Feng shui apartment areas

No one will ever be surprised by the art of feng shui new to us. Everyone knows that this art is ancient, it came to us from China. It was the Chinese who were able to trace the relationship of the fate of a person with his environment. They have consolidated their knowledge and now the whole world knows their teachings.

The most popular now is the use of Feng Shui in home improvement. After all, it is not for nothing that the sayings “My home is my fortress” and “Homes and walls are being treated”. And indeed, in our apartment we spend most of our time, we receive guests, we rest there. Therefore, it is very important to feel at home a special warmth, a special comfort.

According to feng shui, our house is a spiritual object, it is something endowed with a soul. The apartment has a mouth (door) and eyes (windows), vessels of the heart (aisles, corridors) and cells (interior). In general, Feng Shui translates as "wind, water." It is an energy that circulates not only in a person, but also around him. According to Feng Shui, the apartment is divided into several zones, each of which is responsible for a certain part of our life.

Defining apartment areas by Feng Shui

To determine the zones for Feng Shui in your apartment, you must first know what zones exist. There are nine of them. According to the Bagua grid in the north there is a career zone, in the south there is a zone of glory, the west is children and creativity, and the east is a family zone. There are four more zones: wisdom and knowledge (northeast), teachers and travel (northwest), wealth (southeast), love and marriage (southwest).

In the center is the health zone. Each zone has its own color and symbols. According to the teachings of feng shui, you can fix any problems, both personal, monetary, and other nature, having properly equipped the corresponding zone in the apartment.

Feng Shui Room

In our apartments, the Bagua grid may not fully overlap. After all, it assumes the correct rectangle. And our apartments do not meet the requirements of Feng Shui. Usually this problem is solved by the fact that the same zones can be distinguished in a separate room. But after all, rooms can be irregular shapes. For feng shui undesirable room intricate forms. If your room does not look like a rectangle, some zones may increase or disappear altogether. Then you need to look in other rooms.

The location of the eyes (window) of the room opposite the mouth (door) will also be undesirable. In this case, the energy will not be able to stay in the room for a long time. And with its fast circulation there will be no good influence of the zones. Usually, to keep the energy at the window, houseplants are placed on the windowsill.

Each room has its own purpose in the house. Well when the bedroom is located in the family area. But even if your rooms are not very well fit the areas of Feng Shui apartments, not so scary. After all, each room is divided into the same zones as the apartment. And the furniture is arranged accordingly. In the bedroom can not be placed in front of the bed computer. Also, you can not hang mirrors in the bedroom, especially if they are reflected sleeping. If, however, you have a mirror in the bedroom and your bed is reflected in it, curtain it overnight.

Feng Shui activation zones

It is believed that it is impossible to bring all zones into active action. After all, a person always has one or two most important aspects in life. For example, you dream of finding love and getting married. But at the same time, I want to succeed in the field of study, to leave the university with good knowledge. You may also want a career after graduation and wealth (now). But if you activate all areas of the apartment or room, you will not get the desired result.

Therefore, it is important to prioritize. And even when you look at your apartment (room) according to the Feng Shui zones, you will understand why things are not going well with you. Something is already in place and you do not need to make special efforts to draw attention to this zone.

Well, how can you activate the necessary zone? First you need to remove all zones, throw out unnecessary things that litter the room.

Then it is important to remember that each zone has its own color and element (there are five of them: wood, fire, metal, water, earth). Therefore, it is necessary to place in a certain zone objects of the desired color and associated with the element that corresponds to it. These can be images (water, wood, etc.), various feng shui symbols, figurines, etc.

Apartment areas

  1. Career area (north). Black colour. The symbol is water. Successful coins and moving objects.
  2. Zone of Glory (south). The color is red. The symbol is fire. Successful photos of successful people next to yours, your rewards, peacock feather.
  3. Family zone (east). Green colour. The symbol is a tree. Well place plants here. Sharp, piercing objects lead to discord in the family.
  4. The zone of creativity and children (west). Color - white, metallic. The symbol is metal. Arrange the images of children and pets, as well as the workplace (for people of creative professions).
  5. The zone of wisdom and knowledge (northeast). Color - beige. The symbol is earth. Successful desktop, computer, books.
  6. Teacher's and travel zone (northwest). The color is white. The symbol is metal. Good photos of people from whom you are looking for help, photos of places where you want to go. Lucky metal bell.
  7. Wealth zone (southeast). Colors - green, purple, gold. The symbol is a tree.
  8. Zone of love and marriage (southwest). Pink colour. The symbol is earth. You should not post here photos of lonely people and your ex if you want to find a new love.
  9. Health zone (centered). Color - yellow, brown. The symbol is earth. The most empty zone. Looking for a beautiful chandelier and a carpet of shades of yellow or brown.

Knowing the zones for feng shui, their colors and symbols, you just have to activate the desired zone, and do not stir unwanted items in other zones.

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