Flower female happiness

Women's happiness, what is it? Lovers of indoor plants claim that women's happiness is a flower, and the flower is rather unusual. But absolutely any woman can start it, as he is unpretentious.

This is a very common for our latitudes houseplant. It can be found on the counter of any flower shop (or ordered in his absence). The flower looks very elegant both in apartment and office premises. Unpretentious care explains its prevalence.

What does a woman's flower look like?

Flower Feminine happiness: how to care?

Flower Feminine happiness - a low evergreen perennial plant. It belongs to the group of ornamental flowering houseplants.

The peculiarity of the structure of this plant is that it does not have stems. The leaves of feminine happiness sit on long petioles that extend straight from the rhizome. They are lanceolate, reaching a length of about 16 cm. The flower itself. Female happiness is located on a long stalk that grows directly from the rhizome. It is oblong in shape, white or green in color, has a veil - a leaf of green or white color.

Flower Female happiness will delight you with its bloom every year in the spring, and under favorable conditions and quality care for it - even in the fall, that is, twice a year.

Types of flower Women's happiness

For every woman, happiness lies in something of its own, defined and significant for her alone. Probably, therefore, there are many varieties of flowers of Women's Happiness - about 50.

Flower Feminine happiness: how to care?

The most common, frequently occurring species in our latitudes are 3 types: adorable, floriferous and Wallis flower.

  1. Female Wallace's happiness reaches a height of 30 cm. The cover is white, it is three times larger than the inflorescence. Over time, the veil is usually greener. This species has a dwarf variety.
  2. Flower Female happiness is blooming - reaches a height of half a meter. Known for the abundance of leaves and the beauty of flowering. Its varieties are used both as a houseplant grown in a pot, and as a cut, bouquets for sale. In cut form is stored for more than a month. This species is valuable because it blooms very often, almost all year round.
  3. Flower Female happiness is adorable - its greenish-white bedspread resembles a neat flag in shape. It blooms in spring and summer. Very beautiful in bloom, because it blooms profusely, magnificently.

Location in the flower house

Flower Feminine happiness: how to care?

Flower Female happiness very well looks in a modern interior design. Therefore, it will look great in any room, furnished with taste. Women's happiness decorate the living room and help your guests relax, plunge into the atmosphere of well-being and tranquility. In the bedroom, a flowering plant will please you and remind you that you are happy. In the children's room, where there is already a lot of happiness for most women, the flower will be right in its place!

Female happiness is a heat-loving plant, so choose only warm rooms for it. But make sure that the air in the room where it grows, was not too dry. Also for a flower random drafts are extremely unpleasant. Excessively dry air can be controlled by spraying the air around the plant and its leaves.

Flower care

To care for such a happy plant is quite simple. He prefers diffused light and heat, especially in the winter season.

Flower Feminine happiness: how to care?

  • Lighting - in summer, partial shade is necessary, in the cold season - bright sunlight.
  • Temperature is quite high. In winter, the temperature should not fall below 12 ° C.
  • Watering during the growing season is abundant, in winter - moderate. From time to time a flower pot is placed on a tray with wet peat or pebbles.
  • Humidity air increased. Requires frequent spraying of leaves with warm soft water.
  • Reproduced by dividing during transplantation.
  • Transplanted every year in the spring.

How to care for a flower Female happiness: video tips

Flower Female happiness - a very good find for all women. Feel free to purchase it in your home, place it in any warm room, do not forget to spray it, and it will give you and your household, as well as guests, a great mood and an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. And what else is needed for women's happiness?

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