Ficus in the house

Ficuses can rightly be recognized as the most ancient plants. One type of this flower is even described in the Bible. It was his leaves that Adam and Eve hid their nakedness. The ancient Slavs, by contrast, treated the ficus negatively. They believed that the plant contributes to the gossip about its owner. The ficus was considered a flower, generating quarrels. Modern growers see only good in ficus.

Is it possible to keep a ficus at home?

How does ficus affect the energy of the house?

Ficus - a useful indoor plant. Like any other home flower, it cleans the air. And the influence of ficus extends not only to harmful compounds, such as benzene and formaldehyde, but also to bacteria. The content of the latter in the room due to the presence of the ficus is reduced by more than 40 percent.

In some countries, ficus is actively used to treat many diseases. It can help with women's problems - mastopathy and a benign tumor of the uterus. The flower is used to make infusions and decoctions. Ficus is used in pneumonia and bronchitis. The leaves boil down and make them compresses.

Superstitious people are most likely interested in the question: is it possible to keep a ficus at home? This plant is considered not only a harbinger of happiness. In many cultures, it symbolizes wisdom. Perhaps that is why its leaves are used to create incense that is burned during meditation.

According to Ayurveda, ficus is simply necessary in a residential area.. It restores energy balance, establishes harmony and relieves anxiety.

Ficus home is certainly good. The plant is not poisonous and can be in a room with children and animals. The only limitation when growing ficus at home is a cautious attitude towards a certain species, the rubber ficus. The fact is that the plant releases rubber into the air, which provokes attacks in asthmatics. Therefore, if the house has a person suffering from asthma, then it is better to abandon this plant.

There are other types of ficus, emit droplets of the milky juice. Getting on the skin of people with individual intolerance, they cause irritation. On asthmatics, these secretions act in the same way as those of rubber ficus.. You should not grow a ficus allergy. If the desire to have this plant at home is great, then you should listen to your feelings.

Ficus home: good or bad

There are indoor plants that are called vampires. Bad signs are connected mainly with such colors. Fortunately, the ficus does not fall under this definition.

  • He has long been considered a family flower. They say that his appearance in the house promises an early replenishment of the family. The main thing is that you do not buy the flower yourself, but it was presented. Many women associate their pregnancy with the emergence of new shoots on the ficus.

How does ficus affect the energy of the house?

  • According to another version, in order for the optics to work, you need to plant a ficus yourself. To do this, take the stalk, put it in a glass of water and wait for the roots to appear. Then the ficus is planted in a pot. In addition to the usual care he needs and communication. Yes, yes, you need to talk with a ficus gently, to treat him like an animate creature. To care for the plant should only a woman. From the point of view of science, such a sign can be explained as follows. Ficus secretes phytoharmones. Here they also affect the reproductive function of man. In the East, the ficus is considered a plant that affects the male force.
  • By the way, for efficacy will take important and the location of the ficus in the room. They say that to conceive a tub with a flower is better to put in the bedroom. It will also help improve sleep. Ficus in the kitchen brings material well-being.
  • Another useful feature of the ficus is the transformation of our emotions. The plant replaces anxiety with calm. This may be due to formaldehyde absorption. This colorless gas is secreted by plastics, plastic, causes headaches, nausea.
  • Growing ficus at home brings happiness and harmony. In order for the plant for a long time to please you and your loved ones, you need to follow certain rules of care. For plants need to choose the right place. Best of all ficuses grow in bright rooms. Do not allow direct sunlight on the leaves. In addition, you should follow the drafts - room rubber plants do not tolerate them. The leaves of the plant should be wiped from dust and sprayed with water. Water the flower moderately.

Remembering the most popular indoor plants, perhaps the first ficus comes to mind. Respect this indoor flower in different countries around the world. In China, it is considered a plant that eliminates negative energy in the house. Ficus not only cleans the air, but also brings happiness to the house. According to other signs, new shoots of ficus foreshadow his mistress's pregnancy.

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