Fleas in the apartment

If you find unpleasant insects in your apartment, such as fleas, you should not ignore them. After all, fleas are the source of many diseases and carriers of various viruses, including typhoid, encephalitis and even hepatitis B and C. Fleas transmit about 30 types of diseases, in addition, they are carriers of parasitic worms.

Fleas in the apartment: the source of the appearance

Before you go to the issue of getting rid of fleas from an apartment, you need to figure out how they got to your house.

Fleas in the apartment: reasons

A flea can get into an apartment in three ways:

  1. Pets are one of the most common occurrences of fleas in an apartment. Walking on the street and communicating with other animals, pets can pick up fleas and bring parasites home as a “gift” to their owners.
  2. Unscrupulous neighbors. Fleas may relocate from unscrupulous neighbors, who for no reason at all decided to withdraw them. Fleas, like cockroaches, flee from one room to another without asking for permission.
  3. Basements and porches. Earthen fleas often live in basements where pipes are leaking, and this is not going anywhere. From the basement fleas "move" to the first floors of the entrances, and then, together with shoes, get into the apartment.

How to bring fleas in the apartment?

Where fleas come from, of course. Now there is a difficult task - to bring fleas in the apartment.

The first thing to do is a general cleaning of the entire apartment. Thoroughly wash all furniture, floors and window sills. Wash toys, clothes, fleecy shoes, bed linen, towels in a washing machine, or steam. This, of course, is not fast and not so easy, but what can you do ...

Vacuum sofas, armchairs, carpets on the floor and walls. For a better result, you can use a washing vacuum cleaner or simply take out all the upholstered furniture and carpets and carefully knock out on the street.

Pets will have to be washed with an anti-flea shampoo and put a flea collar on them. Treat the most likely places where fleas accumulate on the pet (withers and croup) with special drops and spray.

Fleas in the apartment: how to get rid?

From the fleas in the apartment can not get rid of only one general cleaning. You will have to approach this issue comprehensively and turn to chemistry. This will help you ordinary dichlorvos or modern means, for example, insecticide pyrethrum and its derivatives pyrethroids. Pyrethrum insecticide is not so toxic to animals and people, so it’s better to use this modern remedy to get rid of fleas. Despite this, while using the tool you still need to wear a gauze mask.

The selected insecticide is sprayed under the baseboard, over the entire surface of the floor, over the walls (height 1 m), behind the furniture and under it. Close the doors and windows tightly and leave the room corked for 3 hours. If possible, it is better to leave the apartment. After disinfecting, ventilate the apartment, and do not wash the floors and walls for a week, so that the eggs laid by the fleas cannot hatch.

Funds from fleas in the apartment

Against fleas in an apartment can be fought by different means. For example, you can come to the aid of folk remedies that have been tested for centuries.

  • In the summer, when the wormwood will bloom, prepare brooms from it. Brooms can be dried and put on the balcony or in the pantry. Dried wormwood can be stored for a long time without losing its properties. Lay the branches of wormwood plinth, fill them with mattresses of domestic animals, sew from it pads for upholstered furniture and beds. Pets love the smell of wormwood, and fleas flee from it. In addition, wormwood is a completely safe remedy for both people and animals.
  • To get rid of fleas in the apartment, call for help ordinary baking soda and salt. Mix salt and soda in equal proportions, scatter the "powder" on the carpet, upholstered furniture and rub into toys until the soda-salt mixture is noticeable. Leave the mixture overnight, and in the morning, vacuum the treated surfaces several times, wash and dry the toys in the sun.
  • Do not forget to take to the frost or the sun for the prevention of pillows, blankets, carpets and soft toys. It is also necessary to constantly air the apartment. Fleas do not tolerate heat and cold, from which they die.
  • An excellent remedy for fleas in the apartment - decoctions of eucalyptus, tansy or wormwood. These broths handle furniture, floors and soft toys.

Funds from fleas in the apartment

  • Not bad proved a mixture of brewer's yeast and garlic, which is treated flat and furniture. Garlic brewer's yeast is just flea poison that won't leave them a chance to survive.
  • Fleas have a negative attitude towards coniferous oils, therefore pine sawdust or needles can be decomposed around the apartment, and then the fleas will leave your apartment.
  • If none of the above helps, it will be wise to call experts in the fight against insects who will definitely not leave the parasites a chance of survival!

When dealing with fleas, do not be lazy, you need to handle the entire apartment, not ignoring the most inaccessible places. After all, fleas will flee to flee there and lay their eggs. If you do everything in a timely manner, you can get rid of fleas in an apartment quickly, without causing harm to your health and the health of others.

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