Flower teschin language (sansevieria)

This plant is exotic and at the same time simple, unpretentious. It creates comfort in any room, be it a home or office. It pleases the eye with variegated and juicy leaves, cleans the air well, saturating it with oxygen. The mother-in-law language is a flower, care for which at home is minimal, and the decoration is noticeable and original.

Guest from the tropics

Flower Teschin language

The official name of the flower, "Sansevieria", as if it says about the sunny sea coast. His plant was obtained in the 18th century in honor of the Italian prince Sansevierio, the famous patron of the natural sciences. Sansevieria hails from the tropical regions of Africa and India. In the decorative form it can be found anywhere in the world.

The Russian name of the flower sounds with some irony - “Teschin language”. Surely the mother-in-law, in whose honor the exotic plant was named, has become famous for its best. After all, according to floral signs, sansevieriya helps to strengthen the family, setting up close people in a positive way.

In the world of the teschin, the language is called differently, but no less exotic: "leopard lily" and "snake skin", "devil's tongue" and "African hemp". Sansevieria fell in love with many for the fact that she feels excellent and grows in rooms where there is little sunshine. It does not need an abundance of moisture and exhausting cleaning of the sheets of dust. In addition, the spectacular leaves of the tropical beauty are in perfect harmony with other indoor plants.

How to propagate sansevieriya?

How to propagate sansevieriya?

Teschin language - a flower, the reproduction of which does not require considerable effort and does not take precious time. When the spring sun begins to warm, it is already possible to pull out side shoots. Sansevieria takes root in a new place very quickly.

Another way of flower reproduction is to use leaves for this. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Cut the sheet into several pieces.
  2. Plant each part of the cut place in the moistened sand.
  3. When young plants take root, plant them in low, but rather wide pots.

To seat and transplant the tongues the language is recommended 1 time in 3 years. Sansevieria does not require a very fertile soil. The soil mixture is prepared according to this recipe:

  • 2 pieces of turf land;
  • 1 piece of leafy ground;
  • 1 piece of sand.

Sansevieria also breeds with seeds that remain after the flowering of the mother-in-law tongue. In this case, prepare a soil mixture according to the above recipe. Seeds are sown in moistened soil and covered with foil, put in a warm and rich in sunlight place. When the first sprouts appear in 2 weeks, they wait for some time, giving the flower the opportunity to strengthen and develop the root system. After that, the seedlings are planted in separate pots.

Sansevieria: home care

Sansevieria: home care

This flower prefers soft, diffused light. But far from the windows or with artificial light, the sansevieria feels quite comfortable. Flower Teschin language like to care at home he was exposed to the open air. This is done in the summer, choosing a place with a thick shadow for a green pet. It is better that the plant does not fall under heavy and prolonged rain.

Sansevieria tolerates drought well, while high humidity damages and can spoil the flower. Therefore, watering should be moderate, and in the cold season - minimal. It is advisable to avoid abundant water on the floral leaves. To remove the dust, use napkins or occasionally sprayed.

Teschin language - the flower, in the care of which at home must use the application of top dressing in the soil. This is done from May to September. Apply mineral fertilizers for cacti and succulents or universal preparations. Sansevieria fertilized 1 time in 2 weeks.

Variegated varieties are not suitable fertilizers with high nitrogen content. Because of this feeding, the production of chlorophyll increases, and the motley beautiful leaves - the pride of the flower - turn green, losing its charm.

That's all the wisdom to care for the mother-in-law language. The flower requires little, but thanks for the attention every day, adding oxygen to the atmosphere, creating a fresh and favorable atmosphere in the house, enlivening the interior of a gray and strict office. Sansevieria is simple and beautiful - living in her company is healthy and pleasant!

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