Fragrance maple tatar

Tatar maple has a wide distribution in the areas of steppe and forest-steppe in the territory of our state, as well as in Iran, Turkey, Western Europe and the Balkans.

In appearance is a shrub or tree plant. The maximum height of the Tatar maple can reach nine meters.

The barrel is smooth with dark gray or almost black bark.

The plant is very good at forming crown. In addition, it is at the Tatar maple magnificent and presented a beautiful, elegant colors. Leaves with jagged edges at the top have a bright green color, and at the bottom there is a light small fluff on the leaf plate. The fluff is observed along the leaf veins. The whole sheet plate is elongated.

During the flowering period, the Tatar maple will delight you with the fragrance of small white flowers, which have not a single arrangement, but are gathered into inflorescences. All this beauty will stand, however, no more than twenty - twenty five days. Then the petals are showered.

In autumn, the maple will appear before you in an elegant yellow-orange-red palette of shades of foliage.

The decoration of the plant includes fruits, the so-called lionfish. First, the fruits have a dark red color, and later darken to a brown shade.

Waters such a beauty awaits those amateur gardeners who decide to plant the Tatar maple on their land for decoration purposes.

Use of Tatar Maple

Without the presence of the Tatar maple, park and garden plantings will immediately become poorer. It is quite actively used in various ensembles with other deciduous species of plants.

Often used to build a hedge. If a fence is supposed to be multi-tiered, then maple is usually used in creating the first, highest tier, but you can contrive and plant, for example, a two-tiered hedge only from maples, making a selection of plants of different heights. After all, maples, as we remember, can differ as a tree, high varieties, and varietal groups in the form of lower shrubs with dense vegetation.

In addition, unusual color variations in the autumn can serve as a good tool for creating various decorating know-how. For example, you can alternate planting shrub maple with shrub plants of those species that remain green until late autumn. Then in the fall, at times, the hedge of stunning shades will make you happy: rich yellow, red-orange, bright red, subdued orange and, of course, thick green.

Planting Tatar Maple

Planting can be done with saplings, or with seeds. If you purchased the latter in advance, it is best to store them in tightly closed plastic or glass containers. The entire storage process should not be delayed. It should not last more than two years. If late, germination can not wait. It is best to plant the seeds as soon as they are harvested.

The place for the Tatar maple is best to find a bright and warm. You can choose the penumbra, but this is if there is no other way out.

It is necessary to dig a landing pit with a depth of fifty to seventy centimeters and about the same width. When planting, ensure that the root collar is at the same level with the soil layer. It is possible and deep, but not large to four - five centimeters.

The soil mixture can be prepared independently, thoroughly mixing humus or peat compost, turf soil and sand in a ratio of 3: 2: 1.

If your site is in close proximity to groundwater, then ensure that your plant has a good, reliable base in the form of drainage.

When planting a maple hedge, you must keep the distance between plants in one planting row from one and a half to two meters.

You will plant a group of plants, expand the distance to three or four meters.

When planting, think carefully about the mineral fertilizer. Fertilized, planted, compacted the soil, and now watering. You will need up to thirty liters of water per plant.

Care for Tatar Maple

Care is to remove weeds and old, diseased branches on the plant itself. Watering is carried out once a month, and if there is a drought, then watering should be weekly. In the latter case, up to fifteen liters of water is spent on one plant at a time.

Trimming is transferred just with a bang. You can give your maple any shape you like, of course, if it is relevant to the design decision.

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