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Furniture from pallets do it yourself. features of

Making a home is the best way to find a way out for creative energy, and in the case of a dacha site, such opportunities become even greater. After all, it is here that it is easy to set in motion completely unsuitable things for this: for example, to turn unnecessary pallets into functional furniture.

Furniture from wooden pallets: main points

Not everyone understands what kind of pallets we are talking about, and how it is possible to build such a complex product as furniture in general. Another name for this element is pallets: this is how they are called abroad. These wooden trays of large sizes often remain from building materials.

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

Boards in them trays are not folded close to each other, but with preservation of a certain distance, usually equal to half the width of the board. In addition, pallets have low (10-14.5 cm) sides. A single size does not exist, but in Russia most often there are pallets 100 for 120 and 80 for 120. The latter are actively supplied from Europe. The same European options can have a continuous laying of boards, without free space, which makes it possible to save on additional materials if the pallet is used for the manufacture of furniture.

Regardless of what item you want to make a pallet, they are pre-processed. Dirt is removed from the wood, after which the material is dried and ground to reduce the likelihood of a splinter. In rare cases, trays are varnished or painted, but most often this step becomes final when the desired product is ready.

In addition, nails are necessary, preferably thin and not too long, because the slats of which the trays are made are not thick. The various furniture accessories will be useful: handles, wheels, etc. Glass, paint, fabric, small lighting devices, glue can be useful.

The simplest version of the furniture on which you can empty the pallets is coffee and dining tables. There is little work with them: connect 2 pallets, placing them on top of each other and fastening them with carnations, cover them with a sheet of hardboard or thin wood, paint them and the coffee table is ready. The model becomes a bit more complicated if the wheels are screwed down to move the dacha furniture around the room.

To get a dining table, high, will have to stock up a large number of pallets. At least 2 pieces will be needed on the tabletop, for legs you can cut 1 big into 4 pieces, nailing them in the corners, stretching vertically. And you can take 2 pallets, do not divide and place as solid side legs, also arranged vertically. If this height is not enough, the number of pallets is increased by another row. In addition, with proper skill, the legs are easy to make figured, giving individual rails the desired shape.

Photo and original ideas

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

  • Furniture made of pallets with a thoughtful design can look more expensive than its real value. It is easy to believe in it, having familiarized with photos of photographers on an interior. For example, the lighting inside the bed frame. This is a particularly original solution. Yes, and the bed itself of the pallets is quite an interesting option that looks modern. Of course, a lot of material is required. Depending on the size of the pallet, there are 4-8 pieces per double bed, which are initially sanded and then painted. If you want a high bed, put the pallets in 2 rows, fastening with carnations. A thick mattress is placed on top of them, and the backlight is turned on inside the bed frame.
  • Adding glass to the countertop is also a good move. This technique looks especially impressive if you pick up pallets with a large distance between the slats, and paint the product itself in white or black. This table will ideally fit into the interior in the style of minimalism, with an abundance of glass and metal.
  • In addition to furniture, from the pallets you can make several attractive items for the dacha interior. For example, a chandelier. It will require small glass containers, ideally from textured glass and without a neck, as well as candles that are inserted inside.
  • The pallet, devoid of bumpers, is fastened at its corners with chains or a thick rope, hanging from the ceiling. Pre it should be painted in brown or black. At the bottom of the pallet hooks are screwed, which can replace conventional curved nails. Glass containers are wrapped with wire, from which a loop is made, which is put on the hook.
  • Dr. An interesting idea of ​​using a pallet in the country is a multi-tiered flower pot that can become an element of a more complex product: for example, the outer wall of the cabinet, the side - a sofa or armchair, etc. For this purpose, not only the pallet is used, but also the spunbond - polypropylene material, which is folded in half and becomes the upholstery for the pallet. It is recommended to fix it with a large stapler. After a similar procedure, the ground is laid in the received pockets, and then the favorite plants are planted, which will look out in the space between the slats of the pallet.

Garden furniture from pallets: master class

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

Furniture from pallets do it yourself

At the dacha will not be unnecessary chairs, which can be placed on a meadow or in the shade under a canopy. There are 3 pallets per 1 chaise longue: 2 of them are rectangular, 1 is square, slightly wider (10 cm) than the others. Additionally required boards with dimensions of 5 to 10 cm.

Narrow rectangular pallets are put together, fastened with nails. No more work is done with them: the material is initially sanded, then painted and varnished. A little more difficult task - to make the back of the lounge chair.

For this, a square wide pallet is disassembled: its lower layer and partly middle one are removed. So that only 1-2 of them are kept from him, which serve as support for the rest. The main layer is the top layer, where the longest parts are located. 2-3 of them must be eliminated, but all eliminated boards remain: they are used in the next step.

1-2 of them are sawn in half, after which the square pan is set at an angle to the rectangular one, forming the back of the chaise longue. Fixation occurs by means of boards taken from the lower and middle layers of the pallet, as well as screws. To reduce the likelihood of splinters, it is desirable to throw a mattress or thick fabric on the product.

Even easier from pallets to create a sofa or chair. On a horizontal basis, 3 square-shaped pallets or 2 rectangular pallets will be taken. In the role of the sides will perform 1 pallet, sawn into 2 thinner ones. For the back you can use solid parts. The fastening is as simple as possible - thick screws or nails, sometimes metal corners are taken. In rare cases, metal arcs become the sides, which can continue the idea by becoming the back. For their fixing use special fastenings with bolts. With such a design, it is better to make the sofa low and to paint it in a tone that is consonant with these details - silver, gray, black. It will be necessary only to close the pallet with plywood, put on glue, add a thick mattress as a seat, throw a cover over and put pillows.

It should be noted that a sofa made of pallets can even be collapsible: for this purpose, the store purchases a mechanism that is attached to the pallet, as well as short metal or plastic legs. Similarly, he is running a retractable sofa, but he will require 2 times more pallets, half of them will lose their internal boards. It will be important to choose the right dimensions so that you can roll 1 pallet into the other.

Professionals advise not to forget that if garden furniture is created from pallets, which will be on the street for a long period, being exposed to all external factors of exposure from the sun to rain, materials for furniture must be painted and varnished. This will act as a kind of protection, which, although it will not make the product everlasting, will be able to prolong its service life.

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