Feeding trough do-it-yourself for birds. making bird feeders

Hand made trough - it's easy! It will help the birds survive the cold season. You can bring your children to work to teach them to help our smaller brothers. Bird feeders are easy to make from any available materials: wood, plywood, plastic bottles, and even paper boxes.

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands from wood?

How to make a bird feeder with your own hands from wood?

A wooden bird feeder is a classic option. To create such a product you will need: wooden boards of the desired size, a hammer and nails.

The simplest wooden feeder consists of walls, bottom and roof. Even a child can make such a house. Saw a square of about 20x20 cm and 4 wooden boards of the same size from a tree. Nail the boards to the square, forming the feeder walls. Make the roof: it can be flat or triangular. Do not forget to make a hole in the feeder so that birds can fly in there. In the end, you can paint the finished feeder in any color and varnish or varnish. If there is a chance that water will get into it, make several small holes in the bottom so that the water has a place to drain.

If you connect a fantasy, you can make absolutely incredible feeders in the form of a palace, pagoda, hut on chicken legs, a telephone booth, a rotunda with columns, etc. For such a feeder you will need a little more time than a normal one, as well as a thought-out drawing.

Note that you must estimate the size of the holes in the trough wall in advance. The larger the hole, the larger the birds will be able to fly there.

feeder do it yourself

Feeding trough for birds do it yourself from a cardboard box

To create such a feeder, you will need any empty cardboard box of suitable shape and size. Using a stationery knife in the front of the hole is cut so that the birds can freely climb inside for food. At the bottom of the box, cut a hole for a perch, securing a thick cardboard or wooden plank. To give the feeder individuality, paint it with paints, stick stickers or decorate with color cardboard. Do not forget to attach to the finished product a cord or rope, for which you can freely hang it to a tree.

Original trough do it yourself

If you want to do something original, try to build edible hanging feeders. For this design, you will need to stock up on lard, dried fruit, seeds, various seeds, nuts, oats, etc. You also need a wire, plastic ball, rope.

Original trough do it yourself

Cut the plastic ball in two halves, make a hole on each of the vertices. Connect the halves by wrapping them with wire. Melt the fat in a saucepan at low temperature. While the fat is melting, mix the nuts, seeds, oats and dried fruits. Add the dry mixture to the melted lard so that it is soaked. Insert the wire with the attached rope into the center of the prepared ball. Fill the ball with the edible mixture, let it cool and put in the freezer. When the mixture hardens, remove the ball and hang the edible feeders on the tree.

Another type of edible trough are garlands. To make edible garland on a wire or rope, string crackers, steering-wheels, lard, dried fruits, nuts and bread. Hang the garlands in the trees and watch the birds peck on the cooked food with pleasure.

Plastic feeder bird feeder

Plastic feeder bird feeder

You will need:

  1. Plastic bottle (5 l);
  2. Plastic bottle (1-2 liters);
  3. Knife;
  4. Marker;
  5. Scotch;
  6. Feed for birds.


  • At the top of a large bottle, cut a hole a few cm smaller than the diameter of the 2nd bottle. Using a marker, size 2 large holes opposite each other in a larger bottle. Holes must be made closer to the neck, so that there is a protective rim. This is necessary so that the wind could not blow out the food. Cut out round parts do not throw away - they are still useful.
  • Cut a ring out of the cap of a large bottle. Put a round plastic saucer in it and secure with tape. Put the resulting saucer in the center of a large bottle and secure it with tape.
  • Flip the small bottle upside down in the top opening of the large bottle. Push the bottle so that there is a gap of about 2 cm between the saucer and the neck. Coil the connections with adhesive tape - this is necessary so that the bottle does not loose.
  • Make a hole in the side of a small bottle - you’ll fill it with food. The bird feeder from the bottle is ready. Now it remains to securely attach it to the tree.

Plastic feeder bird feeder

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Bird feeder is a great way to help defenseless living creatures survive hunger and cold. Make it your own hands is not difficult and fun. Show imagination and master the feeders with the children, teaching them to love animals and take care of them.

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