Engraving at home. equipment

Engraving will help make any thing special. You can make it on cutlery and decorations as a gift for a birthday or other holiday, on the clock, which will make them a souvenir. Suitable for engraving and your personal decoration, where you can mark an important date, favorite phrase or life motto. Of particular note is the engraving of wedding rings, which will make an important attribute of any wedding, more soulful and meaningful.

Engraving equipment: how to choose?

You can make an engraving at home with any sharp object. However, you will spend a lot of time on this, and the result may be far from your expectations. To do the job better, it is better to purchase an appropriate tool - an engraver. Otherwise, it is better to contact a laser engraving specialist.

The engraver can work from the power supply network or independently. In addition to the engraver, you will need borax. Boers differ from each other in material and form, since designed for different surfaces. This explains the fact that a lot of Boer variants. For beginners, engravers will need 2 such tools: for engraving on glass and metal.

Home engraving

Metal engraving: technology

Often engraving is done on metal objects: spoons, rings, locks or watches. To make an engraving on metal at home, take the product itself, nail polish, a mug of water (large volume), salt, cotton pads, nail polish remover, a phone charger (take what you don’t need) and toothpick

The metal object in the place where the engraving will be located must be thickly smeared with nail polish. Before the varnish dries, make on it using a toothpick the desired inscription. Leave the surface to dry (the varnish should dry completely). In a mug (non-metallic) must be placed 2-3 tablespoons. salt, add water and mix well.

Then take the phone charger and cut off the plug that plugs directly into the phone. Expose the wires, connect the "+" with a metal object on which there is an inscription, and "-" with another metal object. Place the object with the inscription, connected to the wire, in a glass with dissolved salt, turn on the charger.

When current is applied, a vigorous reaction should occur. Due to this reaction, the process of etching the area, which is not painted over with nail polish. Exposure to electricity subject to engraving, you need more than 3 minutes. When the process of current exposure to the product is completed, wipe off the nail polish from the surface. This should be done with nail polish remover and a cotton pad. When the lacquer is completely removed from the surface of the metal object, you will see the resulting engraving.

Wedding ring engraving

Despite the fact that the above method is suitable for all metal products, an accessory such as wedding rings is better to entrust to the master. This is a very delicate work and requires mushrooms. However, you still make your contribution. You have to choose the words or pictures that the engraver will perform on your rings. To make you satisfied with the result, follow a few tips.

Home engraving

  1. The inscription should be short, but at the same time have a capacious meaning. Most suitable for engraving inscriptions in Latin or English (words in these languages ​​are shorter than in Russian).
  2. Engraving is best done after pre-fitting the rings to make sure that they fit you perfectly. Correcting the size, you can spoil the engraving.
  3. The rings themselves also need to be selected depending on what engraving you want to do. For example, large texts need wide products.
  4. From the variety of fonts that can be engraved, it is better to choose classic ones. So the inscription will be better read.
  5. The easiest way to resize is going through diamond or hand engraving.
  6. How to choose phrases for engraving on wedding rings?
  7. Here, of course, you can use your imagination, but there are a few of the most commonly used phrases for engraving wedding rings.
  8. You can use your names, initials, date of wedding, date of acquaintance or 1st date, kiss. If you met online, the use of nicknames or nicknames would be appropriate.

Phrases in English for engraving wedding rings:

  • I love you - I love you
  • All I need is you - everything that is not needed - you
  • All you need is love - all you need is love
  • Always on my mind - forever in my thoughts
  • Endless love - endless love
  • Foralways and forever - always and forever
  • Forever in love - forever in love
  • I was born for you - a bright day for you
  • One life one love - one life, one love
  • Only you - only you

Phrases in Latin:

  • Alter ego - the second I
  • Amoro mnia vincit - love will conquer all
  • Simper fidelis - always true
  • Simper ina minomeo - forever in my heart

Home engraving

In Russian It is more difficult to find short phrases, but, nevertheless, they are:

  • I love you
  • Soul mates
  • Forever your (your)
  • And they lived happily ever after
  • Today, tomorrow, forever
  • You are the meaning of my life
  • My heart Belongs to you

Engraving options for engraving for those, who with humor fits everything:

  • I charmed him (charmed)
  • Farewell to freedom!
  • Put back
  • To be continued (eng. Tobecontinued ...)
  • Resistance is futile

Please return the ring with the man (woman) on which you found it.

Making an engraving at home is not so difficult. However, if you need to engrave some very important thing for you, it is better to entrust it to the master. Independently decorate items in this way only if you are absolutely sure of the result.

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