Euharis is not a very popular bulbous plant. It is a capricious flower that does not tolerate cold winter nights and temperatures below 15 ° C.

The appearance of euharis

  • Euharis grandiflora has fragrant white flowers reaching 8 cm in diameter.
  • Lanceolate leaves up to 15-20 cm long.

  • Plant blooms in late summer. For flowering necessary conditions are necessary, otherwise it may not bloom. If the bloom was, then in two months it will repeat.
  • Peduncle reaches 60 cm in height. Flowers on it are usually from 3 to 6.

Location in the house of Euharis

It is better to put euharis on the window sills in the summer. In winter, he may die there due to sudden changes in temperature and cold at night.From a room for euharis at home, any warm room is suitable, but the bedroom, living room or kitchen will be most favorable.

Euharis Care

  • Lighting- bright sunlight or small penumbra. The plant does not tolerate exposure to direct ultraviolet rays.
  • Temperature moderate. In winter, not lower than 15 ° C - 16 ° C.
  • Air humidity moderate. Leaves should be periodically wiped with a damp sponge or put under the shower and washed, but not during budding and flowering.
  • Watering moderate in winter and plentiful in the warm season.
  • BreedsEuharis in the summer with the formation of daughter bulbs.
  • Transplanted spring once every 3-4 years.

Euharis with proper conditions of detention will delight you with snow-white magical flowering. It is grown as a decorative flowering plant. Its flowers are of particular value for lovers of indoor plants.

Diseases and pests with proper care will never hit euharis, so feel free to buy it in the flower department of the store!

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