Fireplaces in the living room interior

From the most ancient times, fire was the personification of the hearth. If our primitive ancestors cooked food on it and used to intimidate wild animals, then modern people use fire for some other purposes. We are talking about fireplaces that can transform the interior of any living room and create a homely atmosphere.

The fact that fire appeases is known from antiquity. You can really look at it for a very long time, feeling enveloping warmth and calm. A great way to bring another touch of comfort into your home is to install a fireplace at home. Just imagine: a winter evening, the crackling of firewood, a cozy armchair and an interesting book in your hands ... You can create a similar atmosphere with the help of a fireplace even in a regular apartment!

Very often, fireplaces are installed in the living rooms. It is this room that is perfectly suited for sitting there together over a cup of fragrant tea on long winter evenings. It is worth remembering that to install a fireplace, the area of ​​the room should be at least 20 square meters. m. If the space in the room is small, then this can translate to dire consequences - in such cases, fire risk increases.

Fireplaces in the living room interior: how to choose?

From an open fireplace to nearby objects should be more than 80 cm. In addition, it is worth remembering that fireplaces are not installed near the stairs and in blown places with constant drafts.

Installing a closed fireplace is a bit easier. Due to the fact that it has a door, it can be put even in the middle of the living room, move a chair or puffs closer to it.

Of course, when building a built-in fireplace in the house there are certain difficulties. First of all, they are connected with the fact that you need to prepare a drawing without errors and take into account a lot of details. Technological flaws can cause the fireplace to work improperly. For example, the smoke will not be drawn into the chimney.

After the drawing is ready, you should take care of the materials and start preparing the place for the fireplace. The wall near which it will be located should be capital. Also fireplaces can be angular and wall. The latter is convenient in that it can be erected in an already constructed house.

Any fireplace will have to impose something fire-resistant and carefully follow the safety rules to avoid fires. It can be a brick, silicate blocks, etc. A tile is usually laid around.

Fireplaces in the living room interior: how to choose?

Fireplaces in the interior: types and design

There are several types of fireplaces: working on solid materials, gas, biofuel and electric. Choosing a fireplace depends on how you plan to use it. Of course, the options with an open fire create a more comfortable atmosphere, but there are also disadvantages to them - fire risk.

Remember that for heating the room is better to choose a closed furnace. Also, if you plan to use the fireplace for this purpose, it would be better to know in advance how long it will take to create a temperature in the visit. This characteristic is directly related to the number of layers at the walls of the fireplace. The more of them, the longer it retains heat.

In addition, they are classified by size. Depending on the size of the room, you can install a small mini-oven or a fireplace with large dimensions.

Fireplaces in the interior should fit into the overall style of the room - it is very important not only to choose the right one, but also to successfully fit it into the existing interior. Usually how the future hearth will be ironed is considered at the design stage of the house. It was then that not only its location was chosen, but also the facing materials, the color of the fittings. In fact, there are no prohibitions on the decoration of fireplaces. In cladding, you can use brick, natural stone tile.

In order for the fireplace does not look something extra, you can paint its walls to match the wallpaper.

Fireplaces in the living room interior: how to choose?

Electric fireplaces: the pros and cons

You should not think that the fireplace can be equipped only in the private house. Apartment owners can opt for electric models. Some manufacturers quite successfully imitate real fire, etc. produce stylized fireplaces. Some manufacturers add to their miracle devices the function of regulating "fire" and even the crackling of firewood!

Such fireplaces are easier to use, but they have their drawbacks. With frequent use you will have to pay much more for electricity (which is why when choosing an electric fireplace you should pay attention to ergonomics and power).

This lack of bio-fireplaces. They work according to the following principle: the fire starts to burn at the expense of biofuels. At the same time, you will not feel smoke, soot, you will not have to clean soot and chop firewood, pay huge electricity bills.

Fireplaces for the living room: a selection of photos

Fireplaces in the living room interior: how to choose?

Fireplaces in the living room interior: how to choose?

Fireplaces in the living room interior: how to choose?

The choice of fireplaces thanks to the imagination of designers and modern developments is very large.

By the way, some kind of electric fireplaces can be made with your own hands. For this we need garlands, dense white cloth, foil, glue, stones and twigs.

Sprigs wrap with foil and glue with cloth. Stones are laid in the form of a hearth. In the middle we put a garland. Put the pasted branches in the form of a fire pit. Turn on the garland - decorative fire is ready!

You can also create an imitation of an unlit fireplace. To do this, make walls of drywall, and then stick on chipboard scraps of wood. The board is placed inside the walls, and it turns into a fireplace-woodpile.

Another way is to draw a fireplace on the wall. Also for this purpose, you can use wall stickers. This design way out of the situation not only allows you to decorate the room, but also to make it unique.

How to decorate a fireplace?

Fireplaces in the living room interior: how to choose?

Most agree that in our time, fireplaces are used not only to heat the room, but also for decoration. Most often, they are decorated with statues, decorative garlands. However, this does not prevent you from inventing your own way.

Also various styling for fireplaces is very common. For this, a decorative opening is made, which is later played up with candles. Typically, a drywall is used to create the opening, imitating the walls and chimney.

How to decorate a fireplace? Use a vase of dried flowers. It can be put upstairs with souvenirs. The fireplace is associated with home comfort and family gatherings. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to put frames with family photos.

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In the West, it is very popular to decorate fireplaces for holidays. Christmas socks, garlands, snowflakes are hung around them. All this makes the decor of the fireplace in one of the ways to create a festive mood.

Fireplace can fit into the interior of almost any home. It is not necessary to live in a huge cottage in order to feel the whole magic of fire. In standard city apartments, electric and so-called false fireplaces can be used. The latter can be done with your own hands. A little drywall, paint and decorative items and in your room will appear your unique home!

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