Flowers foamiran do it yourself

Artificial jewelry has recently experienced a real boom associated with the emergence of new materials for creativity. The most popular flowers are Foamiran. A master class in creating such decorative elements will be useful for beginners and for those who have experience in handling plastic suede imported from Iran.

Perfect material for creativity

Foamirana flowers

The main task in the manufacture of artificial representatives of the flora is to convey all the elegance of the plant. Therefore, the material for crafts should be thin, plastic, with a rich color palette. All these requirements are fully met by Foam (aka Foamiran). This material, besides the listed advantages, is very convenient in work, therefore it is ideal for beginners in needlework. Flowers are obtained:

  • natural;
  • lungs;
  • durable;
  • durable in any products, including those that are actively exploited (for example, charms, hairpins, etc.)

Foamirana products are perfect for:

  • premises;
  • clothes (like brooches);
  • accessories (covers for gadgets, bracelets, pins, beads, etc.);
  • topiary;
  • gift wrapping.

You can give the desired shape plastic suede with the help of an iron, and add shades with ordinary felt-tip pens or acrylic paints. An important advantage of Foam is that it is an environmentally friendly product. So, flowers can be made even for a child's room.

And, of course, a pleasant addition to everything listed is an acceptable price for plastic suede.

Master class: do-it-yourself foamirana flowers

Before you start making flowers from phoam, you need to prepare a toolkit. You will definitely need iron and toothpicks. As for the first, you can not worry: the material does not stick to the sole. Just do not forget to set the desired temperature - two points or the function "Wool". Toothbrushes will be needed to create a vein on the petals and leaves of flowers.

Let's try to make a simple flower - lily.


  • 1 sheet of green material;
  • 1 sheet of white material;
  • brown pen;
  • pink and lilac acrylic paints;
  • heat gun;
  • flower wire;
  • iron;
  • toothpick;
  • a piece of cardboard, a simple pencil;
  • stationery scissors.


  1. On a cardboard we draw a pattern of a petal of a lily, we cut.Foamirana Flowers - Lily
  2. We transfer the template to the foam, cut out 6 petals.
  3. With acrylic paints on both sides we tint the details in lilac-pink color.
  4. We heat the iron, we attach the parts and with a toothpick we make longitudinal streaks.
  5. Use your fingers to stretch the edges of the heated foamiran to make them wavy.
  6. Felt pen put a few dots at the bottom of the petals.
  7. We make the construction of the pestle and stamens from the wire, we wind them with a piece of white suede. For some, you can glue pieces of black foam with silicone glue.Foamirana Flowers - Lily
  8. Draw a pattern of leaves on cardboard, transfer to green suede.
  9. We put on the iron, draw streaks in random order.
  10. We collect a flower. Apply 3 petals to the wire base, glue.
  11. The next three petals are placed in a checkerboard pattern.
  12. We supplement the flower with leaves. The handicraft is ready.

By the same principle, you can make roses.


  • 1 sheet of pink foamiran;
  • 1 green foamiran leaf;
  • flower wire;
  • silicone glue;
  • a sheet of cardboard, a simple pencil;
  • a piece of foil;
  • stationery scissors;
  • iron.


  1. On the cardboard we draw two petals of the same form, but of different size.Foamirana Flowers - Rose
  2. We put the patterns on the foam and cut out 5 parts.
  3. Put the petals on the soles of the iron, with your fingers stretch the edges to give them waviness.
  4. From the foil we roll the ball and attach small petals to it, plant the parts on glue.
  5. We screw the wire to the workpiece and wind it with a green foam - this is the stem of our rose.Foamirana Flowers - Rose
  6. Glue the flower with large petals.
  7. From the green foam cut the leaves of the plant.
  8. Glue the leaves on the stem. The flower is ready.

From such simple blanks, you can create an exclusive decoration - a bezel with flowers of foamiran. A master class describing the manufacture of such an accessory will be a good help for a stylish fashionista.


  • thin bezel;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • blanks of flowers;
  • A piece of plastic suede matching colors.


  1. Cut a long strip from the piece of foam, which we wind around the rim. Do not forget to coat the surface with glue.
  2. Now glue the blanks of flowers (roses) on the base.
  3. Give the decoration to dry well. Headband with hair with decorative flowers ready.

