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Drontal for cats

Anthelmintic drugs are necessary for absolutely all cats: even if they only walk out on the glassed-in balcony, one can never have full confidence in the safety of the animal. And if walks, albeit on a harness, are an obligatory item in the schedule of the day of your pet, it is always necessary to keep in reserve a means for prevention or treatment. Among these drugs, Drontal has a considerable reputation. ”What do veterinarians and consumers say about him?

"Drontal" for cats: instructions for use

Like the bulk of anthelmintic drugs of varying degrees of effectiveness, the active component of "Drontal" for cats is praziquantel (20 mg), which has the highest activity against absolutely all helminths. Moreover, it is used not only in the means for animals - praziquantel is also allowed for use by humans, therefore the safety of this substance, as well as its effectiveness, has long been proven by leading experts in the field of medicine. The main focus of praziquantel is cystodes, trematodes, etc., and to date only 1 microorganism has been identified that has considerable resistance to this substance - fasciola vulgaris. The additional active component of Drontal is Pyrantel (230 mg), which paralyzes the main mass of helminths, which leads to their slow death. This substance is most effective against ascaris, nematodes, pinworms. In tandem, both components act on the nervous system of the parasites, as well as on their membranes, after which the dead larvae are excreted from the body of the animal. Each substance enters the blood after absorption through the intestine.

The release form of the drug "Drontal" - yellowish tablets, coated with a white shell. They can be given to an animal both as a whole and as ground: depending on how the cat takes the medicine. If she does not swallow the full pill, the drug can be crushed and mixed with feed. Veterinarians are advised to put the medicine in a piece of meat, or put a pill cat on the root of the tongue, forcing swallowing. You can also dissolve the tablet in warm water and feed the animal from a syringe.

Before you start taking "Drontal" you do not need to clean the cat's intestines, and there is no need to arrange fasting days: the medicine works with no less effective if you do not break the usual routine of the pet. If this is a preventive measure, the tablets are drunk every 3-4 months, 1-2 tablets are enough. It is also advisable to conduct the same short course before vaccination for a pregnant cat, 10-14 days before the expected birth. And for an animal with signs of the appearance of helminths, the course of "Drontal" will last at least 7 days, however, improvements in its condition are usually fixed for 2-3 days.

Universal dosage of the drug - for every 4 kg of the net weight of a cat, 1 tablet. In this case, the reception itself is usually single, with the exception of cases of severe illness, when it is possible to give the pet a medicine twice a day or two, with an interval of 10-12 hours. Then you also need to go back to a single dose.

Among the contraindications to "Drontalu" only individual intolerance to the active components, the initial stage of pregnancy, and the age to the 21st day. Kittens are usually given the drug in the form of an aqueous suspension, ¼ tablet per day.

Among the side effects of overdose or failure to take Drontal are nausea and vomiting, but they disappear without outside intervention for 24 hours. It is also possible to reduce the activity of the animal, lethargy, lethargy, fading in place. These symptoms already indicate that “Drontal” is not suitable for a pet, even in smaller doses, so the course should be interrupted.

Reviews consumers about the drug

Despite the side effects indicated in the Dontalu instructions for cats, judging by the reviews, they are the exception rather than the unshakable rule. Most pets, even the smallest, tolerate the drug well. Some cat owners complained about a violation of the stool of their pet, but veterinarians claim that this is a natural reaction of the body, and this failure will quickly disappear on its own.

  • Galina: The initial use of “Dontalus” didn’t cause any enthusiasm for us - the little kitten (6.5 months) was nauseous, he meowed incessantly, the whole family was frightened: they wanted to be protected by carrying out prophylaxis, but received strange symptoms of deterioration. By the evening everything was over, the next morning they decided to give the pill again (1/3 h). The repetition of the story did not happen, they began to analyze: they came to the conclusion that the drug had such an effect on an empty stomach or intestines. A friend later confirmed - to give "Drontal" to a cat at the beginning of the meal is undesirable: it is necessary to at least slightly fill the stomach, and at the end of feeding give a pill.
  • Sofia: To feed our cat a pill is a whole adventure: it instantly recognizes a foreign body and categorically refuses. I had to water "Drontal", instead of pushing the medicine down the throat - I was still expectorant. Dissolve 1 t. In 50 ml of warm water, wait until the liquid has cooled slightly, and inject it with a syringe. After taking the cat for a few hours lost activity, then he showed anxiety - he walked around the apartment as a restless one. However, they coped with the worms, 4 months passed, the parasites no longer appeared.
  • Gennady: None of my 3 cats was able to make friends with Drontal: at first, after the intake, there was a period of severe intoxication, then the animals barely went from bed to tray, even the meow stopped. The course was interrupted on the 2nd tablet. Such a strange condition was kept for 4 days, while the cats did not eat anything. On the 5th day it became better, but the cats returned to normal only by the end of the week. A month later, I tried to give them pure prazitsid - everything went without side effects.

If we analyze consumer reviews, we can say that Drontal is relatively safe and has good performance against parasites. However, it is impossible not to notice cases of individual intolerance of certain components that are taking place.

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