Florists for beginners

Floristics is one of the forms of design and applied art. As the name makes clear, this is an applied art using flora - plants. These are flowers, berries, leaves, and even nuts!

What you need to know a novice florist?

The very first thing before you start to create, but after you have decided on the place of the decor, you need to choose the material from which the creation will be created. You can use grass, flowers, berries, leaves, moss, nuts, acorns, chestnuts, etc. All of these elements can be either alive or artificial or dried.

Be sure to know that each plant and its color have a very specific meaning. Knowing this fact and examining the meaning of colors, you can express your feelings without words, combining different colors and their shades in one composition.

If you are in your composition use fresh flowers and plants, Pay special attention to the fact that they should be fresh, without stains on the leaves. The plants you have chosen should look as if they have just been cut.

In your composition should not be combined more than three colors. Otherwise, such a jumble will no longer look beautiful, the integrity of the composition will disappear.

Types of compositions in floristics

There are only four main types of compositions in floristics.

  1. Floral compositions, to create which use the same color.
  2. Floral compositions, which are created using contrasting colors.
  3. Floristic compositions, which are used to create combinations of different color wheel.
  4. Floristic compositions, for the creation of which several shades of one color are used.

In the overall composition can dominate any one color. For example, if you want to use this color to express the main feeling that you feel towards a person, this color in the composition will be more.

Flowers should be kept in a vase until you make up the floral arrangement. The stalks of flowers should be cut at an angle. On those parts of the stem that are under water, all leaves, thorns and processes must be removed. The optimum water temperature in the vase is +5 degrees. Flowers can be revived by putting them in a bath of cool water for a while. Read more about how to keep flowers fresh longer, you can read in the article How to extend the life of a bouquet ?.

Compositions of their dried flowers in floristics

  • Dried flowers compare favorably with living plants in that they are much more durable. In addition, they do not require any specific care.
  • For dried flower compositions use an ornamental tree or a vase.
  • By themselves, dry flowers do not have a bright enough color. Therefore, it is quite possible to supplement the composition of them with other decorative elements. For example, peacock feathers. In addition, the plants themselves can be colored.

If you decide to do floral composition in a vase, should send it completely in cellophane. This is done in order to save the vase. Then, the vase is filled with floral foam in which to fasten the plants. When the plants are already hardened in the foam, the surface is covered with decorative stones to hide the foam.

Floristry Tools

What is needed to create a floral composition?

  1. Floristic foam.It is very similar in its properties and qualities to mounting foam. Need this foam in order to secure the plants in your chosen capacity.
  2. Flower pins.With their help, you can fix the plants in a certain place.
  3. Floral ribbon. She often bandages the base of the bouquet. But the ribbon can also serve as a decorative element not only in a bouquet, but also in other floral compositions.
  4. Floristic wire. It is needed in order to fix the floral composition, for example, on a canvas or on a tree.
  5. NippersWith their help, you can bite off the wire and other elements of floristics.
  6. Garden shears and pruner - will be needed if you decide not to be limited to miniature floristic compositions.

The use of floristics

In what cases and for what are floral designs used?

With the help of floristics are compiled magnificent paintings, panels, bouquets and other decorative compositions. Such compositions can be used almost anywhere - in the office and at home, of course. In addition, such compositions are often used as decoration of banquet and wedding halls, in drafting the design of restaurants, wedding cars and for other special occasions. About how to make a bouquet for the wedding, read the article Flowers for the wedding: what to choose ?.

Floristic composition is a great birthday gift to a loved one. From this gift will come to delight anyone who loves a little plants. It will also be a great way to congratulate the teacher, for more details see the Handing Teacher article with your own hands.

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Among other things, floristry is a way to make money by creating your own business. After all, such compositions are very expensive, especially those that are made to order.

If you are seriously interested in floristics, you may need to think about sign up for floral courses. There, they will teach you all the necessary basics, talk about the meaning of colors, the rules for composing compositions and much more!

I wish you success!

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