Flowers in the interior

Interior decoration is not an easy task. Even a room in which a minimum of things is planned is not so easy to furnish. And, oddly enough, the issue of placing live or artificial flowers in the home also requires following certain rules.

The phytodesign phenomenon is relatively new, although a pot with a plant, even if only 1, is present in any apartment. However, the existence of certain laws that need to be followed when choosing a flower for the house and its location, started talking not so long ago.

By and large, there are 2 options for decorating the house with flowers: pick a live plant or look at artificial versions. What's better?

Flowers in the interior: how to use for decoration?

All living specimens are divided into 2 large groups: flowering and with decorative leaves. The first ones often look more presentable, but have a big minus - their appearance is short-lived. The flowering period in most cases is a few weeks, and the rest of the year, while the plant is resting, there is little attraction in it. True, there are indoor specimens blooming all 365 days a year: violets, asparagus, geranium.

Plants with interesting leaves, mostly come from tropical countries. They are certainly spectacular throughout the year, but their care is often very difficult. It requires the reconstruction of the same conditions as in the homeland, and therefore, the constant maintenance of a certain level of humidity, light and other factors.

And if the idea of ​​caring for the plant does not attract, you can pay attention to artificial flowers. Contrary to popular belief, they can be no less effective than living analogues.

How to place flowers in the interior of the room?

Artificial flowers in the interior function is purely decorative, unlike living counterparts. The latter are often necessary, for example, in rooms filled with various equipment to enrich the air with oxygen.

Otherwise, by and large, artificial options, of course, have a greater number of positive sides. They are easy to carry, without fear of damage to the stem or shoots, no less easy to clean if necessary. They do not need transplantation and feeding, do not require special attention.

And yet, the first place is held for live indoor flowers. But how to choose and place them correctly?

The key to everything is the principle of harmony. The plant and the container for it should fit organically into the interior. It is necessary to take into account color nuances, texture and even the question of form. For example, in the living room, where sharp lines prevail, large details and a single color, a small motley pot with violets will look out of place. And in the kitchen, made in the style of "country", with an abundance of trees, a voluminous tropical specimen with decorative leaves will destroy the overall impression.

Flowers in the interior: how to use for decoration?

It is difficult to list all existing designs and select a specific flower for each of them. Therefore, it is enough to define common boundaries, which should be kept:

Large copies should be placed separately. Ideally, in addition to such a plant, other species should not be placed in the room. Small species, on the contrary, need to be grouped. If you post them randomly, they will simply be lost.

If you wish to adjust the parameters of the area, use the colors. Too high ceilings will be lower if you hang an ampelous plant under them. It is advisable to choose not the one whose shoots almost touch the floor: this, on the contrary, will visually stretch the wall. In the case of unnecessarily long shoots, they are allowed along the wall, clinging to a specially placed net or small carnations.

In small rooms, large tub plants are unacceptable. Attention is required to stop on more compact copies. If there is a lot of space in the room, decorative palm trees, philodendrons or anthuriums are the ideal choice. Better to put them to the window, especially if it is of a panoramic type: large flowers are very fond of sunlight.

Indoor flowers: the best options

I would like to draw attention to several especially popular plants that can harmonize with the interior in any style and color scheme. Some of them are unpretentious, and therefore universal.

Ficus - version for those who do not need problems with complex care. He can even live in small rooms in the absence of bright light, has ornamental leaves, and therefore continues to delight the eye during the rest. His one is enough to make the apartment more comfortable. And its separate plus is marked by a positive effect on the chemical composition of the air.

Flowers in the interior: how to use for decoration?

Philodendron, known as "crybaby" because of its ability to excrete moisture from the leaves, falls into the category of those plants that can even live in the bathroom. Its stems curl, because it belongs to the family of lianas, and the ornamental leaves, occasionally reaching 1 m, compensate for the lack of flowers. A positive feature of this species is its beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Hippeastrum will please not only foliage, but also funnel-like flowers, with a diameter of up to 20 cm. Their color can be both white and blood-red, and they are arranged in inflorescence at the top of a long vertical stem-tubule. Additionally, there is a pleasant aroma of some varieties.

Artificial flower placement methods

In fact, the location of artificial specimens is not much different from working with live plants. The basic principles remain the same as above.

Variant bouquet in a vase, especially if it is distinguished by sophistication, is always a win-win. With total simplicity, he will bring a fresh note to any interior. Where exactly he will be delivered is decided on the basis of the volume of the bouquet, the height of the flowers and the vase itself. Such a composition can settle down both on a windowsill or a small pedestal - in the case of small forms, and on the floor - for large specimens.

Here you need to remember the opposite dependence of the length of the stem on the height of the bouquet, as well as the connection of its pomp with the design of the vase. Emphasis must be placed on something 1st.

Flowers in the interior: how to use for decoration?

Flowers in the interior: how to use for decoration?

Flowers in the interior: how to use for decoration?

People from ancient times decorated their homes with flowers. With the help of plants, you can not only give the room a refined and elegant look, but also adjust the space. Currently, along with fresh flowers for artificial decor use. Usually they obey the same rules of placement in the interior as their living counterparts.

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