Felting flowers with wool do it yourself

Decorating yourself is the most favorite activity of any woman. Moreover, for this you do not need to go after the husband and hint at the nearest jewelry store. An orchid may appear in your hair that will bloom forever. And on your new dress - amazing lily, it will set you apart from the crowd of girls. And such decorations can make each of us, if he wants. Woolen flowers - it just sounds weird. As a rule, everyone who saw them cannot take a delighted look. And imagine what a sense of pride will overwhelm you when it turns out that the author of this beauty is yourself?

It is possible to decorate with such colors of wool not only your wardrobe, but also the interior of the house. Bouquets, paintings, ikebana - this is a real picture of things.

Felting can be dry and wet. The differences are that wet felting looks a bit rougher, but that does not mean that this look looks ugly. To do wet felting, by the way, is easier than dry. Some flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemums, poppies can be made only with the help of wet felting, because each petal should be made here. Beginners better try both options.

What do you need for felting flowers from wool?

The list of things you need is this:

  1. Wool (combed ribbon) in several colors
  2. Various fibers for decoration (linen, silk, bamboo, viscose)
  3. Warm water
  4. Liquid soap
  5. Towel
  6. Pimply film (approximately 40x40 cm in size)
  7. Grid (40x40 cm)
  8. Beads, beads and the like of your choice
  9. Thread fishing line
  10. Needle
  11. Wool
  12. Beads and bugles
  13. Wire for weaving beads
  14. Polyethylene film square

Instructions for felting flowers with their own hands

  • The first is a pattern. Find the flower you want to repeat. Take, for example, poppy: it has 4 petals. You will need a pattern of two flower petals joined together. Remember that wool felting will sit down, make a pattern 30% larger than the natural size of the flower.

  • Put a pattern on a polyethylene square, lay a layer of red wool along it (If not, take any, let your first poppy be purple or green - this is a test version). The second layer of wool - lay the fibers across, and the third - along the pattern. In the middle of the flower, put the black wool - it will be the core. Along the edges should be put some white wool for color. Remove the pattern and moisten all the components with soapy water. Next, turn the sheets with polyethylene.
  • Spread the second row of petals perpendicular to the first on the other side of the polyethylene square. Everything is also wetted with a solution. Place a bubble wrap on top.
  • Start felting. The middle of the flower should be toed with a finger, and the petals - with a grinding machine. And on top of each petal separately roll manually.
  • Rinse the ready poppy in clean water to remove the soap and give them the shape you need.
  • Any felted flower should dry out well. After drying, using a similar method, you can pile a beautiful green petal to your poppy.
  • After you have made the "frame" of the flower, you need to decorate it with glass beads and beads.

The method described above is wet. It is lighter than dry. When dry you need a needle and a lot of time. She needs to wield up to a state of stall. Dry felting adds volume, and wet fits better for panels and other flat products. Materials for the two types of felting should be different types of wool. But there is one universal - merino wool.

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If for the first time you took up the felting of flowers - do not be lazy and do not throw halfway, if you find this occupation too heavy. Set yourself a task: to pile a beautiful flower and give it to your mother, grandmother, or your best friend. When you see the delight of your loved ones, doubts will disappear, and you will begin to collect a bouquet: lilies, orchids, roses, daisies. You will carry into the world the beauty created by yourself. By the way, this is a good salary today. Many needlewomen cooperate with shops and supply them with handmade jewelry. Dare!

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