Euonymus (Evonymus). The name comes from the name of the mythological deity 'Evonyme' - mother of furies. Karl Linney (the author of the genus Euonymus) for the first time called him 'Evonymus', and then he also used another transcription of the generic name - 'Euonymus' (Eonimus), adopted in our time.

And for the bright fruits Euonymus in the people received the name "litter glasses".

All types of euonymus - gutta-percenos. Gutta is found in all parts of the plant, especially in the bark. This is a very necessary insulation material for underwater electrical wires, chemical equipment and much more. Euonymus wood is used in the shoe industry, and cinnamon oil is obtained from the seeds.

Motley Euonymus

And euonymus is known for its healing properties, it has a very important ability - to heal the air in the room where it grows. In addition, in China, Siebold's euonymus bark is used as an anthelmintic and antispasmodic.

In Great Britain, dark purple euonymus bark is used as a diuretic and choleretic agent. At the same time, all parts of the plant are poisonous both for humans and animals, therefore any preparations should be used only after consulting a doctor.


This hardy shrub has both variegated varieties and evergreens. Blooms in late spring small white flowers. It has fruits in the form of unusual boxes of bright color.

Japanese euonymus has yellow, white and golden stripes and spots on leathery leaves.

Motley Euonymus

Euonymus rooting has variegated forms, creeping stems capable of rooting, used as an ornamental, climbing plant.


Euonymus is a very unpretentious and viable plant that grows on soils with good drainage. Taking root, it grows even in dry conditions.

An evergreen shrub will grow well near a wall or fence; its beautifully colored motley colored foliage and fruits will make the vertical space more vivid and attractive throughout the year.

Motley Euonymus


Evergreen varieties need protection from frost and dry winds, and variegated varieties are better to provide a place with an open sun - it enhances the color of their foliage.

To create the crown in the spring pruning protruding shoots are carried out, form, pinch the apical buds.

The euonymus is comfortable at a moderate or cool temperature, a minimum of about 10 ° C is allowed. But in a heated hot room in winter, he can throw off the leaves because of the heat, it is recommended to perform systematic spraying. In the summer, not only fresh air is necessary, but also partial shade.

Motley Euonymus

Suitable diffused light with indirect sunlight. It grows on a window with any direction, but on the south window shading is needed during the hottest hours.

Euonymus requires abundant watering from spring to autumn, the soil during this period should be constantly wet. In winter, watering is moderate.


Euonymus is propagated either in early spring by cuttings, or in summer with seeds.


Transplantation of plants is carried out annually in spring. At the same time, the soil should include turf, humus and leafy soil, with a slight addition of sand.

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