Fosprenil for cats

Every owner cares about his beloved pet, a cat. If a contagious disease struck her, he seeks to find an effective remedy that will help to overcome the illness, because the animal may die due to unsuccessful therapy. The drug - "savior" can be fosprenil.

Fosprenil for cats: instructions for use

Fosprenil for cats: instructions for use

Fosprenil is a new generation of drug that is aimed at combating viruses. It is officially approved for use in treating and preventing the development of viral infections in cats and dogs. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is natural, has a terpenoid nature. It is obtained by treating pine needles. Neither in other countries nor in Russia there are no analogues to this drug.

With the help of fosprenil, it is possible to save cats from such serious diseases as panleukopenia, calicivirosis, flu. The effectiveness of this drug is very high. This concerns not only the treatment itself, but also preventive measures. If fosprenil is used to eliminate infectious peritonitis, the success reaches 50%, you can save almost every 2nd pet. This is an excellent result, given that the coronary infection, which often affects cats, is considered incurable.

The effectiveness of the treatment process with panleukopenia is even higher - 90%, there is evidence that in this case the body completely gets rid of viruses. Experts believe that fosprenil - the best way to fight the cat flu, herpetic rhinotracheitis.

Fosprenil is a new generation drug.

Fosprenil is an excellent method of prevention, which it is advised to give if the cat has been in contact with an infectious animal, mating is planned, attending events where other representatives of the species (exhibition) will be present, a long road. Due to the timely use of the drug in nurseries, it is possible to prevent the massive spread of the virus, which entails dangerous consequences.

Rules of application

Before you start using the drug, you need to carefully read the instructions for use of fosprenil for cats. It must be injected under the skin, inside the muscles, orally or into a vein. The drug can be used to flush mucous membranes.

You should start using fosprenil immediately after the first symptoms began to appear. It is best to contact your veterinarian for an appointment to be made based on the state of the cat.

In case of viruses, the remedy may be combined with drugs that are part of a therapy of a different nature, which is aimed, for example, at eliminating symptoms. If the condition of the pet is very serious, the dosage is increased by 2 times. You should stop using fosprenil if you have no symptoms for a few days.

The course of therapy may be repeated if there is such a need. Often, one course lasts about a week. In this case, the introduction of 0.3 ml of the substance 3 or 4 times a day. For kittens, the dose is reduced to 0.2 ml. During the day, the injection should be done at different points. For the surface treatment of mucous membranes, fosprenil must be diluted 2-fold with a physiological sterile composition.

Phosprenil is an excellent method of prevention that is advised to give if the cat has contacted an infectious animal.

As you can see, it is easy to use this drug, it can be done in different situations, but for diseases you should first show the cat to the veterinarian. The price of fosprenil may seem high, however, given the effectiveness of the product, everything falls into place. The cost depends on the volume. The average price of 10 ml - 130 rubles., Then - ascending.

It is important to remember that the use of fosprenil should be stopped if the cat showed increased susceptibility to the drug, any of its components. The use of funds may cause some side effects. In the first 48 hours, the temperature of the cat may increase, but not by much, by just 1 or 1.5 degrees. The characteristics of the heart work can change, sometimes the pet appears tired.

The effectiveness of the use of the drug is proven by reviews about it. Those who use it for prevention, note that cats are much less sick. Those who use it for treatment, note the success of the process.

Fosprenil proved its effectiveness in practice. If your cat is sick, you can use this natural medicine, after discussing its use with a veterinarian. Reviews of Fosprenil and statistics show that it is perfect for pets of any age and breed!

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