Foamiran wild flowers: master class

Fans of field plants can not do without crafts in the form of poppies or daisies. These bright things are made quite simple. For the manufacture of poppy, among other things, we need thread number 40 for sewing.


  • 1 sheet of red foamiran;
  • 1 sheet of black foamiran;
  • a small piece of green foam;
  • 1 bead;
  • black threads;
  • 20 cm of flower wire;
  • heat gun;
  • a piece of cardboard, a simple pencil;
  • iron;
  • toothpick.


  1. On a cardboard we draw a pattern of 2 poppy petals, differing in size, but identical in shape.Foamiran wild flowers: master class
  2. We attach the templates to the red foam and cut out the blanks.
  3. On a green foame draw a circle with a diameter of 6 cm.
  4. We wrap a bead with green suede, over-thread it and fix it well underneath.
  5. Primatyvaem to the core of the stem.
  6. We cut off a thin strip of green foamiran and coil it around the stem.
  7. On 4 fingers we wind the threads, overtighten between the middle and index fingers, fasten and remove from the hand.Foamiran wild flowers: master class
  8. Cut to the sides.
  9. The resulting hank is wrapped around the middle bead.
  10. Apply red petals to the iron, draw the streaks and lightly draw the edges.
  11. Harmonica collect red blanks, then straighten them.
  12. Glue the petals around the core.
  13. Cut the leaves out of the green foam and make cuts along the edges.
  14. Glue to the stalk. Mack is ready.

Foamiran crafts are great for small children. But this group of needlewomen experts recommend using a candle instead of an iron to avoid burns. Among other things, the resulting petals of small flowers will be more natural. If you are planning to make small flowers out of foamiran, we offer a master class on chamomile creation.


  • 1 sheet of white foam;
  • 1 leaf of green foam;
  • 1 sheet of yellow foam;
  • a piece of cardboard, a simple pencil;
  • iron;
  • glue gun;
  • flower wire.


  1. Cut a long narrow strip from yellow foamiran and make frequent cuts along the long side to the middle.Foamirana wildflowers: chamomile
  2. Twist the strip around the piece of wire - this is the heart of the daisy.
  3. On a cardboard we draw round preparations of the different size.
  4. Transfer the pattern to the foam of white color.
  5. Scissors make a wavy rim on every detail.Foamirana wildflowers: chamomile
  6. We heat the white details over the candle.
  7. We put them on a wire, we press to the middle center, putting the parts on the glue.
  8. Last put on a small circle of green.
  9. A strip of green foam wrapped wire-stem. Chamomile is ready.

Large flowers from foamiran: master class, patterns

It is believed that large flowers from phoam (for example, sunflowers) are more difficult to make than small ones. But in fact, there is nothing especially in their manufacture, the main thing is to carefully glue all the details.


  • 1 sheet of yellow foamiran;
  • 1 sheet of black foamiran;
  • 1 leaf of green foam;
  • flower wire;
  • glue gun;
  • iron;
  • a piece of cardboard, a simple pencil;
  • tayp-tape for flowers.


  1. We wind a flower wire with a type tape - this is a sunflower stalk.Large flowers from foamiran: master class, patterns
  2. On a cardboard we draw oblong petals of a plant. Better to make them 4 sizes.
  3. Cut off a long strip of black foamiran and make frequent cuts to the middle of the width.
  4. Twist the strip around the stem, glue it together.
  5. Put the billet petals on the iron and still warm them twist them into loose strands.
  6. Glue the workpiece on the stem around the core, starting with the petals of smaller diameter and ending with more details.Large flowers from foamiran: master class, patterns
  7. On the green foame we draw several leaf blanks, cut them out.
  8. Using the iron, we form uneven edges on the leaves, glue the blanks to the bottom of the sunflower. Also leaves can be stuck on the stem.

Such sunflowers do not necessarily do with the stems. For example, a flower itself will be enough for a brooch or hairpin.

This technology is also suitable for the manufacture of hydrangeas. Only petals should be made from blue foamiran.

Fans of creating amazing decorations will appreciate the flowers from foamiran. The master class for beginners, however, will be useful for already experienced needlewomen. After all, there are many nuances of making stunning crafts from plastic suede, allowing to embody the most incredible creative ideas.

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