Dress made of chiffon do-it-yourself. choice of style

Every girl dreams of a beautiful and inimitable dress, which no friend will have. Of course, today there is simply a huge selection of various styles of stylish outfits, but an exclusive thing can be done only with your own hands. It is not difficult to sew a beautiful and stylish dress from the most delicate aerial fabric - chiffon.

Chiffon dress: photo

Chiffon dress do it yourself

Chiffon dress do it yourself

Chiffon dress do it yourself

Chiffon dress do it yourself

It is very easy and simple to create a chiffon dress, and you don’t need to have a great experience in sewing. So, first you need to take standard measurements for the dress - chest girth, hips and waist, shoulder length, length of the future dress.

When choosing the color of the dress, it is worth considering where it is planned to wear it - for example, a long peach-colored chiffon dress looks incredibly gentle and beautiful, which is perfect for walking on a summer evening or going out.

Pattern and description of chiffon dresses

Chiffon dress do it yourself

Chiffon dress do it yourself

As soon as the color and style of the dress is chosen, it is necessary to begin cutting the material, for this a simple pattern is created. The future dress will consist of 2 parts - 1st dress bodice, and 2nd maxi skirt. Taking into account the measurements taken earlier, you need to make a paper pattern of the bodice, after which it is carefully transferred to the fabric.

Two such parts should be cut out of paper - one will be for the front, and the second for the back. You need to create a symmetrical pattern, and in order to get a solid piece, the fabric is folded into 2 layers and a pattern is laid on top of it. Then it must be cut and deployed. Creating a pattern, it should be borne in mind that there should be a few centimeters of fabric on the seams on the sides.

It will be even easier to create a chiffon skirt for the dress. First, the necessary rectangular section of the fabric is prepared - it is important to ensure that its width is equal to the received waist volume multiplied by 3. It is this coefficient that will show the average pomp of the future skirt.

It is important not to forget about the lining, because chiffon is not only very light, but also translucent fabric. In almost all cases, the lining is slightly shorter than the main chiffon part, so that the product looks elegant and sophisticated. In this case, as the lining you can use the same chiffon or silk to match the main fabric.

The edges of matter must necessarily be processed on a typewriter, as they can crumble. On the wrong side of the product is a vertical line, which will connect along the edge of the rectangle (skirt).

To skirt emphasizes the dignity of the figure, it is necessary to use the most simple gum. The main thing is to measure the length of the gum correctly - at the waist the elastic band is slightly stretched and an additional 3 cm is added to the resulting length.

An elastic band is threaded into a belt, the width of which should be slightly larger than the elastic band itself (plus 5 mm, but no more). Since chiffon is highly translucent, in the upper part of the skirt the fabric should be folded in several layers, and then stitched. In this case, a small segment should be left not stitched, as through it a gum will be pulled into the belt.

Next, the 2 ends of the elastic are stitched together, and it is carefully fixed with the help of a manual inconspicuous seam. Now the skirt of the future dress is completely ready.

The result is an interesting model of the dress, consisting of a bodice and skirt, which can be worn separately or together.

How to sew a chiffon dress?

Chiffon dress do it yourself

  • For chiffon cutting it is recommended to use a circular knife and perform only on the substrate. If it is not possible to use them, then you can place any substrate under the chiffon, the main thing is that it does not slide, and you can use simple tailor's scissors to cut the fabric.
  • The paper pattern should pin up with sharp-pointed pins, since even a small notch can completely ruin a piece of fabric. To attach the details of the pattern, you can use a special glue spray or thin adhesive strips.
  • If you use glue spray, then it is necessary to impose a part of the pattern on the fabric strictly along the transverse (fractional) thread, and in the middle place a small weight. Now the edges of the pattern are processed with glue-spray and left for a while so that the glue will “grab”, then the pattern is pressed tightly against the fabric.
  • On chiffon, all the markings and contours of the parts of the pattern are not translated by means of carbon paper or a gear wheel, since the lines on the face of the chiffon will begin to appear through and there may be left ugly traces from the wheel.
  • Placing folds, alignments and dash lines can be tacked stitches using thin threads and a thin needle.
  • Ironing chiffon must be dry, as in the case of contact with the material of moisture, it can wrinkle. In order not to damage the fabric, the surface of the iron must be not only clean, but ideally even, and the process of ironing passes through the tissue paper.
  • All parts of the dress should be ground with an extremely thin needle, thin threads used for machine embroidery are used, with a stitch length of no more than 2 mm.
  • Tissue paper must be placed under the fabric during grinding, as the sewing machine conveyor can severely damage the material. Carefully overlapping seam allowance - it is best to use overlock.

Chiffon dress models: examples

Chiffon dress do it yourself

Every season fashionistas are pleased with a wide variety of stylish and interesting models of airy chiffon dresses. Large selection of styles will help you choose the perfect dress even for women with an unusual figure, which sometimes can be very difficult to do.

To emphasize the beauty of the waist, it is worth stopping the choice on models with full skirts and fitted top. A perfect choice would be dresses in the Empire style, which visually stretch the silhouette and give harmony to any figure. To attract attention to beautiful hands and back, a model with an open back is just perfect. And to give the image of sexuality and playfulness it is necessary to choose styles of chiffon dresses with flirty cuts.

Young women of fashion are perfect short dresses made of airy flowing material, while they are presented in a wide color palette. You can easily create a memorable image by choosing a bright dress, complemented by an original pattern. Or appear as a tender romantic nature, preferring soft pastel shades.

In summer, light chiffon dresses, sundresses or tunic dresses are ideal. In addition, these models can be worn not only on vacation, but also to work in the office, while the dress code will not be violated.

Designers presented in the autumn-winter collections extraordinary chiffon dresses, which simply amaze with original forms and stylish patterns. And to create a complete and complete image, you need to choose the right accessories.

Among the advantages of chiffon dresses can be attributed to the fact that they are not only well draped, but also beautifully painted. Due to this, you can choose a dress in hippie style.

Do not lose their relevance models of dresses long mini and super-maxi, which create the impression of a flying gait. Models with deep cuts and high slits look stylish and seductive, while the dress itself can have a simple cut, which makes it even more interesting.

Romantic natures will be able to pick up air chiffon dresses, complemented by delicate patterns. Also, designers presented and models in a classic style that are perfect for adult women and will not only emphasize the beauty of the figure, but also reliably hide minor flaws.

Chiffon dress do it yourself

Dress made of chiffon do-it-yourself: video

Dress - the perfect outfit for any woman. He emphasizes her sophistication, femininity, beauty. If you choose the right style, even women with a non-standard figure will be able to afford a chiffon model. Undoubtedly, the option with such a lightweight fabric is more suitable for a summer wardrobe, but modern fashion trends expand the possibilities. Currently, chiffon dresses are considered appropriate in the autumn-winter period.

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