Epin for indoor plants

A miracle drug, the discovery of the 21st century ... All of these are frequent definitions that give the agent epin. Every plant is affected by many stress factors. Therefore, sometimes they need additional biostimulation. It depends not only the normal development, but also flowering. Epin strengthens the immune system of plants. In this case, the tool is almost safe.

Epin: instructions for use

Epin for indoor plants: what is it?

Usually the product is sold in the form of ampoules or concentrates. On the shop counter there are just epin and epin extra. Means are not much different in their actions. Both of them contain epibrassinolide concentrate. However, it is believed that it is best to buy a biostimulator company "NEST-M" type of extra. This is due to the fact that at one time the company began to struggle with fake products, and stopped the production of conventional epin. Then a new drug was developed with a higher concentration of active ingredient.

Epin has a persistent odor of alcohol. He also foams well. It is worth paying attention to the fact that in some cases the drug is destroyed. So, its solution cannot be left in the light. Also, epin begins to decay in a silk environment. Therefore, to prepare the solution is better to take boiled water. Some gardeners acidify it with a small amount of vinegar.

Epin is effective due to the fact that it is immediately absorbed by the plant. At the same time, he participates in the synthesis process for 2 weeks. Therefore, to process the flowers again before this period does not make any sense.

According to the instructions, epin will be lost in a large amount of water. Ampoule of the drug is usually used on 5 liters. Of course, gardeners of such a solution may seem too much. Therefore, the easiest way to make your own proportion. Usually the right amount of epin is determined using a syringe. The proportion is also calculated based on the fact that the ampoule contains 40 drops of the substance.

The scope of epina wide enough. Flower bulbs are soaked in a solution of the drug for 12 hours. To do this, the ampoule is dissolved in 2 liters of water. By the same principle handle cuttings. As for indoor plants in pots, it is best to use epin for spraying. This is due to the fact that the soil of the soil can not be completely neutral. Therefore, when watering occurs a chemical reaction with the solution. Spraying more efficiently. It is believed that epin can be treated plants less carefully than other means, as it quickly spreads. The solution is obtained by mixing the ampoule with 5 liters. water. The proportion can be reduced.

How does Epin extra on houseplants?

Epin for indoor plants: what is it?

Any store plants after purchase begin to experience an adaptive period. This is due to the fact that changing growing conditions. It is no coincidence that flower growers are advised not to replant new flowers for the first 2-3 weeks. Stress also occurs in potted plants that have been growing for a long time on your windowsill. Their condition worsens due to pests, drafts, poor lighting and other factors. Therefore, they often need an immunostimulator.

Epin refer to growth stimulants. At the same time, it is considered an artificial analogue of a substance contained in plant cells. Epin belong to the class of brassinosteroids. These hormones are present in every plant in small quantities. Therefore, their receipt from the outside is sometimes especially necessary for normal development. Usually, the natural hormone of this species is involved in the synthesis of anti-stress proteins. It also controls cell metabolism.

The action of epin is based on the same. It is simply necessary in cases where plants suffer from pest infestation, drought or flooding, frosts, and other negative factors. It is interesting that the tool has an unlimited range of applications. That is, epin with the same efficiency is used to increase the yield of vegetables and to improve the growth of indoor plants. Means is used for adult plants, saplings, seedlings and seeds.

In stores, epin is sold in the form of bags with a small ampoule. The packaging shows vegetables, but this should not embarrass flower growers. The tool is used, as already mentioned, for indoor plants. Usually for spraying on 1 tbsp. boiled water need to use 4 drops.

Feedback from experienced florists

Epin for indoor plants: what is it?

Surprisingly, there are almost no negative reviews on epin! Most gardeners are satisfied with the effectiveness of the tool. So, you can find stories about how he saved flowers with flown leaves. The plant, which was sprayed with epin, begins to produce new shoots 2-3 days after treatment. The same goes for the buds. Unbelievable, but true - they also begin to appear after a few days. The reason is simple: epin has a firming effect and stimulates the growth process.

The tool is a must for "tender" plants. For example, epin will help to transplant a bush overgrown azaleas. Florists are advised to divide the plant, and then after some time to spray. There are cases when the drug helped root even flowering bushes in this way. As a result, the azaleas transplanted into new pots did not lose a single bud, but, on the contrary, released new inflorescences.

According to the reviews, epin is a real magic wand in the home "green" first aid kit. He is good for its broad spectrum of action. You can process them and potted plants, and vegetables, and fruit and berry crops. Agree, this versatility can not but rejoice.

The tool is interesting because it has 4 hazard class. This means that it is actually safe for humans. Manufacturers claim that epin does not affect the bees (and they are very sensitive to toxins) and does not harm the groundwater. However, it is necessary to carry out processing of plants, observing safety. Commonly used personal protective equipment - gauze bandage and gloves. You can do without the first type of protection, if you go out. When processing indoors it is worth opening windows and a balcony.

Also, the manufacturer clearly prescribes what to do when the product is in contact with the skin or eyes. In both cases, rinse the contact area with water. If the solution is spilled on the floor, then it must be wiped with a sponge dipped in water and sprinkled with soda. It is also recommended to wash the container containing the product. The procedure is carried out with soda solution. Remains of funds can be safely drained into the sewer.

Epin - an indispensable tool for indoor plants and garden crops. The drug is an immunostimulant. First of all, it produces a firming effect. Plants begin to grow faster after a disease or invasion of pests due to the content of a synthetic hormone in the product. Potted flowers are usually sprayed with epin. For this in 1 tbsp. boiled water dissolve only 4 drops of the drug.

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