Embroidery ribbons on the thread

Ribbon embroidery is a charming type of needlework. With the help of satin ribbons of different widths, you can create three-dimensional paintings. The main motives of creativity are flowers. If desired, you can combine embroidery with threads, beads and ribbons to create real handmade masterpieces.

Do not think that embroidery ribbons on the thread in the thread does not have its practical application. Satin flowers can be decorated not only with wall panels, but also decorative pillows on pillows, handmade bags, clothes, shoes, and various accessories. Learn how to embroider help schemes taken from books and the Internet, video tutorials skills. You can draw inspiration from nature itself.

Embroidery ribbons on the threadEmbroidery ribbons on the thread

Embroidery ribbons on the thread: tools and materials

As for any hobby, one desire is not enough, you need to purchase the necessary tools and materials in handicraft shops, the quality of which will determine the appearance of the work. Incorrectly chosen needle, cloth, ribbons can completely discourage the desire to engage in this type of creativity.

Embroidery ribbons on the threadEmbroidery ribbons on the thread

  • Needles. They should be several with different lengths of the eyelet hole for ribbons differing in width. The main thing is that they should be sharp, then there will be no puffs on the material. Get also needles for silk threads and floss threads. The tape in the eyelet should not curl. The needle number depends on the width of the tape, for 3 mm - needle No. 24, 7 mm - No. 22, etc. Choose a galvanized product, protected from oxidation and rust.
  • Tapes. When buying a tape, consider whether you will erase the product or it will perform only a decorative function. If you don’t think about it beforehand, for example, buy inexpensive ribbons for decorating clothes, at best, cheap washing accessories will fade, at worst, you can paint the main product. Laundry tapes are more expensive, but they are of high quality, have an edge, which means they are protected from blooming. Before embroidering with high-quality material, you should wash your hands well so that destructive fats do not remain at work. Materials for the manufacture of tapes: silk, satin, organza.

Embroidery ribbons on the thread: tools and materials

  • Embroidery thread.In the box with needlework, be sure to put the threads for embroidery, they will be needed not only to create a pattern, but also to stroke the contour, lay stitches, fasten tapes.
  • Beads, beads, glass beadsUsed to decorate embroidery.
  • Lace. Ribbons of lace give embroidery solemnity.
  • Fabric basis.Basics, plis, muslin, muslin, satin, flax and crepe may be used as the basis for handicraft. There are no special restrictions to the choice of a basis, the main thing is that it should be strong and elastic. Do not hesitate to use for work antique fabrics that you have inherited from your grandmothers.
  • The hoop.Mostly you will need to embroider on the embroidery frame, they will help you to make even stitches that are not tight, which guarantees the image volume. To prevent the hoops from leaving wrinkles on the fabric, you need to wrap one ring with a soft braid.

Ribbon embroidery for beginners: schemes

Nutek: Nike Tutorial

Useful tips will help you to avoid mistakes when working.

  • Products with embroidery do not tolerate machine washings; they are washed only with soap and hands.
  • It is necessary to iron the products from the inside, otherwise the iron can damage the volume.
  • Tapes of bright colors should be moistened with water before work, this will protect the base fabric from stains.
  • A ribbon length of 50 cm is enough to begin embroidering. At the end of the tape is a flat knot.

Ribbon embroidery for beginners: schemesRibbon embroidery for beginners: schemes

  • Online users are advised to purchase a book on embroidery with ribbons Donatella Chotti "Embroidery silk ribbons".
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with sizes, not only small but also large flowers look spectacular.
  • In the picture you can use small parts embroidered with threads, for example, blades of grass, insects.

Ribbon embroidery for beginners

Embroidery ribbons on the thread: application

Treat with soft ribbons in a pastel range of baby dress. Needlework on a baptismal shirt will look especially tender. Any adult clothing also allows for embroidery on the thread.

To create a unique atmosphere in the house, you can arrange embroidered bags with dry perfume in the nooks and crannies of the room. The same bags can be useful in the temple for filing memorial notes and storage of prosphora.

Embroidery ribbons on the thread: application

Beautiful flowers can decorate indoor shoes. For example, handmade slippers.

In handmade jewelry can be used embroidery ribbons. Particularly impressive flowers will look on the necklace.

The handmade cover, decorated with a decorative pattern, will be the main decoration of your room.

Embroidery ribbons on the thread: applicationEmbroidery ribbons on the thread: application

Accessories, such as a bag, can be easily decorated with ribbons. If you do work to order, work at home and are constantly looking for customers, then this accessory will be the best advertisement for your creativity.

Decorative pillows. Making pillowcases decorated with embroidery can also be a guide for creativity. There will be more demand for such works than for paintings.

The most important thing is that it is difficult to learn how to embroider ribbon; you can become a master of your craft in just a few months! It will be necessary only to be improved, creating new flower combinations. Objects decorated with satin flowers can be not only an original, desirable gift, but also a business opportunity.

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