Flower beds with his own hands from improvised means

What summer resident does not want his personal plot to attract attention with an unusual design? For this purpose, a great variety of flower beds with their own hands from improvised means. Showing imagination, you can make a front garden, which will please the owners at any time of the year.

How to make a flower bed from improvised means?

Over the past few years, with the advent of television projects devoted to home improvement and garden plots, more and more gardeners have come up with original ways to decorate their "possessions" with the help of flowerbeds. Moreover, this trend has become a separate direction of landscape design. Self-made flowerbeds perform not only an aesthetic function, but also:

  • promote convenient zoning of the site;
  • make the flower garden neat;
  • help protect plants from weed fouling;
  • protect flowers from animals.

Materials for flower beds do it yourself

As a rule, for the backyard flower beds do not need special materials. Of course, you cannot do without flower seeds and suitable soil. But you can arrange and shape the flower garden with the help of available tools, which can be found in almost any summer house shed:

  • pieces of old pipes;
  • unnecessary dishes (kettles, mugs, bowls);
  • plastic bottles;
  • automobile tires;
  • stones;
  • shoes (slippers, galoshes);
  • logs, etc.

Materials for flower beds do it yourself

Large beds can be made from quite seemingly unexpected objects:

  • vintage chest of drawers;
  • chairs;
  • cars;
  • beds.

How to make beds of tires?

How to make a bed of tires swan?

If you get to the country on your own car, then surely in the garage you have old tires. This is the most popular type of material for the front garden on the site. Before you begin to create a flower bed, determine its form:

  • pyramid (tires of different sizes are set from larger to smaller);
  • vase (tires of the same size are put one on another, the top figure is cut out);
  • animals (swans, donkeys, etc.);
  • chalice, etc.

One of the easiest ways to shape the front garden with tires is to make a large pot with flowers.


  • big tire;
  • a piece of iron grill or mesh;
  • acrylic paint;
  • primer;
  • knife.


  1. Throughout the diameter of the tire we make incisions in the form of zigzags.
  2. We cut off the inner part along the bottom edge and remove it from the tire.
  3. Turning the blank inside out, straightening the "petals" of the vase.
  4. Ground the surface, degrease and paint the tire in the desired color.
  5. At the bottom we put the grill and press the cut part. The vase is ready.

Another beautiful model of a flower garden of tires - a flower bed in the form of a cup.


  • 2 tires of different diameter;
  • wire;
  • acrylic paint;
  • knife.


  1. We cut out the inside of the tires.
  2. We put a large billet on a smaller one.
  3. From the inside of the smaller bus wire fasten the "handle" to the cup.
  4. Making a drawing on the cup. Bright "peas" look very nice.

When planting flowers in a bed of tires, remember that tall plants should be in the center of the structure, and low plants should be at the edges. So the original form of your design will be well visible. For example, petunias and phloxes or peonies can be combined in one composition.

Workshop on making a bed of stones

The most accessible material for the flowerbed is stones (slate, boulders, granite, limestone). You can put the stones:

  • in 1 or more tiers;
  • giving the correct or asymmetric shape;
  • combining stones of different sizes in one composition;

If you wish, you can paint a flower bed in 1 or more colors.

Simulate the mountain landscape will help flower bed in the form of rock garden.

Workshop on making a bed of stones


  • slate;
  • pegs;
  • shovel;
  • flour;
  • cement solution;
  • masonry sealant;


  1. We put pegs in the ground, limiting the territory of the flower garden.
  2. Pour flour along the perimeter, and along this line we dig a moat about 20 cm deep and about 30 cm wide.
  3. At the bottom of the ditch lay the biggest stones, tightly pressing them together.
  4. 3-4 rows of stones lay out without the use of a solution, and the next set down on cement.
  5. The joints of the final row of stones are well coated with a solution.
  6. After hardening of the cement, apply a sealant. A flower bed made of stones is ready.

In such a natural flower bed you can plant any plants. But, since her style is called “rock garden”, the most edelweiss, crocus, saxweed, any varieties of juniper will look more harmonious here.

Beds of plastic bottles: step by step production

Plastic bottles are indispensable summer cottage assistants. What only they do not do! So farmstead beds can also be arranged with the help of used plastic containers. They are organized in the form of:

  • animals;
  • vases;
  • colors;
  • geometric shapes, etc.

To add brightness to the site, you can make a butterfly bed.

Flowerbed butterfly from plastic bottles


  • 100 two-liter bottles;
  • flour;
  • acrylic paint;
  • rake.


  1. Flour outlines the contours of the butterfly.
  2. Along the contour we insert the bottle neck down, trimming the inner space with a rake.
  3. Paint the flower bed in the desired color.

Smaller flower beds can be arranged around the terrace. Funny hedgehogs from plastic bottles.

Hedgehogs from plastic bottles


  • green plastic bottle;
  • paint;
  • scissors.


  1. Cut out the central piece of the bottle.
  2. We paint the cork black - this is the hedgehog nose.
  3. We draw eyes. Little flower bed is ready. It is best to sow grass in it - so the spikes will appear on the hedgehog.

In the flowerbeds of the bottles you can plant any flowers - it all depends on the size and shape of the structure.

Flower bed of bottles

Flowerbed of buckets and basins

Flowerbed of plates

Flowerbed round

Flowerbed stone hedgehog

Flowerbeds do-it-yourself from improvised means - this is a wonderful, and most importantly, very affordable way to decorate a personal plot. To build them is easy, and the result will be at least original. And it will become much more convenient to care for flowers: no weeds are a hindrance to them now!

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