Funny nicknames for dogs, boys and girls. what to look for

Home and hobby

Funny dog ​​names are a great opportunity to always be in good spirits and, moreover, to cause light smiles to passers-by while walking along the street with their four-legged friend. If your house has a new shaggy pet, we suggest you pay attention to the names with humor.

When you are not forcibly nice


When buying a dog from a professional breeder, you usually get an animal with a ready passport, in which its name is clearly written in black and white. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to choose another name for your pet. In the modern world, dogs with double names are very often found: the first is the documentary, the second is the working nickname.

Here are just a pedigreed dog called by the second name is poured only in the family circle, and passport details are suitable for walking on the street and for exploring strangers. Such a small trick ensures that the dog does not lead to delicacies and invites intruders who want to kidnap an animal.

Another rule concerning pedigree dogs is that the puppy's name must begin with the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the number of litters of the mother. For example, if your girl gives birth for the first time, then all her offspring should bear names beginning with the letter “A” and so on. Such a difficult task can sometimes arise before the owner, who wishes to comply with all the rules in choosing a name for a dog. And those of us who do not seek to comply with the norms and standards of society, can safely choose the funny nicknames for dogs.

From Adidas to Chester

Many zoologists notice that the name chosen by the host forms a certain behavior, mentality and character in the puppy. Therefore, choosing funny nicknames for dogs boys, it is better to take into account this fact. Ideally, the dog will be given the name after some observation of the animal. Look carefully at your four-legged friend: maybe he snores hard at night or sneezes strangely? Or when the dog runs, puts it to the side? Or maybe she especially liked to nibble the laces from your sneakers?

How cool to call a dog?

Based on the already formed habits of the animal, you can choose the appropriate nickname. Here are some of the most successful options:

  • Sock;
  • Grizzly;
  • Vuvuzel;
  • Banter;
  • Chebur;
  • Winnie;
  • Gavryusha;
  • Dodik;
  • Eshka;
  • Mu Mu;
  • Bast;
  • Apchi;
  • Mike;
  • Annealing;
  • Zero;
  • Tobik;
  • Furor;
  • Hippie;
  • Chucha;
  • Cynic.

All these nicknames for animals were invented by the owners based on certain life situations. Why don't you do the same, especially if nothing came from the list?


Fans of modern gadgets and new-fashioned parties can quite call their pet a brand of phone or tablet or give it an accessory name:

  • Bucks;
  • Ipad;
  • Copy-paste;
  • Fonchik;
  • Yashar;
  • Skin;
  • Chop-Chop;
  • Challenge;
  • Selfies;
  • Freebie;
  • Foody;
  • Fan;
  • Faqboy;
  • Sadboy.


In modern realities, double nicknames for dogs, given in honor of great composers, writers or poets, favorite actors, rock bands and performers of bard songs will sound no less original and creative:

  • Venechka;
  • Troll;
  • Pete;
  • Ivan Ivanovich;
  • Bieber;
  • Pepper;
  • Freud;
  • Chapay;
  • Frodo;
  • Placebo

The correct nickname for a dog is able to emphasize the outstanding appearance, breed characteristics, behavior and revive the dog's melancholic temper.

When the dog is a girl

How cool to call a dog?

In pursuit of originality when choosing a funny name for a girl's dog, do not forget to be guided by the principles of dog breeders, such as:

  • brevity;
  • definition;
  • conciseness;
  • sharpness of sound.

Consider the nicknames that reveal the nature of the animal:

  • Spill;
  • Bitch;
  • Byaka;
  • Beechwood;
  • A cloud;
  • Wagon;
  • Chucha;
  • Siren;
  • Fly;
  • Coco;
  • Nut;
  • Scream.


Representatives of a rare breed is better to choose a name that emphasizes the uniqueness of the animal: color, upturned spout, tail pipe, protruding ears and so on. Note the following names:

  • Spark;
  • Haze;
  • Wax;
  • Moon;
  • Ocher;
  • Blot;
  • Night;
  • York;
  • Bounty;
  • Jaundice;
  • Mouse.


Do you like fashion, and your new four-legged girlfriend too? Non-standard nickname can be picked up in honor of famous brands, fashion houses, the names of perfumes, magazines or model names:

  • Maksim;
  • Givenchy;
  • Coco;
  • Lopez;
  • Agatha;
  • Sabrina;
  • Rocha;
  • Avon;
  • Chanel;
  • Gaga;
  • Lohan;
  • Bonnie;
  • Fifi;
  • Lola;
  • Martina;
  • Shumka.


But no less funny nicknames for dogs that are difficult to attribute to any category:

  • Chicken;
  • Luck;
  • America;
  • Shit;
  • Ziz;
  • Zhuzha;
  • Manya;
  • Christmas tree;
  • Goldie;
  • Fiona;
  • Candy;
  • Dawn;
  • Song;
  • Evra;
  • Bobbin;
  • Swell;
  • Rocket;
  • Note;
  • Pug;
  • Baby;
  • Yosya;
  • Mouth guard;
  • Juana;
  • Yuki;
  • Pops.

So that later was not ashamed of the wrong name of the pet, you should approach its choice thoroughly. For a dog, in principle, it doesn’t matter what the owner will call her, but you will often have to pronounce the nickname of a friend in public. Think about whether this is the chosen word to characterize an adult dog? How cool nickname would be appropriate in society? It remains only to wish you inspiration, and your four-legged friend - to keep your nose in the wind!