Garden watering systems. kinds

If you do not water the garden, then you will not grow anything on it. This truth is known to every owner of the site. But to do it manually is quite a laborious business, requiring a great deal of time and effort. In order to automate the process, you can make a system for watering the garden with your own hands.

Garden watering systems do it yourself: types

There are several systems of watering the garden. Each of them can be created by hand.

Garden watering systems

In addition to manual watering, today there are 3 main ways to irrigate the site: subsurface, sprinkling, drip irrigation.

  1. Intra-soil is the irrigation of garden plantings and hedges with the help of special pipes or hoses.
  2. Sprinkling - watering lawns, plants and flowers from above. The principle of this option is that the hose is attached to the sprayer, water is supplied to it, and spraying begins.
  3. For irrigation of individual bushes or trees used microsilating system and drip irrigation. It is suitable for gardens and greenhouses. Drip irrigation infield - the perfect method. The advantage of this system is that the water supply is carried out directly to the roots of plants. In addition, drip irrigation can be carried out even in the heat, as it eliminates the ingress of water on the leaves of plants and, as a result, sunburn.

How to make sprinklers for watering the garden with their own hands?

The ideal option for watering the suburban area - sprinkler without a motor, assembled independently. With it, you can control the water pressure and droplet size.

Garden watering systems

To make the most primitive sprayer:

  1. Iron column length 50-80 cm;
  2. Tool for making holes;
  3. Hose;
  4. Pens;
  5. Plastic bottle.

An excellent solution for the post - iron pipe. It is necessary to tie a hose to it, it should be done in at least 3 places from the base to the very end. The end of the hose should extend 7 cm from the end of the pipe. Thus, the system will be more flexible and its direction can be easily changed. For bonding, use tape insulation, but do not forget that it loses its qualities when wet. Therefore, tie the ribbon as tightly as possible, and fasten the ends with a ball of thread.

The sprinkler can be made from a regular plastic bottle from soda. It is necessary to make holes in it at a height of 3–4 cm from the base of the bottle. Their diameter should be at least 2 mm, but not more than five. Ideal size - 3 mm. In order to make them, take a thick pin or awl. If they are not at hand, then you can get by with a nail. Pierce holes from top to bottom. A simple spray ready! The design can be upgraded at its discretion.

How to choose a pump for watering the garden?

Garden watering systems

For the garden using 4 types of pumps: barrel, surface, submersible and drainage.

  • Watering from the tank: barrel pump

Easy to install and easy to use - barrel version. It is designed for pumping water from storage tanks - barrels, etc. A barrel pump pumps water from a tank up to 1.2 m deep.

The weight of this system is no more than 4 kg, with it you can walk around the site. This pump is fixed on the edge of the tank, turn on the network and begin watering. The pump has a pressure regulator, with which you can install more or less pressure, a filter for delaying debris and a hose.

A big plus of this pump is low noise. When choosing a model, pay attention to how much capacity the pump is designed for, how much it is able to pump water per hour. The most reliable device with a two-stage mechanism. It has higher performance, longer service life.

  • Surface pump: for reservoirs and shallow wells

If the main source of water is a natural or artificial reservoir, pond, pool or shallow well, then buy a surface pump. It is needed for pumping water from a depth of up to 10 m. They make such a unit usually on the ground, and the injection is carried out using a special water intake hose lowered into the source.

The surface pump is very noisy, so it is hidden in an outbuilding to get rid of its loud sound. You can reduce the noise level by setting the system on a rubberized mat that suppresses vibration.

  • Submersible pump: we get water from a well

The submersible pump in the garden is used infrequently, but if there is a well at the dacha, then one cannot do without it. An important indicator of the submersible system is the height to which they can raise the water flow. If the well is not very deep, then the model, designed for 40 m height, will perfectly cope with the lifting of the fluid. For more depth, look for options that can push the jet to 80 meters.

  • Dirty pond or swamp: drainage pump

A drainage pump is needed to pump out flooded rooms and cesspools. Garbage and debris are not afraid of him. For irrigation beds suitable system with a shredder for pumping waste. For very dirty reservoirs - this is the best option. Grinding silt and small inhabitants of the reservoir, the pump will provide the earth with natural fertilizer.

  • Automatic watering pump with timer

For owners who do not have time to engage in long watering, it is better to purchase a drip irrigation pump. It is equipped with a pressure switch, pressure gauge and hydroaccumulator. The mechanism works in the established mode independently. There is both manual and automatic control, which provides a timer.

When choosing a garden watering system, always pay attention to what water they are designed for and what you need to water. These factors will allow you to find the best option in the store garden equipment or collect the desired model yourself. The irrigation system is extremely convenient, allowing not only to provide timely soil moistening, but also to control its moisture level.

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