Figures from the balls with their own hands. how to make

Balloons and balloon shapes can be seen on almost any holiday. This is a constant attribute of weddings and birthdays, helping to create a festive atmosphere. Particularly beautiful are the individual figures twisted from balls and large compositions. In order to make them yourself, you will need a special pump and packing balls.

The figures of the balls with their own hands make of special balls. Ordinary round balls that are sold in the store, you can only inflate. It is almost impossible to model figures from them. Special balls are sold in large packs of 100 pcs. in each. Usually they are produced in different sizes, textures and colors. You can meet transparent, colored and frosted balls. In order to make large volumetric figures of balls, it is better to buy several packages of balls. Usually they, as well as the pump, are sold in specialized stores selling decor for the holidays.

How to make shapes from balls?

DIY Balloons

First of all, you need to learn how to properly inflate the balls and tie them without the help of a rope. If you pump the ball too much with a pump, then most likely you will not be able to simulate even the simplest figure. Try to inflate the ball not to the end and make sure that it has a long enough tail. The ball is tied with his help - they make a loop from the tail and pass the tip into it, pulling the knot tight.

Balloon of balloons

You need an arbitrary number of balloons of the smallest diameter. You can calculate the quantity according to the following principle: for 1 m of the garland you will need about 40 balls with a diameter of 12 cm. In addition to the balls, you need to stock up on a fishing line and double-sided tape. Also different decorative elements can be useful - ribbons, rain.

Balls inflate. We take 4 balls and tie them with a line for tails, taken together so that we get a square of balls. In inconspicuous places we fasten them with double-sided tape. So they will be tightly pressed to each other. The same is repeated with the other balls. With the help of fishing line we connect the balls into a garland - we tie it to the bound tails of the 1st four, we draw the 2nd Fours through the square of the balls and also we tie them to their tails. We string the remaining balls on the fishing line according to this principle until we have a garland of the desired length. Decorate the garland with ribbons and rain. At the beginning and end, you can fix on a pair of large balls. If desired, on the same principle, you can make a column of balloons. At the same time, it must be strengthened with some weight so that the balls do not swing. Also similar fastening of balls allows to make volumetric contour compositions from them. The connected balls can be fixed in the shape of a heart or a single web.

Most often with garlands and columns decorate wedding halls Birthdays.

Popular options

The figures of the balls can be very different. So especially popular are flowers and whole bouquets of them. You can give a flower from balloons to both an adult and a child. Unlike real flowers, it will still delight with its appearance for a very long time.

DIY Balloons

  • For a multi-tier flower, you will need a long green ball, 5 pink balls with a diameter of more than 20 cm, 5 white balls with a diameter of about 16 cm and 1 small yellow ball. Inflate all the balls. We begin to model the petals of the future flower. To do this, take 4 white and 4 pink balls and link them together - we twist all the tails of the balls of the same color and tie them together in a knot.
  • The two remaining balls of white and pink colors are tied together by the tails. They will need to make a flower one. Put 4 pink knitted balls on the knitted white balls. We fasten everything together with a bunch of white and pink balls. Form the stem of a two-tiered flower. To do this, at the end of a long green ball, we make and fasten a loop with a tail. We deviate from the edge of about 20-25 cm. If you want to make leaves for a flower, then you need another green ball. The ball is placed under the stem in the place where they want to place the leaves. Both ends of the ball bend to the center and tie them in the middle so that the resulting 2 leaves tightly wrapped around the stem.
  • In the upper loop of the stem we pull a small yellow ball. This will be the top and middle of the flower. Attach a piece of white and pink petals to its tail. A flower made of balls with your own hands is ready! In order to make a bouquet, it is necessary to prepare several such flowers and fix them together with a ring of a long ball that will hold the stems.
  • You can make a huge outdoor flower from long balls. This time we will need 3 green long balls for the stem, a few for a small column pedestal and 3 more balls for the petals. According to the method described above, we make a string of garlands from an arbitrary number of balls. The more of them, the higher the flower will turn out.
  • The green balls for the stem are inflated and twisted all 3 together so that a spiral is obtained. We proceed to the formation of petals. Inflate the remaining 3 balls. We close each of them into the ring. Next, twist the resulting ring in the center. The resulting figure is conventionally divided into 3 parts - we twist 2 times in the right places so that we have 3 rings. Petals folded accordion and pass them into the stem. We fix the petals. Connect the stem with the column, which we did earlier.

DIY Balloons

  • The simplest figure is considered to be a swan. Even those who have never made figures from balloons can cope with his modeling. To do this, inflate a long white ball for modeling. At the same time, they are looking for the ball to have tails on both sides - the first one will be a beak, and the second one will help to tie the ball so that it does not deflate.
  • We form the neck of a swan - we tie a knot, retreating from the end where the bite will be located 15-20 cm. We have a circle-ring. We divide it visually into 2 equal parts and retrain around the first node strictly in the middle. It turned out 2 rings. One of them we drag through the second. In the same way we drag through the 2nd ring the neck of a swan. We draw not far from the beak of our swan eyes with a marker.
  • Another interesting ball figure is a bow with which to decorate a gift. We need 1 ball to simulate any size with a length of about 160 cm. We inflate the ball with a pump so that in the upper part it is not much inflated (we leave about 8 cm not inflated). Hold the ball on the open end with your hand so as not to be blown away, and move the air towards the other end. The result was a small inflated tail. We take a gift (better to be flat or not too voluminous). Wrap it with a ball on all sides. On the seamy side of the ball we twist in the middle. The remaining ends of the throw on the other side. We form a bow out of them and fix the ball.

A selection of original figures

DIY Balloons

DIY Balloons

DIY Balloons

DIY Balloons

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Balloon figures can be not only an excellent gift, but also a wonderful festive decor. Mastering the modeling and creation of compositions is very easy. The main rule is not to pump the balls very hard. In order to get a solid figure, you need to choose high-quality balls. It is best to buy several packages in special stores. There you can also buy a pump.

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