English style kitchen

The English style was formed under the influence of several circumstances, namely: a humid northern climate, aristocracy, conservatism, adherence to the traditions of their country, the severity and accuracy of the inhabitants of England. English style in kitchen design expresses all these circumstances. The English-style kitchen is thoroughness, convenience and comfort, fundamental, warm and cozy, well thought-out details, following the traditions of the English people.

For modern people, no matter what country they live in, the preference is given to one or another style, the style of a particular country. Moreover, this may be reflected in the design not of the whole house as a whole, but in the design of individual rooms.

English style is classic style. This is important to consider when choosing a room for this style. The kitchen is perfect for design in the English style, as the British clearly distinguish functional zones in their style.

Features of the English style in kitchen design

  • In the design of the kitchen in the classic English style is usually used island principle. In the center of the room is a large table, and around it is the rest of the interior.
  • The kitchen, for decoration in the English style should not be small, because the style requires contention, it does not save space. Very typical household items are very typical for a kitchen in this style: large sink, table, etc.

  • The British love to put everything on shelves, so in the kitchen, where a lot of necessary things, can be very useful there are kitchen cabinets with many drawers and shelves.
  • The materials used in the decor are no less traditional. English style requires quality items made from the finest materials. It should not be for the kitchen in the English style to use cheap materials that replace natural ones. Then the very meaning of the English style will be lost. Furniture is required of expensive tree species., very good if it is seasoned and not cheap breeds. Natural stones only. Metal - steel, brass, copper, tin and bronze.
  • English style suggests cast metal parts (door handles). They fit perfectly into the design of this style and are extremely practical.
  • Car washlarge, usually made from ceramics. Can be used and earthenware car wash.
  • Conservatism and adherence to traditions are also manifested in the lines and forms of the interior of English cuisine. All lines of design are simple, geometrically correct and strict. Novelty and any improvisations are not welcome.

  • Room design,most likely, took for its foundation landscape design the English. As everyone knows, it contains accuracy, symmetry, regular geometry and simplicity.
  • ColorsEnglish-style kitchen design is enough varied. Causes are not welcome, too bright colors and contrasts. The most commonly used colors in this style are blue, beige, milky, light gray, green, pink, pale yellow, etc.
  • Furnitureapplied massive, of expensive quality materials. Usually it is carved furniture. Sometimes they make it antique.

Accessories and decorative details of the English style

  • Accessories and decorative details of the English style only emphasize the belonging of your kitchen to the English style.
  • For this you can use several options. For example, such a subject of English antiquity as mantel. By the way, the image of the fireplace, like the fireplace itself, is considered an attribute of the English style.

  • DishesEnglish style should be porcelain or ceramic, preferably not too new. First of all, the British appreciated the quality of the dishes.
  • Although the English design is very simple and strict, in it in your kitchen you can make room for all kinds of crafts and decorations. The main thing is not to get involved in this.

An English-style kitchen will impress you and your guests with self-sufficiency and aristocracy. Your guests will appreciate the refined and at the same time the strict taste of the hosts. And the things you need will always be at hand, without attracting the close attention of home.

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