Feng shui art

The East is a precious box full of mysteries for Europeans. It attracts, fascinates, attracts us, but it is impossible to comprehend it to the end. However, hundreds of different eastern currents are taking root more and more in our daily lives. Feng shui has become an integral part of Western life.

The word "Feng Shui"they know now, perhaps, everything - from small to large. But that's what stands behind it - not everyone knows. The centuries-old philosophy is perceived by us at the level of everyday superstitions.

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui (in translation "wind, water") is not just the ability to arrange things beautifully, it is a teaching about mysterious metaphysical forces.. At the core of this teaching are the works of Confucius. It was he who suggested that there is a certain force (qi - "spirit, energy"), which contributes to the merging of man with his environment. Qi is in everything that surrounds us: in trees, in rivers, in houses, in cars and even in the people themselves. Qi, if on its way there are no misplaced objects and junk, is able to bring people well-being and success.

The art of Feng Shui, or East - is a delicate matter

Feng Shui teaches people to look not only at their homes, but also at the world, as a living organism.. A house is a person through whose veins (corridors) qi flows. Qi should flow precisely and not rush or slow down. It must fill every corner, every object in the room. Only in this case man expects luck, wealth and family well-being.

Feng shui is not only the ability to choose the "right" items. It is also the doctrine of competently filling their own living space. And here will help us ba-gua square.

Feng Shui Zones

If you want every thing in your house to be in its place, be sure to refer to the help of ba-gua and the usual compass. First you need to find front door direction. To do this, you need to face your entrance door, wait for the compass needle to calm down, and mentally draw a perpendicular from the middle of the compass to your entrance door. This line indicates where the true front door should be.

Next step - being in the home areas of career, wealth, marriage etc. To do this, combine the compass north with north from the ba-gua scheme. To make it easier, you can draw a plan of the room and mark on it the corresponding zones.

The art of Feng Shui, or East - is a delicate matter

After finding the zones, you should analyze your problems from the standpoint of Feng Shui. For example, you cannot achieve promotion at work in any way, you constantly have problems with your boss, colleagues are constantly trying to expose you. The source of these problems may lie ... only in the bed, which occupies a career zone in your home. In its place it would be better to put a written or computer desk. Perhaps by moving only one item (in our case, a bed), you will solve a lot of problems in your life. After all, no wonder one of the Chinese wisdom says: "If you want to change life, move the 27 items in your house."

It is also necessary to take into account that each zone has its own color and elements:

  • Wealth zone: color - green, purple; the element is wood, water;
  • Zone of glory: color - red; element - fire (fireplace, candles, etc ..);
  • Zone of love and marriage: color - terracotta; the element is earth;
  • Zone of children and creativity: color - white, gold, silver; the element is metal;
  • Zone assistants, mentors and successful travelA: colors and elements are the same as in the previous zone. But here portraits, photographs of friends and icons will be more appropriate;
  • Career and life path area: color - black, blue, blue; the element is water. Aquariums and paintings depicting reservoirs will be appropriate here;
  • Zone of wisdom and knowledge: color - beige, all shades of brown; talismans - crystals and snake images;
  • Family area: color - green, element - tree;
  • Health zone: color - terracotta; the element is earth. The symbols of this zone in China are peaches and cranes.

If you are unhappy with any of the spheres of your life, then try to turn to Feng Shui. No wonder the Chinese practice this teaching for thousands of years.

Feng Shui Rules

In general, to master Feng Shui, start with the simplest. Try get rid of unnecessary things that litter your home. These items do not just limit your living space, but also attract negative energy. If you feel sorry for throwing this or that thing that you do not plan to use, then just give it to someone.

The art of Feng Shui, or East - is a delicate matter

Try fill the house with light and crystal. Correctly placed mirrors can also become your assistants (they cannot be hung in the bedroom, as they can reflect the negative energy that we radiate when we sleep). Fix the current taps so that your well-being does not "fly into the pipe" and avoid sharp corners directed in your direction.

Timely disposal of unnecessary things, repaired taps, clean windows and sparkling mirrors - not only bring good luck, but also create comfort in your home.

For luck to become your constant companion, it is not necessary to buy amulets and whisper spells. Sometimes you just need to swap the desk, bed and wardrobe in your house. Feng Shui to help you!

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