The nominal volume of the liquid container is 120 ml.

The bronze medal goes to the stripper for clothing models Philips GC320 / 25. In its price category, this device is ahead of the two previous models, but its technical characteristics and functionality fully justify it. In addition to the basic configuration, this steamer comes with a cover for transportation and storage.

Choosing a vertical steamer: an overview of professional models

As it is known, progress does not stand still, and recently buyers give greater preference to stationary steamers. This is primarily due to their functionality. The device copes with coarse fabrics, and with little effort you can smooth the deepest folds on any clothes and home textiles.

The rating of the best vertical steamers for clothes, even according to consumer reviews, is very difficult. First, this market segment is filled with a variety of steamer models, and secondly, each person has an individual opinion. And thirdly, the opinion of the buyer depends on the purpose of the device.

Having studied the reviews of people who have already tested stationary or mobile vertical otparivateli, let's find out which models are located on the pedestal.

The honorable first place is occupied by the model MIE Compatto. This steamer belongs to a high price segment, but its cost is justified by technical parameters and functional first-class features. The steamer is equipped with an ironing board, it can also be moved and used autonomously. A long hose will allow you to stroke curtains, wall hangings, large bedspreads, etc. The volume of the tank is 850 ml, and the process of vaporization takes less than 1 minute.

Choosing a vertical steamer: an overview of professional models

Not less popular model, which today won silver from consumers, is GM Q7 Multi. Such a steamer will replace your iron and will be able to smooth out even the most coarse and durable textiles, clean cloth from dust and eliminate stubborn smell.

According to consumer reviews, it is very convenient to use this steamer, since it can operate in trouble-free mode for a long time. The nominal volume of the liquid container is 2300 ml. Its power is 1950 watts. Included are nozzles for the cleaner, you can also connect an iron to the steam generator.

If you carefully read the customer reviews, it can be noted that the MIE Deluxe model is becoming more and more popular among other steamers. She today and closes the top three devices. This steamer must be classified as a vertical stationary instrument. The iron is equipped with a metal base. Its power is 2250 watts. Such a steamer works in three functional modes.

And how many accessories it has! This is just a godsend for the modern housewife. So, in the set you will find a device for ironing the arrows on the trousers, a heat-resistant plate, various brushes-nozzles for all types of fabrics, including velvet. Can't iron the collar carefully? This steamer will cope with such a task without difficulty, since there is a special device in its set.

In fact, the ratings of models of modern steamers of various types can be continued almost indefinitely. Choosing the right model, rely on the technical parameters and, of course, on the size of your wallet. Do not forget to take into account the purpose of the steamer. Manual and inexpensive stationary models are quite suitable for home use. If you plan to use the steamer for professional purposes, for example, in a hotel, laundry, etc., then give preference to high-quality and versatile models. We hope that a review of the best steamers will help you make the right choice. Good luck!

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