Feng shui to attract money. talismans

Everything that surrounds us has its own energy. And money is no exception. Not by chance in many cultures there were rituals that increase wealth. Modern people are not far from their ancestors. Feng shui is gaining more and more popularity. It is used for different purposes: they improve the energy of the house, they try to influence their own lives with the help of furniture permutations. In the practice of feng shui there are ways to attract money.

How to attract money: feng shui

At home, Feng Shui-life energy around is called Qi. There are many ways to strengthen it or send in the right direction. The practice of feng shui involves not only the use of amulets and objects. Some problems, including monetary ones, are explained by it by our internal state. It is not by chance that they say that man is the creator of his destiny. It is necessary to deal with their clips, which impede the harmonious state, how not only financial situation will improve, but also career and personal life. Understand what is happening is not so simple. You need to ask yourself a direct question. The answers will find you yourself.

Feng shui to attract money

The financial condition is influenced not only by the presence of special amulets. It is necessary to create conditions that favor normal work. So from the workplace it is better to remove all unnecessary paper. This will help open the door to new achievements and development. It provokes the development of career growth presence of crystals on the table. It is also believed that for profitable business negotiations, it is better to move the phone to the right corner of the table. No matter how fabulous it may sound, but in Feng Shui money brings fish! There is even a certain look, arroirovana, which is considered a symbol of feng shui and a magnet for money. Unfortunately, it is very rare. Do not get upset, wealth can bring not only arroirovannye, but also the most common aquarium fish.

A regular fish tank will help to improve the financial situation only if certain conditions are met. It is believed that it is better to keep 9 fish in it. In this case, 8 must be gold, and 1 - black. By the way, not only live fish have a similar effect. For centuries, fish have been used to attract wealth and success in the East. If you still decide to put the aquarium, then the best place for it - the south-east. This will increase the effect of fish on raising money, because This area is considered to attract wealth.

Feng Shui: Money Wallet

In feng shui, attracting money depends on a lot. If you think where to start, then analyze your wallet. It depends on him financial condition in the first place. In this case, every detail is important, down to the color and the material from which it is made. Let's start with the most difficult - with the size. In Feng Shui, there is such a thing as imperial size. Under this name hides the measure of length - 43, 2 cm. This segment is divided into 8 parts, which are also of great importance. Each part or their sum has its own special effect. Favorable, bestowing good luck and well-being are considered sizes up to 5, 4 cm. One of the sides of the wallet should be just that. It is quite important to attract money using a purse made from natural materials. It is believed that they carry monetary energy. These include fabric, suede, leather. Feng shui money wallet has a number of features. It is believed that he should not clearly indicate the presence of content in it. People who will think about it at first glance, can kill the money energy. The presence of extraneous papers and even photos in the wallet is of great importance. According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is not recommended to carry checks and unnecessary papers in your wallet. They need time to remove. The main content should be only money. For this reason, you should not carry photos of loved ones in your wallet - they also interrupt monetary energy. Special attention deserves the treatment of money. They should be neatly folded. By the way, do not think that the accumulation of money contributes to the growth of welfare. In feng shui it is believed that the funds should work. Therefore, it is necessary to spend them with pleasure, but without going to waste.

Feng shui to attract money

Feng Shui Money Zone

Feng shui involves the proper placement of objects in space. This also applies to attracting money. There are certain provisions of the same desktop that attract material values. If you work in an office, then it is better to set the table in the direction of the south-east. It can also be turned south. The money zone for feng shui can also be linked to the position of the computer. It is best to rearrange the monitor in the left corner of the table. Metal objects in this corner will have the same favorable power. By the way, you can put there an ordinary lamp.

In general, south-east and north are considered favorable and successful in feng shui. By the way

The money zone for feng shui is quite simple. To do this, you need to rearrange the vase with trifle in different places and analyze your financial condition. Of course, this method is not very fast, but it is effective.

Talismans feng shui for money

In addition to the image of fish, other talismans and even plants and animals are used to attract money to feng shui. Many have heard of the money tree. Indeed, it is believed that any plant with round leaves attracts wealth. Another talisman can be made independently. To do this, take 3 Chinese coins, tie them with a red ribbon or thread and put in your wallet. By the way, Chinese coins can be simply put in some place in the apartment. Many have them on a computer desk. In this case, they also attract money. Another amulet may be the image of a turtle. It is usually located in the north.

Typically, the Chinese amulet to attract wealth is the statue of the deity Hotteya. It can be found in any souvenir shop. Hotty looks like an old man with a bare navel. The deity not only improves the flow of monetary energy, but also contributes to the fulfillment of desire. They say that for this you need to stroke his stomach from 300 to 1000 times, constantly thinking about his desire.

Talismans feng shui for money

Some things with the image of money in Feng Shui can be talismans and vice versa, to scare off money. In fact, they are symbols and a trap for wealth — when properly applied they attract well-being. A good talisman is a special vase for small items and small bills. For her, you can take a corner. Put a wide vase and pour not only coins into it, but also something beautiful and bright. It can even be sweets in beautiful wrappers - financial success is guaranteed to you. But the rug with the image of bills is not the best idea, especially if it lies at the door and wipe its feet on it.

Feng shui to attract money is one of the oldest ways to manage energy. You should not be skeptical - there are many things in the world that are not described from the point of view of the mind. There are many ways to increase wealth. To do this, you can have a workplace in the southeast, start a home with an aquarium with fish or plant a money tree. To always have money, you should get the right wallet. Another important aspect is respectful, but not subservient attitude towards money.

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