Gamavit for dogs

Few drugs are multifunctional: here, as you know, it is better not to chase a brood of hares, but to pick up your weapon for every problem. However, "Gamavit", which collected a number of vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts and other trace elements, according to the assurances of the manufacturer has a positive effect on all internal systems and organs. Has science been able to develop a truly effective universal drug?

"Gamavit" for dogs: a general description of the means

"Gamavit" is a representative of a group of drugs that affect the animal's immune system in a general strengthening way: unlike immunostimulants, which are necessary only during the exacerbation of various viral infections, "Gamavit" as an immunomodulator is used to restore the animal, as well as to improve its endurance. In contrast to immunostimulants to combat viral infections, it can only be used as a component of complex therapy, as it is almost powerless on its own.

  • The active substances of "Gamavita" are completely of natural origin: they are sodium nucleinate and an emulsified placenta, which are obtained by kneading with saline solutions, with the addition of vitamins and amino acids. This composition allows the drug to maximize the effect on the animal's body, as well as to have a minimum number of adverse reactions and contraindications.
  • The main task of "Gamavita" is to return metabolic processes to the proper level: this concerns not only the metabolism of proteins, but also the metabolism of vitamins and minerals. Also, the drug has the property to influence blood biochemistry, increasing the resistance of its serum to pathogenic bacteria, to have the effect of detoxification.
  • The final result of starting processes is an increase in the overall body tone of the animal and resistance to external factors, a quick response to environmental changes (ie, the body’s ability to adapt to negative effects), including stress factors and pressures, both mental and physical. It has been scientifically proven that Gamavit helps to reduce the percentage of postnatal mortality and increase the probability of survival of offspring, as well as accelerate growth.

"Gamavit" is produced in the form of solution for injection, with the classical internal use through the feeding of the animal. The volume of the bottles varies from 2 to 450 ml, the liquid is red, transparent, without a strong odor. It is forbidden to use the drug in case of discoloration, turbidity, precipitation, as well as after its freezing.

Instructions for use of the drug

It should be immediately mentioned that "Gamavit" for animals has no contraindications, and when testing it, no side effects were recorded, but experts do not exclude an individual reaction of the body, therefore it is recommended to strictly adhere to the dosages and schedules specified in the official instructions.

  • Indications for the use of "Gamavit" in dogs are intoxication of any kind, including those caused by taking medications (anthelmintic drugs, antibiotics, etc.), and also as a recovery after their prolonged use. It is allowed to use "Gamavit" simultaneously with the use of anti-parasitic drugs, since it does not enter into conflicts with their components.
  • The drug is recommended for pregnant bitches to relieve toxemia, as well as in the case of postpartum complications, including the inability of the dog to give birth on its own because of the death of the fetus. "Gamavit" can also be introduced to newborn weak puppies, especially in the case of their premature birth.
  • Veterinarians recommend using "Gamavit" in dogs undergoing active training to increase their endurance, improve results, build muscle (not a substitute for protein, because it is different in effect!).
  • As a reducing agent, "Gamavit" can be introduced into the therapy of an animal that has undergone surgery, including the removal of any internal organ.
  • The dosage of "Gamavita" for dogs is calculated taking into account the weight of the animal: prophylactic injections require no more than 0.1 ml per kg of pure weight; in the therapy of chronic and acute stages, the dosage is in the corridor of 0.3-0.5 ml per kg of weight . In this case, a discount may be made on the overall sensitivity of the animal, and the primary dose is reduced by 2-3 times.
  • If Gamavit is used to increase the likelihood of bitch fertilization, the daily dose should not exceed 0.05 ml per kg of weight. When using the drug in order to facilitate the process of childbirth and reduce the likelihood of generic complications, therapy is started no later than 7-10 days before the expected onset of labor. It is recommended that the newborn be given an injection within a week from the moment of birth, every other day (ie, 1 day, 3 day, etc.), based on the calculation of 0.01 ml for every 100 g of weight.
  • The duration of therapy depends on the disease, but in most cases it does not exceed 28-30 days. Preventive measures are recommended to take at least 8-10 days before the intended event. The frequency of use of the drug varies from 1 to 3 times per day, with intoxication it increases up to 5 times per day, and not only injections, but also droppers may occur.
  • To combine with antihelminthic drugs "Gamavit" is used on the 1st day of taking the drug for deworming, and also duplicate the procedure on the 3rd day.

As already mentioned, Gamavit does not enter into conflicts with other drugs, but it has been scientifically established that it can enhance the effect of Fosprenil.

Reviews of veterinarians and breeders

Thus, the list of indications for the use of "Gamavita" makes it clear that the tool can become a permanent resident of the first-aid kit, since it solves several important tasks at once without harm to the animal. How he succeeds, you can learn from the reviews of veterinarians and breeders.

  • Anna, vet: "Gamavit is a unique tool of its kind! More precisely, if you look at the composition, there is no innovation in it, but in terms of balance of components and the effect obtained, this is really a worth product, which I safely prescribe to every four-legged patient. This is a vitamin and an adaptogen, affecting all internal systems and able to connect with any other means. "
  • Yuliya: “It seems to me that I tried“ Gamavit ”on all my neighbors and neighbors: I pricked my cat when I was treated for chlamydosis, injected my dog ​​during its first birth, nursed it with the help of newborn puppies, who simply would not have survived “they themselves are weak, and their mother would not have fed them all. Despite its availability, I try to immediately buy a larger bottle or a few packs — without this magic wand nowhere else.”
  • Pauline: "For all the years that dogs lived in my apartment, there have never been cases of encephalitis. As they say, everything happens - then my parents were frightened and frightened, because they recognized the" enemy "late, and there was no particular hope for a complete cure. Animal literally dying, and they didn’t pin hopes on the recommended by the vet "Gamavit". What he did to the dog is a miracle, not otherwise! If we hadn’t seen the state of our pet, we wouldn’t believe that he was already so bad. "

And this is not all the comments and opinions of specialists and breeders: if we analyze them, it can be argued that "Gamavit" is the rare drug for which it is difficult to meet a negative review, although we cannot exclude it. However, the overwhelming majority confidently recommends the drug, but despite this, it is worthwhile to first consult the veterinarian, even if we are talking about a safe "vitamin".

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