Dress for dolls

Perhaps every little princess loves to play with dolls. Usually mothers help their children to dress up their toys and sew beautiful dresses or fancy dresses. Today, the children's world is replete with various dolls. The most popular are Barbie and Monster High. You need to have special skills to make a dress for a doll. How to sew new items of clothing for your daughter's favorite dolls, we will tell in this article.

How to sew a dress for a doll do it yourself: tips from experienced craftswomen

How to sew a dress for a doll with your own hands

Despite the fact that the doll dress is considered a reduced version of women's dress, its modeling must be approached individually and taking into account some features. This type of leisure is chosen not only by mothers who have daughters. Often doll clothes are created by those people who are interested in design.

The answer to the question of how to sew a beautiful dress for a doll lies primarily in the choice of fabric. Any shreds are suitable for sewing, especially if the outfit is modeled for Barbie or another miniature doll.

So, if you have never once modeled doll outfits, the practical advice of experienced needlewomen will help you to sew an original and sophisticated dress:

  • for sewing dresses of different styles, you should choose light, flowing fabric cuts;
  • in order for the doll outfit to sit well and retain its strict lines, you need to choose thick fabric or patches;
  • it is desirable to use the pattern;
  • measurements from the doll are taken in the same way as an ordinary girl;
  • be sure to make small seam allowances;
  • for stitching fabrics or basting, it is better to use thin needles and short pins, so that the rags do not tear;
  • when modeling a puppet outfit, you can not sew, and use a special adhesive tape;
  • machine stitching is better to finish smooth and long seams, but short stitches and tuck need to be done manually;
  • the dress can be decorated with any ribbons, bows, rhinestones, sequins and other decorative elements;
  • for a start, practice on classic and simple dresses, and then proceed to tailoring more complex models;
  • the color of the threads should be selected in accordance with the basic tone of the patches;
  • each made seam surely needs to be ironed;
  • Some types of fabric can not be swept over and flared slightly;
  • When creating a doll dress, equip yourself with a ruler, measuring flexible tape, pattern paper, chalk or a special marker, needles and pins, rags and, of course, patience.

Dress up doll: patterns with a description of the process

Of course, to create a beautiful and original doll outfit, you need not only to acquire the necessary consumables, but also a certain skill in sewing. If you first began to model the outfit for your daughter's favorite doll, start with simple patterns and try to sew a light top or a straight sheath dress first.

Dress for Barbie doll: model number 1

For more than a dozen years, Barbie doll has been in the toy arsenal of every girl. Yes, modern dolls are sold in frilly, amazing and unsurpassed outfits, but this is not enough. Little women of fashion want their doll to be the most stylish and beautiful. To simulate a simple and original cocktail doll attire, the pattern is not required.

How to sew a dress for a Barbie doll

Necessary materials:

  • tissue patches with dimensions 12.5x30 cm and 15x6.5 cm;
  • threads;
  • needles;
  • Velcro.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. To begin with, you should take fabric patches of a fixed size and lay them on a flat surface with the wrong side up.
  2. Each section of the fabric should be swept over. Two short cuts and one long need to bend about 0.8-1 cm, make a basting seam, and then machine stitch.How to sew a dress for a Barbie doll
  3. A smaller piece of shred, i.e., a cloth cut of 15x6.5 cm, should be attached to the chest of the doll to model the bodice.
  4. Thin needles need to be done tuck, which then should be stitched machine stitch.How to sew a dress for a Barbie doll
  5. The second fabric cut will serve as a skirt. This flap should be stitched with machine stitch on top, and then carefully assembled to make a magnificent bottom.How to sew a dress for a Barbie doll
  6. The prepared detail of the bodice and skirt should be folded together with the front side, and, retreating approximately 0.8-1 cm, make the machine stitch.How to sew a dress for a Barbie doll
  7. In the next step, each seam must be properly ironed.
  8. In order for the dress to sit perfectly on the doll's figure, on the back of a free cut you need to attach adhesive tape or separate stickies.How to sew a dress for a Barbie doll
  9. Here such original, refined and fashionable cocktail dress will replenish the wardrobe of the Barbie doll.

Model number 2

I would like to bring to your attention another version of sewing a dress for a big fashionista - Barbie doll.

Necessary materials:

  • scraps;
  • scissors;
  • needles are thin;
  • thread.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Fold the flap in half to make a rectangular shape. In length, it should correspond to the size of the hands of the doll, and in height - the length of the future dress.
  2. Make a hole in the middle of the fold - this will be the neck.Dress for a doll: how to sew
  3. Put the pattern on Barbie.Dress for a doll: how to sew
  4. Sew along the arms and along the Barbie silhouette. They should clearly repeat the silhouette.Dress for a doll: how to sew
  5. Cut off the excess fabric, leaving about 0.3 cm from the edge to the start of the suture.Dress for a doll: how to sew
  6. Cut out a strip from a patchwork of a contrasting color and make an original belt.Dress for a doll: how to sew

Original dress for Monster High

Do you know what a Monster school is? Many girls like to watch this particular animated film, and little charming monsters Huy drive them crazy. And even if parents do not like these toys, they are still bought by their children, since they are considered fashionable and popular. Even on a little monster you can sew an original dress in which the doll will look amazing. Consider how to sew a dress for a Monster High doll.

Necessary materials:

  • scraps;
  • ribbon lace of various widths;
  • needles;
  • threads;
  • scissors;
  • duct tape.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. You need to take measurements of the chest to calculate the length of the bodice.
  2. From the lace fabric should cut a strip corresponding to the volume of the doll's chest.How to sew a dress for a Monster High doll?
  3. On the upper part of the dress, you need to tuck and hem the edges so that the threads do not stratify.
  4. Next you need to simulate a skirt. The fabric cut should be folded in half and cut out according to the measurements of the doll.How to sew a dress for a Monster High doll?
  5. The bottom edge of the doll skirt should be swept over.
  6. Lace ribbon for frill should be 1.5-2 times longer than the edge of the skirt. Making a small overlay, you need to sew lace to the skirt.How to sew a dress for a Monster High doll?
  7. A narrow ribbon of lace should be sewn in the middle of the skirt, if desired, you can make a small assembly.How to sew a dress for a Monster High doll?
  8. Then the skirt from the seamy side must be folded and sewn in half. The suture element should not reach the top by about 1.5-2 cm. In this part there will be adhesive tape.
  9. The top edge of the skirt should be swept over so that the threads do not crumble. The bottom of the dress should look like this.How to sew a dress for a Monster High doll?
  10. On the seamy side you should sew the bodice and the lower part of the dress, as well as stitch or fix the adhesive tape manually.
  11. Put the finished dress on the Monster High doll.How to sew a dress for a Monster High doll?

Show your imagination and try to model an exclusive outfit for your daughter's favorite doll. Involve other family members in this amusing process, it will be very fun and interesting. Look, over time you will like to constantly update the doll wardrobe. After you have mastered the skills of sewing doll dresses, you can begin modeling bathing, masquerade or business suits, wedding dresses, coats, raincoats, trousers, and even shoes. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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