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White color for many - a symbol of purity, joy, carelessness and childhood.

But if in everyday life it is considered not particularly practical, then in the garden, in flowerpots and on flower beds, white flowers are the perfect solution. Landscape design, made in white, will allow to achieve a visual increase in space and a sense of freedom.

White flowers: names and descriptions

For plants, white is not uncommon, it is found in nature every spring, when fruit trees are blooming, and forest glades cover snowdrops.

White flowers

Modern selection boasts a large list of cultivated varieties. How not to get lost in such a variety? After all, flowers with white flowers have different sizes, corolla shape, number of petals, etc.

You can divide the types and varieties into groups - letniki, biennials, bulbous, white perennial flowers. Many names are familiar, especially to those who have long been passionate about gardening. For beginners, this information will be especially helpful.

Ageratum has white fluffy inflorescences, luxurious sort of "Summer Snow". It will delight you with its bloom from mid-summer to October.


Violet, or pansies have different colors. There are monochromatic varieties with white flowers, for example, "White Crystal".


White asters are valued for large flowers that look great not only in flowerbeds, but also in bouquets.


Among the begonias, there are also varieties that look elegant and tender in snow-white color, for example, "Thousand Wonder White".


Turkish carnation also does not lose its popularity, suitable variety "Albus". Also, there are many necessary varieties from G. Sadovaya and G. Shabo.

Turkish carnation

Small flowers of elegant gypsophila, of which there are many, are reminiscent of an airy little cloud that will decorate your garden from early summer to early autumn.


Also, white flowers in sweet peas (variety "White Ensign"), umbrella iberis, medium bell.

sweet pea

The hats of undersized sea lobularia — varieties “Carpet of snow”, “Tetra schneereiben” (large flowers, leaves with a white border) look very elegant.

lobularia marine

Do not forget about the daisies (variety "The pearl"), petunias, among which a variety of colors there are white flowers ("Snow ball"), zinnias ("Polar bear").


Decorative cineraria, which has no white flowers, but it is very popular with light silver openwork leaves.

Among the plants of a perennial group, spring anemones of the "White giant" variety are distinguished. Beautiful and low carpet forms a rezuha, which is great for creating alpine slides.


The openwork panicle of Astilbe, varieties "Deutscland" (A. Arends), "Schtrausenfeder" (A. Thunberg) look very romantic.


The popular white plant is the alpine aster ("Albus"), a new English or a new Belgian.

Fluffy little white panicles of Volzanka also decorate your garden. Very original form of flowers at the catchment, they look elegant in small groups. White flowers in grade "Snow Queen".


A lot of suitable varieties have a clove feathery, for example, "White ladies". White geranium feels great in the garden.

White hearts Dicentra variety "Alba" look spectacular. In the carpet flower garden you can plant a starlet, but please note, this plant is poisonous. For an alpine slide, iberis, saber-grinder, and cleaving are well suited.


You can also easily find irises, clematis, daylilies of white color.

Many varieties with white flowers in bluebells, and they can be of various shapes. Lilies of the valley kupena- favorite spring flowers, always presented in white. And white peonies are not only beautiful, but also have a pleasant exquisite aroma.

lily of the valley

Bulbous plants: varieties with white flowers

Beautiful and large flowers in the begonia of the tuberous variety "Diana Wynyart". In autumn, you will be pleased with the autumn crocus variety "Album", the flowers of which are very similar to crocuses. Among the latter you will find many varieties with white flowers.

In this group of plants, most species bloom in spring. These are white flowers, hyacinths ("Carnegie"), irises, muscari (variety "Album"), white flowers of narcissus, tulips, proleskov, snowdrop.

White flowers

Beautiful white flowers from a dahlia (variety "Sneezy", "Bambino"), gladiolus (variety "White Prosperity" with corrugated edges, variety "White city"), lilies.

White flowers

Flowers white: photo

White flowers

White flowers

White flowers

White flowers

White flowers

White flowers

White flowers

A rich assortment will help you choose white flowers for flower beds, alpine slides and other beautiful compositions in the garden. Do not be afraid to use only 1 this color for landscape design. It will look extremely stylish.

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