Floss baubles

Floss baubles are decorations that are very fashionable now. In the last century, such ornaments were common among hippies and American Indians. Baubles can be woven in various ways, of any color, with any inserts and patterns. Very often, baubles weave with the names of a loved one. In order to properly learn how to weave baubles, you just need to start to make a small knot to the right and a small knot to the left.

Weaving baubles from floss

How to weave baubles from floss?

For weaving baubles from floss necessary:

  1. Thread floss several colors, but for beginners it will be enough two colors
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing pins
  4. Safety pin

For weaving baubles from floss use two types of weaving: direct and oblique.

Floss Baubles for Beginners: Straight Weaving

  • On checkered paper, you need to draw such a pattern or ornament that you want to weave, each cell means a separate knot.
  • For weaving baubles take 8 strands of one color and 5 strands of a different color. One of these threads should be the main and longest. In order for it not to end in the middle of weaving, it can be pulled from the very skein of threads. The remaining threads take the size of a meter. The ends of the threads need to be tied into a knot. The knot must be secured with a safety pin. You will be so comfortable to weave a bauble.
  • The main thread needs to go through all the other threads, while making the knots to the left. Then you begin to go back to the main thread, tying knots to the right. Knots need to weave neatly and smoothly along the line.

Floss Baubles for Beginners: Straight Weaving

  • In order to start weaving a bauble, you need to look at the diagram that was drawn in advance. With the passage of the main thread straight, you need to make a knot first to the left in the tone of the background and to the right in the tone of the letter, and when passing the main line back, we do the opposite. To the letters were clear and understandable, you need to carefully make nodules. Bauble should be flat and smooth. Fenichka will become longer, and so that it does not interfere with weaving, it is better to fasten it with a pin.
  • At the very end of weaving baubles you need to tie one knot and weave a simple braid.

Floss Baubles for Beginners: Oblique Weaving

For weaving baubles oblique weaving you need to take 3 colors of floss by 2 threads, they are tied in a knot. Then the second string is tied with the second 2 times, you get two knots. Such knots must be knitted on each subsequent thread in the direction to the right. Alternate the colors that you like.

Floss Baubles for Beginners: Oblique Weaving

Weaving this type is very simple, but still need a lot of patience and attention. The end of the bauble ends in the same way as with direct weaving.

How to weave baubles with a pattern of floss?

Bright baubles of multicolored floss are able to become a wonderful decoration that will set you apart from the crowd.If you know what each of the bauble colors means, it can be an important accessory or a memento for friends.

  • Take the floss thread, which is 4 times the length of the future bauble, 2 black, red and white threads each. The length of each of them should be 120 cm. Tie all the threads at the end into a knot and pin it to the pillow with a pin. Align the threads and arrange the colors in the correct order.
  • With a red thread from the left edge, tie a double knot on the second red thread. Tie the remaining threads in a row with the end of the thread that comes out of the knot, making 2 knots around each thread.

How to weave baubles with a pattern of floss?

  • When finished, move the end of the first red thread to the right to get a diagonal line of knots. Now go to the thread, which is located on the left edge, it should be the second red thread.
  • Bind the next thread with this red thread with a double knot and make knots to the end of the row. At the end of the row on the left there should be a white thread and two red threads.
  • With each next thread from left to right, continue to knit the knots to form diagonal lines. Nodules make the same and neat, so that the baubles of floss turned out beautiful and smooth. Tighten them with the same force. When you finish the bauble, tie a bundle, and braid the end of it in a pigtail.

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Baubles appeared in our culture from the Indians of North America. For them, it was a symbol of friendship and fraternal kinship. This article indicates basic principles of weaving baubles from floss, which are especially important for beginners. For more on how to decorate your wrists, read the article Beaded Bracelets with your own hands.

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