Drinking bowl for rabbits do it yourself from the bottle and

People who own suburban areas and those who just love pets, give birth to rabbits. Beautiful fluffy and long-eared animals need proper care and care. Special attention should be paid to the four-legged pet's drinking regime. How is a drinking bowl for rabbits with your own hands? Pretty simple, and now you will see for yourself.

What does a rabbit need water for?

How do drinking bowl for rabbits do it yourself

Many rabbit breeders breed these cute fluffy and extraordinarily beautiful animals in order to get valuable skin, fur and dietary easily digestible meat. Every experienced breeder knows that water is vital for the rabbit, not only to quench their thirst. They have a very poorly developed musculature of the stomach, and water helps to digest and push food faster to other parts of the esophagus.

On average, one day the rabbit drinks about one liter of water. The animal must constantly receive clean liquid without particles of dirt, dust. Water should not stagnate and grow cloudy, otherwise the fluffy animal can get sick.

It is not recommended for rabbits to give water in tin containers. As is known, metal containers, for example, cans, easily spoil the taste of water and make it unsuitable for drinking. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to drinking troughs. Today, specialized shops indulge rabbit breeders with an abundance of various types of water supply systems, but you can easily build, for example, a vacuum drinking bowl for rabbits with your own hands. To choose the best and high-quality drinker, you need to know some aspects and, of course, the classification of devices.

Choosing a drinker for a rabbit: what to look for?

If you decide to build a drinking bowl for rabbits with your own hands, then photo drawings will help you. You can find the layout of the drinker on specialized sites in the global network. And if nature has awarded you with ingenuity and golden hands, then you will be able to make a drinker according to the author's drawing. Want to master this kind of design? Then, to get started, find out what types of rabbit troughs exist.

In total, in practice there are four types of drinking installations:

  • automatic;

in practice, there are four types of drinking installations

  • bottle;

Each type of drinker has its own advantages.

  • nipple;

popular among the rabbit breeders enjoy drinking bowls equipped with a nipple

  • pan.

Cup drinkers are often used in households.

Each type of drinker has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, automatic installations are best used in large farms, where more than a dozen of cells need to be serviced at a time. For personal use, the purchase of such a drinker is impractical from a material point of view.

Cup drinkers are often used in households. However, this drinker has its drawbacks. Dust, garbage and dirt will fall into the open container. And as you know, polluted water has a detrimental effect on eared pets.

Bottle drinking trough - the best and budget option. You can not only worry about the cleanliness of the liquid, but also constantly monitor the availability of water in the drinking bowl due to the transparent walls of the bottle. Drinking bowl for rabbits with their own hands from a bottle is done in a matter of minutes.

Drinking bowls equipped with a nipple are very popular among rabbit breeders. Such a water supply system allows you to save liquid. Water will flow only when you press the nipple. Rabbits quickly get used to such drinkers and know that in order to get drunk, they need to touch the nipple with their tongues.

If you decide to equip your eared pet's cage with the latest technology, then listen to a number of tips:

  • The water tank should be at least one liter. Calculate in advance the total amount of water based on the number of rabbits raised.
  • Rabbits with offspring need more pure water, so constantly visit their long-eared pets and monitor its availability.
  • If small pets live in a cage, it is advisable to place the drinker at a height of more than 8 cm from the floor, otherwise the rabbit will not reach it.
  • In cages where adult rabbits live, drinkers are mounted at a height of 100-120 mm from the floor.
  • The container with water must be firmly fixed, otherwise the rabbit may turn it over or move it.
  • In the cold season, the drinker should be thoroughly wrapped in order to avoid freezing of the liquid.

Making the most simple and budget drinker

As a tank for drinking trough, you can choose plastic bottles, and best of all with transparent walls. So it will be easier for you to control the volume of water and add it in a timely manner. In the nearest store, buy a nipple and begin designing the rabbit water supply system. Nipple drinker for rabbits with their own hands is quite simple. You can even modify the drinker you already have by replacing the tank with a larger capacity.

Necessary materials:

  • nipple;
  • plastic bottle with a nominal volume of at least 1 l;
  • sealant;
  • knife or scissors.

Step by step description of the design process:

  • Plastic container should be holistic and clean.
  • Twist the lid and make a hole in it corresponding to the size of the nipple.
  • Screw the nipple in and fix it with a sealant.
  • We give time to sealant completely dry.

Allow time for the sealant to dry completely.

  • Using wire or clamps, fix the water bottle to the cell wall.

Another simple way to design a drinker is to create a vacuum water supply system. For this you need a shallow oblong container and a bottle.

Holes are made in the cork, and the bottle is placed upside down in the chosen bowl or jar. Gradually, the water will flow from the tank into the tank, but it will not spill.

The cork makes holes and the bottle is installed.

The third budget option of the rabbit drinker is also made from a bottle. Because of its appearance, such a drinker is considered to be a bowl. However, note that residues of bedding, manure and debris will fall into the container, since the bowl is placed on the floor in the cage.

the bowl is on the cage floor

Automatic Drinker: Breeders Tips

If you plan to acquire more than a dozen rabbit families, then you should think in advance how to properly design a water supply system. In most cases, experienced breeders prefer automatic installations. You can buy such an installation in a specialized store, but it is easy to design it yourself. To do this, you will need not only certain materials, but also some skills.

In such a drinking trough periodically you need to add water. If you want to automate this process, you can equip the reservoir with a pump, by means of which water will be pumped as the drinking bowls become empty.

Necessary materials:

  • capacity (tank or bucket);
  • caps;
  • fitting;
  • PVC pipes;
  • drills of the required diameter;
  • valve for drain tank;
  • hoses of necessary length and section;
  • drill;
  • silicone sealant;
  • screeds or wire cuts for fastening.

Step by step description of the design process:

  • To begin, we prepare all the materials.
  • In the selected container we make a hole whose diameter is equal to the size of the drain valve.
  • Mount the valve.
  • If water is leaking, the attachment point can be treated with a hermetic means.

If water is leaking, the attachment point can be processed.

  • At the outlet, the valve is connected to the hose of the desired cross section and length. Calculate in advance the distance from the tank to the rabbit cage.
  • Using pipes and fittings, we do the wiring of the water supply system to each cell.
  • Put the plugs in the right places.
  • Inside the cells, we attach drinking bowls of any kind to the pipes.
  • Fix them with wire or tie.
  • All pipes are connected to the hose with fittings.
  • The joints of PVC pipes must be treated with hermetic means.

The joints of PVC pipes must be treated with hermetic means

As they say in the famous joke, rabbits are not only the most valuable fur, but also 3-4 kg of easily digestible meat. In addition, long-eared fluffy animals are also our smaller brothers, which we tame, and therefore are responsible for them. In order for the rabbit to fully develop and be healthy, you need to properly care for him. You should always start with the diet and construction of the drinker. I wish you success!

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