Evergreen territory decoration - boxwood

Evergreen box is another type of plant that is successfully used in landscape design. It will look great as a natural hedge, which can take any shape you like. The box perfectly gives in to formation.

In its usual conditions of existence in the wild, this plant can reach a height of up to six meters, but in household use, we inhibit its growth significantly. Of course, because for the decor we do not need large sizes, one meter is enough, but with good thickness.

If you follow the shape of the plant regularly, it will delight your eye with carefully composed compositions. Haircut is first carried out when the plant is still young and no more than a meter in height.

If you only intend to have a haircut during the whole year, then it is best to carry it out at the end of summer or in early autumn. To box went to develop in hand, cut off the top of the plant. The box perfectly belongs to spraying and change of the top layer of soil on new, more fertile.

Planting evergreen boxwood

Landing spend spring. Late spring is a great time, which will allow the plant to adapt and take root for the winter. They plant, as a rule, young saplings of which are two, well, at most three years. Older plants also treat transplant well. You can spend it at any time convenient for you except winter. Transplant carried out very carefully. And in order not to damage the root system, plant a plant on a new place with a lump of earth from the old.

When you buy seedlings in small boxes, you should immediately transplant them. If this is not possible, since the soil is not yet warm enough, then take the trouble to provide the box with more space for growth and root development at home. Because otherwise, the roots will turn their growth upward, and when transplanted into the ground they will not be able to rearrange themselves and get enough nutrients from the soil. As a result, the plant will simply die. In addition, the roots in the rigid wall framework are intertwined with each other, which is also not a positive factor for the further vital activity of boxwood. The term “teasing” the roots applies to this situation, which means straightening them out and putting them in proper condition.

The pit for planting should not be too deep. To determine the depth of planting, it will be sufficient to focus on a clod of earth, which is transplanted along with the roots to a new hole. The level of penetration should not much exceed the beginning of the growth of the root system.

If the soil is not fertile enough, then it is worth it to improve it, so to speak with nutrients, and in case of increased sand content, it will be necessary to pre-purify it.

It is possible to prepare the nutrient mixture for the soil by yourself, for this purpose it will be enough to use compost, chernozem, leaf soil and humus. The important point is that the fertilizers are taken dried and thoroughly mixed with the soil layer.

If it will be enough for you to see a hedge in one row of plants, then take five to six boxwoods and plant in such a way that the distance between them will remain twenty to twenty-five centimeters.

If you want a low landing, it’s not difficult, just put ten box-boards not in a straight line, but in a snake or in a checkerboard pattern. The distance between plants in this case is no more than fifteen centimeters.

Each plant will receive less nutrients, and there is not enough free space for development. And small (up to thirty centimeters in height) landing you are guaranteed. There is nothing difficult. Everything is extremely simple. When you start planting plants in a checkerboard pattern or a snake, pay more of your attention to the compaction of the soil near each plant.

Watering young plants is no less than three times during a two-week period.

Varieties of boxwood evergreen

Of course, we are talking about boxwood evergreen. It's clear. However, among this species category there are differences.

In addition to the evergreen boxwood in its pure species version, which is very popular, you can pick up several hybrid varieties on the plot. So for low, more precisely quite small plantings, you could not be better suited hybrid "Suffruticosa". And another type of evergreen box with the interesting name "Elegantissima" is the owner of an interesting cream on the edges of the color leaves. And at the box "Compacta" well, just tiny neat little leaves.

Buying an evergreen boxwood

Simple utterly. Shops will present you with its wide range throughout the calendar year.

The plant is not too expensive. All, however, will depend on the size. This factor is burned to build the price of any plant.

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