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Bringing the kitten into the house from the street, from friends or from an expensive kennel, you will change his life. Now you will have to take care of him, care for, feed and protect him. And in return, he will give you all his love and tenderness. But first you need to choose a name for it. It would seem that the process - this is not too complicated, but it can be confused from a wide variety, not knowing what to choose. This process is quite responsible. When giving a name to your future family member, you must remember that everyone will have to constantly use it, so it should be comfortable and pleasant to hear.

How to start choosing a name for a cat?

When choosing, avoid names with low sounds, because cats have a sensitive hearing aid, and they treat all sounds very kindly. It is unpleasant for cats to hear deaf low sounds in their name. The names Will, Beech or Nor can your cat not like it at all. Names containing high sounds will be most listenable. Therefore, if you name the kitten Les, Zaz or Kuzya, you definitely cannot go wrong.

Cat names for boys

Practical advice on choosing a name for a cat

  1. The name of the cat should sound bright and concise. Thanks to the name you will be able to communicate with your pet. Therefore, for convenience, his name should be pronounced clearly and be light. Avoid double and complex names. Cats do not remember names consisting of two. They will pay attention to the first name, ignoring the second.
  2. The name of the cat must necessarily fit the temperament, appearance and character of your pet. If possible, try to his name was hissing sounds w, w, u and h. Choose a name that will be easily remembered by your pet.

Several choices for cat names

For a cat with an elegant silky mane, the name Fluffy is a good option. For a cat with a fighting character, Boatswain, and fiery-red wool or stripes is the name Tiger. You can also choose the following names: Bucks, Archie, Bantik, Byte, Barsik, Barrymore, Best, Boniface, Gucci, Hermes, Gummi, Graf, Goldie, Demosthenes, Eurek, Kesha, Kasyan, Cupcake, Chris, Lawrence, Marcus, Marsik , Maksik, Norvis, Oscar, Donut, Romario, Skippy, Tender, Tommy, Timosha, Ursik, Charlie, Franz, Chubais, Elvis, Utic.

How to choose a name for a black kitten?

Black cats are responsible for good luck and financial prosperity. If you took a black kitten into the house, you can use the classic names Smoke, Chernysh or Ember. You can also remake the Russian name in another manner. The names Blackie or Black may like you or come up more than another Russian name. For a black kitten, you can also choose the names Lucky, Lucky, or even Dzyurodzin - the god of longevity, to attract luck.

If you want to show originality, you can use the names of the gods of the underworld or night. One of these names may be the name Pluto. And if you call him Snowball or Ryzhik, then this will once again make you smile on your face. Do not choose a long and complex name for a kitten, because it will be difficult for him to get used to it. Try to choose your name, which, even when abbreviated, will sound harmoniously.

Cat names for boys

How to choose a name for a Siamese cat?

  • Siamese cats differ from others in their very aristocratic appearance. They have an independent and complex character. Therefore, for them, you should choose an original and sonorous name, emphasizing their exotic beauty. If your Siamese cat has a pedigree, the first letter for the name will depend on the number of births of the kittens. Either the kitten in the cattery has already been given a name, but no one will forbid you to think up an abbreviated name for it, despite all the pedigrees. Siamese cats come from Thailand, so you can safely use names with oriental flavor. For this it is best to use Thai names. When choosing a Thai name for your pet, remember that stress will always fall on the last syllable.
  • When choosing a name for a Siamese cat, be aware that they were considered sacred animals. Only monks or royals kept such animals. Therefore, it will be permissible to give such cats the names of ancient gods such as Rey, Astarte or Isis. Try to find out the meaning of these names before calling your cat so. If you give a name, focusing on the pet's blue eyes, you can approach the names Phlox and Indigo.

The name of the cat should cause pleasant emotions and delight all family members. Cats that have a pedigree have long names, but you can abbreviate this name for your pet's convenience. Most importantly, his name should be simple and easy to remember. When choosing a name for your cat, you can show all your imagination. Choosing a name for your cat, stop your choice on a name that will suit your pet.

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