French braid slingshot on a slingshot and machine - weaving

Weaving accessories made of silicone rubber is very popular. Experienced needlewomen are advised to start mastering this skill with simple knickknacks. For example, a French braid bracelet made of rubber bands is made quickly, and, despite the external complexity, the technology for creating a model is understandable even to beginners.

Bracelet model French braid

Bracelet model French braid

The weaving of silicone rubber ornaments is very popular with both young girls and adult women. With the help of rubber bands, which are sold in stationery stores or hair accessories, you can make a lot of interesting designer jewelry:

  • bright bracelets;
  • fine necklaces;
  • original belts;
  • soft rings.

To master the technology of weaving is better with bracelets: they are not so intricately woven, on the one hand, and on the other, the result can be assessed almost immediately. The most common pattern of weaving is the French braid. The name was coined by analogy with a hairstyle, in which strands are woven into a magnificent "looped" braid.

What tools are needed?

Braiding a French braid will take you only 15-20 minutes and will require a minimum of tools. It:

  • silicone rubber bands of several colors - about 100 pieces;
  • crochet hook (No. 3 or No. 4);
  • special device for knitting gum - a small machine, a regular fork, a slingshot (you can do without them, your own fingers will suffice);
  • zipper closure.

This type of needlework impresses with the fact that the products are distinctive, bright, and special devices, by and large, are not needed.

Slingshot and hook for weaving a bracelet in the French style

Slingshot and hook for weaving a bracelet French braid of rubber bands

The "French braid" pattern is the most successful for weaving on a slingshot, because in its case you can not be afraid of hauling or twisting rubber bands. If you buy a set of rubber bands in the store, then a small hook and a slingshot for weaving are necessarily included in the kit. But in the case when you don’t need a whole set, you can make a slingshot yourself, and take a plain, knitting, No. 3 or No. 4 as a hook: they are the most suitable in thickness and roundness of the head. To make a slingshot, you need:

  1. Take two pencils of the same thickness and length.
  2. To link them in the form of a slingshot, laying an eraser or any other small object between the pencils (the “step” of the slingshot should not be too large).
  3. Shake the resulting construction with scotch tape so that in the process of working the pencils do not twist and fall out.

Making a bracelet on a slingshot

French braid gum bracelet, slingshot scheme

The "French braid" pattern looks especially beautiful when it is made fairly loosely and without unnecessary twisting of the rubber bands. Therefore, it is better to take a slingshot - homemade or from a set.

French braid gum bracelet, slingshot scheme

Next, follow the instructions.

  1. We twist one rezinochku (bright blue) loop-eight, put it on a slingshot.
  2. From above we stretch a pale blue elastic band and another bright one. Do not make loops on them.
  3. Crochet grab the right loop of the eight and start it in the middle.
  4. Do the same with the left loop.
  5. We put on another gum on the device (alternate colors choose to your taste).
  6. Grab the second (pale blue) gum on the left, which is now the bottom, and fold it in the middle, and on the right we tighten the middle gum in the center.
  7. Put on the workpiece again. Now, on the right, tighten the middle loop to the center, and on the left - the bottom loop.
  8. Alternate rows in this way.
  9. After we finished the bracelet of the desired length, without putting on the third rubber band, we drop one loop into the center, and fasten the second one on the s-shaped buckle. Bracelet made from rubber bands on a slingshot French braid ready.

We work on a special machine

How to make a braid French braid on a special machine?

A professional machine for the manufacture of rubber products is a rectangle with removable plastic posts, in which recesses are made on one side. Using this device, you can weave complex patterns - just change the location of the columns. To weave a bracelet French braid, we need two rows of parallel columns.

How to make a braid French braid on a special machine?

The scheme of weaving with the help of the machine consists of the following stages.

  1. We put on the posts, turned with a notch to us, the first gum (pink), twisting it with a figure eight.
  2. Next, put on a green and another pink. Do not make loops on them.
  3. Capturing the right and left edges of the lower gum, we drag it between the columns of the machine.
  4. We put on the following elastic.
  5. Now on the left we grab the middle one and turn it into the center, do the same with the bottom right.
  6. We alternate the middle and lower rezinochki on both sides, not forgetting to put on one new each time. The work should always be 3 blanks.
  7. When the desired length of the bracelet is ready, remove the second and third - the bottom - the eyelets in the center, and put the remaining rezinochka on the fastener.

Other ways of weaving silicone rubbers

As already mentioned, there are several ways to weave silicone rubber bands:

  • on a slingshot (or on pencils that connect like a slingshot);
  • on a special machine;
  • on the table fork;
  • on your own fingers.

If you intend to use the plug as a device for weaving, then you can go two ways:

  1. Connect two forks, creating a model slingshot.
  2. Use the extreme teeth of the forks as machine tool posts. In this case, choose thin elastic bands - it is more convenient to work with them on the plug, and besides, they look better on the small pattern of the product, which is obtained with this device.

ways of weaving silicone rubbers

In this gum alternate in the same way as described in previous methods. When working with a fork, be careful - do not get hurt by sharp teeth. And remove the gum extremely carefully, as they can catch and tear. A feature of the "French braid" pattern is that a broken rubber band can lead to a rupture of the entire bracelet.

ways of weaving silicone rubbers

Weaving on the fingers does not require any additional tools, except for the hook, although some craftswomen do without it. Graceful handicraft perfectly soothes and adjusts in a positive way. Therefore, everyone who is not indifferent to the bright, lovely accessories made of silicone rubber bands, having learned how to make a bracelet of rubber bands from the French braid, will appreciate its simple technology.

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