Freesia at home

The homeland of the freesia beauty is South America. There are 20 species of such ornamental plants in the world. But For home breeding, only hybrid freesia is usually used., which is suitable in size for growing in small spaces.

Freesia at home

It is 60 cm tall and narrow leaves 2 cm wide, and 20 cm long. During flowering, the freesia is decorated with ten flowers located on one inflorescence. Freesia flowers are very fragrant and a bit like the smell of lily of the valley. Their colors are the most varied: white, purple, shades of red, lilac and yellow.

By her ownfreesia belongs to the capricious plants that require strict observance of home care. Therefore, do not be worth it to acquire, without having become acquainted with them.

How to care for a freesia at home?

  • To freesia leaves retained a normal form, they must be tied to a support. If this is not done, they will hang and may break, and the bush will become unattractive.
  • For breeding freesia for a month should be removed in a warm and dry place. At this moment new bulbs begin to appear on it. After that, they need to get them out of the ground and store at a temperature of 16 until disembarkation.0WITH.
  • During the growing season, the freesia should be kept at a temperature of from 20 to 250C. Also at this time it is necessary to reduce watering. The spike that has become dry after flowering should be cut off.
  • During dormancy, it is enough to moisten the soil only occasionally.
  • Freesia at home requires bright sunlight without shading.
  • This flower is very fond of moist air, so it requires daily spraying, especially when there are hot summer days outside. But after spraying, the freesia needs to be applied so that it does not get burned.
  • During flowering, it needs good watering, and for the germination of bulbs, on the contrary, watering should be less, but regular. This is due to the fact that the bulbs can quickly rot, so it is best to avoid moisture and excess moisture in the pot.

Freesia at home

  • AT periods of growth Freesia at home should be fertilized, as during flowering and the appearance of buds. The plant is fertilized every 2 weeks with the help of special mineral dressings. Very good freesia refers to the introduction of potassium and phosphorus, which is added to 1 liter of water of 3 g and 2 g. You can also use complex fertilizers.
  • For soil Suitable for a special mixture of bulbous plants. It can be prepared independently from the same parts of humus and leafy land with a small amount of sand. At the bottom it is better to lay out a layer of drainage and drainage holes. This will prevent the bulb from rotting due to stagnant moisture and its excess.
  • For normal care, freesia needs a very spacious pot. Repot flower 1 p. per year, but only if they are in a warm room before. When transplanting, it is necessary to sort out the tubers, leaving only the best, and stiffened and small ones should be thrown away. For transplants suitable soil mixture of sheet, humus and peat land with sand.

Growing freesia at home

  • To grow a freesia, you need to remember, it belongs to very thermophilic plants. The optimum temperature for it is from 15 to 210C. In the period of planting and until the leaves appear on it, the best thing is if the temperature stays at 160WITH.
  • It is necessary to spray the freesia so that the water does not fall on the flowers and buds, and do it better not later than 17 hours, so that the leaves of the plant have time to dry. Otherwise, excessive moisture can lead to fungal diseases.

Freesia at homeFreesia at home

  • The main rulewatering freesia is the following: the soil should not be overwetted or over dried. Its compliance is especially important in the period of budding and flowering. She feels very good on the windows facing south, since her flowering occurs only when the light floor lasts for 12 hours.
  • Toflower bloomed in spring, bulbs need to be planted in pots at the end of October. Vases with a freesia should be put in a warm room with high humidity. During this period it is very important to spray the freesia. When the growth of leaves begins, you need to provide the flower backlight to increase the length of daylight hours. Before the blooming, daylight hours should be reduced by 3 hours.
  • To freesia bloomed in winter, after purchasing its bulbs, they should be placed in a place where it is very warm and humid. Bulbs in gauze put in a warm place above the tank with water. Before you plant them, reduce the temperature to 120WITH.
  • In autumn, it is better to plant freesia in deep pots with a ground thickness of at least 20 cm. Planting depth depends on soil structure and ranges from 5 to 12 cm. 6 onions can be planted in a pot with a diameter of 11 cm.
  • The soil mixture should be nutritious, so you should mix 2 parts of humus and sod land, and 1 part of sand and peat. The lighter the land, the deeper the planting of the bulbs. Also the land should be neutral or lime, water and breathable, therefore need to provide drainage. Ash or potassium salt can be added to the ground.
  • After planting in September, the freesia vases should be brought to the balcony. In October, they should be brought into a room with a temperature of 12 0C. For flowering, the plant in winter must provide additional lighting. And very important take care in advance of the support, since the peduncles of the plant are thin and can break, strongly bent over.
  • Freesia blooms in 5 months after planting from 21 to 35 days. If, when cutting flower stalks, second-order flower stalks are left, then flowering may continue.

Freesia at home

Freesia refers to onion plants. She isearned a reputation as a complex and capricious plant for growing at home. The main problem is its rare flowering or none at all. After all, her flowers are the source of beautiful fragrance and beauty. Their various colors are able to satisfy the most sophisticated taste of any grower.

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Perfumers add a wonderful subtle fragrance of freesia to many famous perfumes. If you want to enjoy the look and aroma of this plant, you should get it at home.

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